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Currently I'm re-organising my collection, which means I'm putting a lot of items up for sale! Please check out (mfc link) and (mfc link) which both will get a lot of updates!

My re-organisation also means I'm spending a lot of time offline, so I can sometimes be a bit slow in replying. When it's about sales/trades, I'll try to respond asap!

Announced soon-to-give events
Cosplay: Buy, alter or make it yourself? at Animecon 2016
Figure Collecing Lecture at Animecon 2016 & MGCEXperience 2016
TBA Fake is Sad events at Animecon 2016
Entering the solo Dutch preliminary competitions at Animecon 2016!
TBA events at Abunai! 2016
Cosplay Lecture at MGCExperience 2016
TBA events at Nishicon 2016

Next place where I will have a stand to sell my second hand items, anime merchandise, grab bags etc. and you can ask me questions (about cosplay, figures, Fake Is Sad, everything!): Abunai! 2016 (?), Nishicon 2016, MGCExperience 2016 and more TBA!

Given events
Figure Collecing Lecture at Tsunacon 2016, MGCExperience 2015, Abunai! 2015, Animecon 2015, Tsunacon 2015, Nishicon 2014, Abunai! 2014, Animecon 2014, Tsunacon 2014, Nishicon 2013, Abunai! 2013, Animecon 2013, YaYcon 2013, Tsunacon 2013 and Nishicon 2012
Bootleg/Fake Is Sad Lecture at Tsunacon 2016 and Nishicon 2015
Garage Kit Lecture at Nishicon 2015, Abunai! 2015, Nishicon 2014, Abunai! 2014, Animecon 2014 and Abunai! 2013
Cosplay: Buy, alter or make it yourself? at Yashincon 2016, Formula Cosplay 2016, We Love Japan 2016, Nishicon 2015, Fan Base Projects 2015, Animecon 2015, Almere Cosplay Event 2015, Tomocon 2015
Cosplay Planning Lecture at Tsunacon 2015, Animecon 2014, Tomocon 2014, Tsunacon 2014 and Nishicon 2013
Cosplay Competition Judge at Formula Cosplay 2016, We Love Japan 2016, Stripmanifestatie 2015
Cosplay lecture at Formula Cosplay 2016, MGCExperience 2015, Almere Cosplay Event 2015, Stripdagen 2015, MGCExperience 2014, Moshi Moshi Event 2014, ACE 2014, Stripdagen 2014, MGCExperience 2013 and Stripdagen 2013
Dakimakura (Hugging Pillow) Panel/Lecture at YaYcon 2014
Cosplay Make-Up Lecture at Yashincon 2016
Cosplay Make-Up Workshop at Tomocon 2014
Cosplay Photo Corner Photographer at Stripmanifestatie 2015
Manga lecture at Stripdagen 2016, Stripdagen 2015, Stripdagen 2014 and Stripdagen 2013
Manga and Cosplay lecture at Manga Day 2015 Event Dutch Comic Book Museum 13th of september
Manga and Anime lecture at Moshi Moshi Event 2014
Cosplay Make-Up Lecture at Nishicon 2013
Papercraft Workshop at MGCExperience 2014, MGCExperience 2013, Animecon 2013, Stripdagen 2013, Dorofest 2013 and Nishicon 2012
Anime lecture at Stripdagen 2013
Dating Sim/Visual Novel Panel at YaYcon 2015
Game Design Q&A at Dorofest 2013 and Nishicon 2012
A possible future in Game Design at Stanislascollege 2012

My goal for collecting is to focus more on a few main points, the following are planned:
- Mecha Musume: Humikane Shimada older works --> Sky Girls --> Strike Witches --> Kantai Collection (mainly Fubuki and Abyssal Girls)
- Baccano!
- Chrno Crusade
- Horror collection (horror anime/games related items: mainly Calne Ca, Kotobukiya Bishoujo, Silent Hill and Resident Evil)
- Moetan and POP works/designs in general
- Yu-Gi-Oh! (Original series and Duel Monsters)
- Nurse Witch Komugi
- Everything from Futaba Anzu!
- Hideyoshi Kinoshita (and maybe traps in general)
- Myuutsu/Mewtwo items
- Military moe / Girls in uniform (such as more from So Ra No Wo To, Girls und Panzer etc.)
- Hello Kitty to Issho and cute loli's in general!

Things I still need to do for my profile:
- List all the games I own (didn't even start yet)
- List all the artbooks I own (work in progress)
- Try to make it look better/personalize

Hello and welcome to my profile! See the video below for an (old) collection tour!

