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Currently I'm re-organising my collection, which means I'm putting a lot of items up for sale! Please check out (mfc link) and (mfc link) which both will get a lot of updates!

My re-organisation also means I'm spending a lot of time offline, so I can sometimes be a bit slow in replying. When it's about sales/trades, I'll try to respond asap! I also have a job which is more than fulltime hours and includes a lot of travel, so I can respond on "weird" hours.

Announced soon-to-give events
Figure Collecing Lecture at MGCExperience 2016
Cosplay Lecture at MGCExperience 2016
TBA event(s) at YaYcon 2017

Next place where I will have a stand to sell my second hand items, anime merchandise, grab bags etc. and you can ask me questions (about cosplay, figures, Fake Is Sad, everything!): MGCExperience 2016 and more to be announced!

Given events
Figure Collecing Lecture at Nishicon 2016, Abunai! 2016, Animecon 2016, Tsunacon 2016, MGCExperience 2015, Abunai! 2015, Animecon 2015, Tsunacon 2015, Nishicon 2014, Abunai! 2014, Animecon 2014, Tsunacon 2014, Nishicon 2013, Abunai! 2013, Animecon 2013, YaYcon 2013, Tsunacon 2013 and Nishicon 2012
Bootleg/Fake Is Sad Lecture at Abunai! 2016, Tsunacon 2016 and Nishicon 2015
Garage Kit Lecture at Abunai! 2016, Nishicon 2015, Abunai! 2015, Nishicon 2014, Abunai! 2014, Animecon 2014 and Abunai! 2013
Cosplay: Buy, alter or make it yourself? at Nishicon 2016, Animecon 2016, Yashincon 2016, Formula Cosplay 2016, We Love Japan 2016, Nishicon 2015, Fan Base Projects 2015, Animecon 2015, Almere Cosplay Event 2015, Tomocon 2015
Cosplay Planning Lecture at Tsunacon 2015, Animecon 2014, Tomocon 2014, Tsunacon 2014 and Nishicon 2013
Cosplay Competition Judge at Formula Cosplay 2016, We Love Japan 2016, Stripmanifestatie 2015
Cosplay lecture at Formula Cosplay 2016, MGCExperience 2015, Almere Cosplay Event 2015, Stripdagen 2015, MGCExperience 2014, Moshi Moshi Event 2014, ACE 2014, Stripdagen 2014, MGCExperience 2013 and Stripdagen 2013
Dakimakura (Hugging Pillow) Panel/Lecture at Nishicon 2016 and YaYcon 2014
Cosplay Make-Up Lecture at Yashincon 2016
Cosplay Make-Up Workshop at Tomocon 2014
Cosplay Photo Corner Photographer at Stripmanifestatie 2015
Manga lecture at Stripdagen 2016, Stripdagen 2015, Stripdagen 2014 and Stripdagen 2013
Manga and Cosplay lecture at Manga Day 2015 Event Dutch Comic Book Museum 13th of september
Manga and Anime lecture at Moshi Moshi Event 2014
Cosplay Make-Up Lecture at Nishicon 2013
Papercraft Workshop at MGCExperience 2014, MGCExperience 2013, Animecon 2013, Stripdagen 2013, Dorofest 2013 and Nishicon 2012
Anime lecture at Stripdagen 2013
Dating Sim/Visual Novel Panel at YaYcon 2015
Game Design Q&A at Dorofest 2013 and Nishicon 2012
A possible future in Game Design at Stanislascollege 2012

My goal for collecting is to focus more on a few main points, the following are planned:
- Mecha Musume: Humikane Shimada older works --> Sky Girls --> Strike Witches --> Kantai Collection (mainly Fubuki and Abyssal Girls)
- Baccano!
- Chrno Crusade
- Horror collection (horror anime/games related items: mainly Calne Ca, Kotobukiya Bishoujo, Silent Hill and Resident Evil)
- Moetan and POP works/designs in general
- Yu-Gi-Oh! (Original series and Duel Monsters)
- Nurse Witch Komugi
- Everything from Futaba Anzu!
- Hideyoshi Kinoshita (and maybe traps in general)
- Myuutsu/Mewtwo items
- Military moe / Girls in uniform (such as more from So Ra No Wo To, Girls und Panzer etc.)
- Hello Kitty to Issho and cute loli's in general!

Things I still need to do for my profile:
- List all the games I own (didn't even start yet)
- List all the artbooks I own (work in progress)
- Try to make it look better/personalize

See the video below for an (old) collection tour!

I'm a collector for all sorts of figures, but only have my Japanese listed here! I also collect movie- and (Western) gamefigures :) Next to that I have quite an extensive video game collection and collect a bit of art books, comic books and manga.

I give lectures, Q&A's and workshops at conventions, so if you're Dutch, there's a big chance you could see/hear me on a local convention. \^o^/ I also sometimes go to international cons and have been cosplay competition judge a few times.

I'm also staff in the eventmanagement for YaYcon! So if you have any tips about that convention-programme, would like to give an event yourself or have a nice idea for an event, let me know!