I'm a collector for all sorts of figures, but only have my Japanese listed here! I also collect movie- and gamefigures :)

I give lectures, Q&A's and workshops at conventions, so if you're Dutch, there's a big chance you could see/hear me on a local convention. \^o^/ I also sometimes go to international cons and have been cosplay competition judge a few times.

I'm also staff in the eventmanagement for YaYcon! So if you have any tips about that convention-programme, would like to give an event yourself or have a nice idea for an event, let me know!

I'm a member of Fake Is Sad, if you would like to read more information about their work, see: (mfc link)

My goals on this site:
1. Write a review about all figures I own that aren't reviewed yet on this site!
2. Paint GK's and make WIP/tutorial-articles of it!
3. Get better in photographing figures and make a lot of pictures!
4. Like most people here: Try to get as much figures from my wishlist.
5. Make lots of new friends! \^o^/

I like to write reviews and articles about figures, so be sure to check my blog on here: (mfc link)

I'm a MOD for club #1015 , club #1065, club #840, club #829 and club #965 So if you have any pictures or database items from Baccano!, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, figures with wings, flowers or samurai that aren't linked, let me know! ^^

I'm also trying to sell quite some stuff (like games, anime-dvd's, manga, magazines and other merchandise). Take a look! [ext link ] It's in Dutch, but you can look at the pictures and see the prices! xP I also ship internationally! If you only want to see the figures I'm selling right now, you can look here: (mfc link) and here (mfc link)

My blog, things I'm working on:
- Multiple loot-posts
- Multiple food reviews
- My new lighting set-up for reviews (which will be tested out)!

All my figure reviews and figure-related articles will be posted on this site: (mfc link) and all my cosplay-related articles here: [ext link ]

Oh and if you like cosplay, be sure to check my costumes here: [ext link ] Below you can find a few of my recent costumes!
Me giving a lecture in my Nagi Cosplay! More here: [ext link ]
Me giving a lecture in my Ink Cosplay! More here: [ext link ]
Me giving a lecture in my Mathilda Cosplay! More here: [ext link ]
Trainer Wes from Pokémon Colosseum! More here: [ext link ]
My biggest project so far, Elizabeth! More here: [ext link ] and here: [ext link ]
A recent costume, Chi-Chi from Dragon Ball! More here: [ext link ]

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment!

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05 hours agoLynette21Lynette21
Maakie (16 hours ago) #10799772Ik heb zelf eergisteren deze item #327578 binnengekregen! ^^ Alleen is ze te groot voor de kamer waar ik haar in op wilde hangen, haha! De enige goede plek die ik er voor kan bedenken is ons trappengat, maar mijn man wil niet zulke fanservice dingen groot in het zicht (want bezoek denkt altijd dat het ecchi spul van hem is, terwijl het mijn collectie is, haha!)

Ooh cool. Is toch niet zo erg? Maar goed. ^_^
Ik snap het wel, maar succes met daar dan een plekje voor te vinden. ^^
018 hours agotheyasminshowtheyasminshow Runcible Rebel
Maakie (21 hours ago) #10780814Hello!
Lol, I think that's also something from pretty new MMO's? I only remember seeing it a lot in TERA and I think also in Aion, but now I'm doubting a bit about that one... Btw, Aion was a really nice MMO up until the point where the game forced you to do PvP. :/
Oh man, I even have unplayed Game Boy games, lol! Actually quite a lot for the GBC now I think about it. xD I still have a good working GBASP to play them on, but I quicker grab to the consoles that are the newest instead of booting up older ones again. >.<
I think with Free To Play my expectations are just overall lower about the game. So if dungeons or events are meh, I am quicker to forgive them. If you pay monthly fees for a game I expect the game to be enjoyable for a looooong time!
Oh I'm 99% sure LL also needs to be online at all times. There are a lot of daily songs shifting and quite a lot of sidemissions and other things are a short download (I don't even want to know how much space the game is taking on the tablet lol). And the longer I play the more stuff there comes to download.
And ahh, that's the reason why I still use my DS and PSP. :P Just a cartridge or disc and ready to go. xD I still haven't upgraded either of them, because I have enough games to play on them. :P
Humm I didn't see anything about it being possible to play as Guile by buying him with in-game money? Correct me if I'm wrong, though. :P
Haha, well mistakes can happen so I would buy the same yoghurt again. xD But I would wait a few weeks, haha!
Also a funny one: we recently had a public holiday here where people use a lot of orange face paint (orange is our royal family's color). So every year the few days before the holiday all the orange paint sells out. I remember visiting a store the day after the holiday and there was a recall for the orange paint! Woops! Everyone already used it the day before. I hope not too much people got a rash. >.<
Oh wow, what a story! Luckily I don't have much enemies and next to that the house I just got has it's own garage so I should be safe. xD Before I lived in a not so good neighborhood so was afraid of finding (small) damages on my car (luckily never happened). The worst thing that happens around here (if you live near forest-like areas) is an animal called a "marter" (they're a bit like ferrets) getting into your car and gnawing the cables. Marts love hot places and warm food, so they mistake your car cables for it! Most of the people around me find their car cables gnawed on at least once every 5 years!
Ah, one of my old photography places was an old seat with perfect white backdrop, but I also had to crop pictures or watch out for the background. I also had the best light in my kitchen back then, so if I didn't crop them you would see my refrigerator or dirty dishes haha!
Yeah I would have loved her just as much, or maybe even more if she had scars! I was actually hoping for 2 faces: One with scars and one without. I think it's more important to have a scarred face than scarred body, but maybe that is also because the original Edwards' body is so covered up, does he even have scars underneath his suit? I don't know! So I went Googling, but instead found this amusing screenshot from the movie. xD
Which reminded me that even when he wears clothes, he still has the black suit underneath... Anyway, as far as I remember from the movie, the reason his face is scarred up, is because his hands would slip, making him accidentally cut himself in the face.
No problem! :D Did you have a nice day or got some nice gifts? :)


Oh wow. I don't have any handhelds besides my 3DS and my DS Lite anymore... and the DS Lite, I put a Cyclo in it so I could be a vandal and play free games/watch video but... all the games I downloaded, I never finished them. At first I thought "I didn't pay for them so I don't care as much to finish them!" but then I look at all the games I did pay for and didn't finish lol... I think I should make a checklist so I can work through the list before I try picking up another game, lol.

True, but at the same time every game has a cutoff point. Some die faster than others. I think 10 years is considered a huge milestone for MMOs. But it also depends what content gets added in... for MMOs it almost always includes a level cap increase. If that isn't coupled with new dungeons/quests (new, not re-hashed) that's where the boat starts to sink IMO. MMOs are still grinding games at the end of the day...

Ahhhh now I definitely don't want to play LL. If I'm at home and I'm going to play a game I'll play one of my consoles! That's basically "You're going to pay us to play, either directly or indirectly." I had a few card game apps but I stopped when they switched to ads that cover the entire screen every time you win a match -_-

"Just like Alex, Guile will be available for FREE to all players until the in-game shop that uses real currency is launched. Once the shop launches, the free trial period for these characters will end and players will have to use Fight Money or real currency to purchase them." Oh, that works! You get a chance to sample them before dedicating (real/game) currency to them!
They also added Rage Quit penalties LOL!

I definitely waited a while before buying more yogurt... I don't even think I used most of the coupons lol.

Oh that's awful! Don't remember if I mentioned this but, my sister wanted to make a corn soup/chowder or something and asked me to buy organic frozen corn and other veggies.
"Why organic?"
"She doesn't want any GMO corn."
"That shop doesn't sell GMO anything anyway!" so I bought the cheaper conventional corn.
Next day, organic corn was recalled. Just saved everyone from stomach aches and chills by being cheap LOL

Wow, never heard of marters/marter troubles. Do people do anything to prevent marters or are they just free roaming animals? I'm surprised they haven't resorted to "marter pest control" or something. Not that I want the animals to be harmed, I just know that's how the reaction usually is over here :\

I just bought a valance curtain on sale so I'm going to see how it looks as a photo backdrop soon. My friend who knows photography well said a pillow or sheet will work but I find cheap ones get really wrinkly! So I hope the curtain is a little smoother lol

LOL Edward! Reminds me, for my birthday I went to a spa and then my mom took me to lunch at a Korean restaurant (she recently ate at one near her job and she's taking a liking to it). When they brought out the side dishes one of them was a long grilled fish and the waitress expertly cut and deboned it in front of us. I wonder if Edward could serve up a fish like that?

I also had cake and went out with friends. As for gifts... picture #1552399 LOL, that's the best(?) way I can put it...
018 hours agosecretly-otakusecretly-otaku
Maakie (2 days ago) #10706937View spoilerHide spoilerHello! Long time clue what fits here, haha!
I've been doing well, but things could be better, haha! I'm very busy with the house, but unfortunately it came with a lot of extra unexpected expenses. So no new figures for me for a while! The house itself is amazing so far! :) I finally have a seperate space to work on cosplay and to display my figures, so everything is not so cluttered for me anymore! ^^ If this long-term project is done, then I want to give a collection/house tour on a blog on MFC! ^^ As for my job *sigh* still the same, but I'm looking for something better. I have an interview next wednesday at a company where I would love to work, so I hope it goes well! Aside from that a lot of rejections unfortunately. Life is a lot of mixed feelings right now for me as a lot of good and bad things happened to me in a short time.
Ohhh, normally with a job more different duties would sound nice to me, but does it mean for you that you need to work more hours or get pressured more? :(
As said above, no new figures for me! I have been selling a lot and the pre-orders I have right now are ones that are going to be gifted to me or are from money that I saved when I was in a better financial state. :P I am very excited for the figures I have there now, though! ^^ And I'm a bit annoyed as one of my most-wished figures came up a few days ago for almost half the Mandarake-price, but I shouldn't do it and it's tempting me so much! D:
Ah, that new Momohime looks so nice! I like her new color scheme a lot more than the previous one and it's also a good chance for everyone that doesn't want to buy the "old" one for the really high prices she goes for.
Talking about "guilty pleasures" I have started playing the Love Live mobile game and oh noooooooooo it's a lot more fun that I expected! D: But luckily for me my favorite girls are not from the main 9, so there are no figures tempting me, haha!
I actually pushed myself to watch more anime, even though I don't have much time, haha! From my most recent watched ones the ones I liked most were Parasyte and Ajin (*note: Ajin is not finished yet and has a huge cliffhanger grrr). A short one I really liked was Upotte! and I think that one is really one you would like! ;) It's about girls that are cute personifications of guns, but there is also a lot of backstory about the guns in it (so it's a bit better than a generic moe-series imo). Also Elle-chan is such a cutie, I'm sure you would like her! Also I'm not very much into "space" series, but I watched Knights of Shidonia, which I also thought is nice. I'm also trying to catch up some backlog from older series and recently started watching The World God Only Knows & I'm re-watching YGODM as always haha!
I heard mixed things from Strike the Blood, so I haven't tried it myself. From what I read from you it's not really recommendable? Haha! But I'll put Trinity Seven on my to-watch list! :) The character designs from that series look very nice indeed, but I didn't hear from it before! GATE I did hear from before and is already on my list! ^^ Same for Danmachi and One Punch Man, but with the last one the hype is way too big over here, making me also less motivated to watch it. :P I don't mind a bit of a hype, but a huge hype and crazy amount of the same cosplayers can annoy me, haha!
I only know about Gatchaman Crowds because of the figures that got released. :x I don't think it has any relation to the original Gatchaman, right? Haha! I remember watching the old Gatchaman on TV when I was young too, but it wasn't one of my favorites, so I don't remember much from it tbh. I actually always shoved it in the same group as Captain Planet, whoops! So Crowds and the next season of it are recommendable?
I think item #368441 also looks really nice! Kotobukiya outdid themselves! And yes item #179391 is so amazing! I have been watching that figure for a long long time! The price however, is too much. But that is happening to a lot of figures nowadays, which is also another good reason for me to slow down. :P
And oh wow, you said something in Dutch! :D Did you ask around for it or just used google translate? xD Let me try: hasta la próxima vez © Google Translate!

Sorry to hear about those unexpected expenses. I guess there's always that spot you missed when you were checking the place for the first time, but one can get carried away due to all the excitement about getting a new place. But if you think about it, you're working on a place that will probably be yours for the rest of your life, a place that makes you and your boyfriend happy. Now things look a lot better, right? XD... Ok, maybe I'm not the best motivational speaker, hehe. Anyway, a dedicated space for your figures and your cosplay stuff sounds terrific!... but wait a minute... you gotta leave some spare space for your boyfriend too, haha! How about a gaming room? Sounds like a win/win situation to me xP. Anyway, I'm looking forward to see your house tour!

A no figure politic is kinda harsh, but there are definitely other things that are more important first! And you are also getting lots of gifts, so you won't feel too bad about not getting stuff on your own for a while. And I'm curious about that Mandarake figure you are so annoyed about, hehe. I Wish you the best of luck in your interview! I'm sorry to hear about those rejections, but maybe that was what you needed to get to this place you would love to work at. Never lose hope!

As for me, I've gotten a few more duties at work, but sometimes I get in denial and to get things done is harder than usual, you know what I'm saying? xP And the pay hasn't gotten that better, so it doesn't help the cause. But at least I still got a job, right? Gotta see that glass half-full!

Yeah, the new Momohime is gorgeous and I'm really considering making her my last scale figure for a while, at least until I get financially healthier. I've not reached poverty yet, but I don't wanna get there, haha! Just kidding, actually, there's a mix of factors that may prevent me from getting more figures such as the increase in the overall asking price and shipping fees, as well as high taxes I've been getting lately, so sadly figures would be an expense I would have to cut. Also, I'm running out of space where to display figures and also where to store boxes. And well you know, at the end of the day this hobby is expensive and unnecessary, right? And yet, we love it so much, but gotta acknowledge when you have to let go (for at while, that is). At least, I'll keep working on my nendoroid collection since they are (still) affordable, but trying not to order too many of them may be a challenge, haha!

You started playing Love Live!? I gave it a try but completely sucked at it, haha! I just have dumb fingers! It is true that not liking the main cast may be a blessing... but you'll want a figure of your favorite character... and that's when pain is felt. As for me, I ordered my most wanted Love Live scale item #361549. Man, I want that Eri in such an unhealthy way *wipes drool*. I swear I'm gonna try to stay away from Love Live Sunshine, but so far I love almost all of the character designs (You and Dia, specially). That anime I will have to avoid once it gets aired XP.

Ohhh, I have heard good things about Parasyte and Ajin, and they're not so hyped like other anime, so that's a plus for you, I guess. As for Upotte!, I already watched a while ago. Glad to hear you liked! I thought you would since it follows the same vein than Strike Witches. They are not precisely mecha-musume, but I thought you would like the military theme, and indeed, a lot of information is given in that anime. My favorite character in Upotte was Ichiroku, followed closely by Sig. I wasn't much of an Elle fan to be honest, but she is cute indeed! Have you tried Girls Und Panzer already? There's also a lot of information given in that anime about tanks and also major battles in history involving tanks.

This is the first time I heard about Knights of Shidonia, but The World God Only Knows I know about! The first season I didn't like, but the 2nd one got a lot better and funnier. I watched the Goddesses arc not so long ago and I think there were a few OVAs or perhaps a third season before that I missed since there were a number of girls I never saw before, but nevertheless it was really nice, even though you get barely to see sweet-and-lovable Elsie. And you just love your Yugi, uh? XP As for re-watching, I'm currently re-watching FMA Brotherhood with my 9 year old daughter and she is just loving it so much, which I'm glad, since if just a great story!

Well, if you wanna watch Strike the Blood, go ahead. I mean, it wasn't bad, but perhaps if I hadn't have watched Toaru Majutsu no Index before, I would have liked it a lot more. Still, girls are pretty, and like Index, fanservice can be a bit random. But gotta say, I really loved Sayaka and Yukina. You should know by now I have a soft spot for tsunderes, haha! As for Trinity Seven, yes, keep it in your to-watch list. I think you will like it!

Simply put, Gate is a really great anime, I swear. Danmachi shares the medieval theme that Gate has but in a less serious way and it also includes some characteristics from games like leveling up, which I think is a pretty nice feature. And it kinda reminds to Zero no Tsukaima at some point. And One Punch Man is just great, trust me! I mean, is not that super crazy like other parodies, but it gets the job done. Don't let the hype discourage you! I swear the hype for this one is legit, haha! I'm really looking forward for a 2nd season and more Tatsumaki! And don't get upset about One Punch Man cosplayers. If you're a bald guy, half of your Saitama cosplay is done, haha!

You're correct, Gatchaman Crowds have practically nothing to do with the vintage Gatchaman. Nevertheless, it handle topics such as politics, social behaviour and tolerance in a rather smooth way. And Hajime may be a complete oddball, but she's super cute and has this wisdom that goes beyond her seemingly strange behaviour. And Berg Katze's dialogue is just hilarious!

So anyway, I know trying to avoid hyped series may not be a bad practice. It happened to me with Tokyo Ghoul. I read and heard so much stuff about it that I just said "Ok, I guess I could end up liking it"... but I actually didn't =3=. Maybe the 2nd season was better, but right now I'm not willing to find out, hehe! The only good thing for me about that show were the opening and ending songs XP.

You know what? I kinda missed making and reading these walls-of-texts, haha. Hope you don't mind me writing them to you! Anyway, I really hope things go well in your interview. Let me know how it went and how you feel! Read you later!
02 days agotheyasminshowtheyasminshow Runcible Rebel
Maakie (2 days ago) #10706326Happy birthday to you~! Sorry for being a bit late!

No need to be sorry ^^ you still have my technicolor thanks! (๑♡⌓♡๑)
02 days agoLynette21Lynette21
Maakie (2 days ago) #10707108Ahhh, ik ben heel erg into Strike Witches, dus dat is de eerste Lynette waar ik aan denk. ;)

Das logisch, ik vinderdaad het zelf ook geweldig^_^

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