I'm a member of Fake Is Sad, if you would like to read more information about their work, see: (mfc link)

My goals on this site:
1. Write a review about all figures I own that aren't reviewed yet on this site!
2. Paint GK's and make WIP/tutorial-articles of it!
3. Get better in photographing figures and make a lot of pictures!
4. Like most people here: Try to get as much figures from my wishlist.
5. Make lots of new friends! \^o^/

I like to write reviews and articles about figures, so be sure to check my blog on here: (mfc link)

I'm a MOD for club #1015 , club #1065, club #840, club #829 and club #965 So if you have any pictures or database items from Baccano!, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, figures with wings, flowers or samurai that aren't linked, let me know! ^^

I'm also trying to sell quite some stuff (like games, anime-dvd's, manga, magazines and other merchandise). Take a look! [ext link ] It's in Dutch, but you can look at the pictures and see the prices! xP I also ship internationally! If you only want to see the figures I'm selling right now, you can look here: (mfc link) and here (mfc link)

My blog, things I'm working on:
- Lilith cosplay walktrough
- Review of item #264881
- Review of item #271940
- Review of item #271939
- Multiple food reviews
- Review of item #22125
- Review of item #112
- Review of item #90164
- Review of item #28954
- Review of item #28953
- Review of item #5039
- Review of item #13798
- Review of item #462168
- Multiple loot posts

All my figure reviews and figure-related articles will be posted on this site: (mfc link) and all my cosplay-related articles here: [ext link ]

Oh and if you like cosplay, be sure to check my costumes here: [ext link ] Below you can find a few of my recent costumes!
Me giving a lecture in my Nagi Cosplay! More here: [ext link ]
Me giving a lecture in my Ink Cosplay! More here: [ext link ]
Me giving a lecture in my Mathilda Cosplay! More here: [ext link ]
Trainer Wes from Pokémon Colosseum! More here: [ext link ]
My biggest project so far, Elizabeth! More here: [ext link ] and here: [ext link ]
Chi-Chi from Dragon Ball! More here: [ext link ]
Lilith from Vampire/Darkstalkers! More here: [ext link ]

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment!

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01 day agoReycoenmaReycoenma Hello my dear friend, and honestly I never thought of performing cosplay, but if one day I am given the opportunity I would like to use the suit Son Goku encyclopedia #1570 LOL ​​that you think of my idea Maakie (2 days ago) #15556271Ah, I do the same on days at cons where I don't feel like coming in a huge get-up. I just wear some anime-related clothing or an animal onesie. :)
Well, with cosplay you can also buy them or ask someone to commission the outfits you would like to wear for you? :) That way you don't have to spend many hours working on them!
04 days agotheyasminshowtheyasminshow Technicolor Thank-you!
Maakie (21 days ago) #15126368Hello! :)
Ah, it's already sundayevening, so your con is probably coming to an end. I hope you had fun! :) I remember you making a blog post earlier about buying a lot of nice anime-clothes, like the Heavy Black ones. Did you end up showing off some of those? :)
I think it's maybe not even that good for your relationship to also work together? You need to be really serious about keeping private and working-life seperated and on top of that, some time without eachother can be good for your relationship too?
My husbands' workplace has a lot of couples actually. His company hires a lot of international people, which then get cheap rental places' from the company for the time they decide to stay in the Netherlands. Most of them take their partner with them, who mostly try to get a job there too. I have also thought in the past of trying to apply for a job at his place, but we talked about it and we want his career to go well. He has been growing a lot within the company he works for, so I don't want to possibly mess it up. >.< My husband is the one in our relationship with the best working opportunities (he's a programmer), so of course I want the best for him (and us) too. :)
And oh wow, that's pretty heavy that if there is a couple, one of them needs to get transferred to another location! But as a company it makes sense. Most companies see it as a distraction that there is a relationship on the workfloor.
Haha, I'm not surprised that it's Wooser! That's so cute! :) Argh! That reminds me that I still haven't watched anything from Wooser. D: But I did recently watch "The Daily Lives of High School Boys", I think you were the one that recommended that to me?
Oooh, that's annoying! My previous computer had the aux-port broken. So I could only use USB headphones and speakers, urgh. I would always forget about it and try to plug something in and then go "oh yeah, that was broken". xD
My phone is...7/8 years old I think? xD I still like it, it has a long battery life. I'm not really into smartphones and if I need to look anything up in a hurry, I have my tablet or laptop with me most of the time. I still try to not rely too much on electronics/an internet connection.
If this phone I have decides to break down soon, I think I want to get a flipphone again. :) I used to have them in the past and I think they are so cute!
Worbla comes from Germany. ;) So that explains the cheaper prices when I visit a German con! The tax-difference between Germany and the Netherlands is not even that big, so I think it's something about the materials or exclusive-deals companies need to make to become a Worbla-reseller.
Wow, that's really nice! Thanks for the mini-review! ;) I heard lots of good things about randoseru's too (they're supposed to last you all of your schooltime!), so it's nice that this anime-themed school bag is also such amazing quality! :)


The con came and left. It was decent! The con itself was lackluster in compare to other years (especially last year) but I had a lot of good meetups that made up for it. I did wear a HB shirt on the first day. I did find a nice pink/black cap that will match with it at the con!

Yeah, you're right, but from what I've seen these couples have it down pat. I think it's that much easier to come in and work together than to start a relationship at the job. Plus, working together means there's always eyes on you so infidelity just can't fly. That's one bonus against working apart.

Yeah, it's pretty rough, one couple I know had to split up because one of them got promoted. Same goes for siblings - there were FOUR at my job (wtf). One moved out of state, one got promoted, and the other two had to leave. One transferred, and the other went on to do something else. But it's all in the spirit of not giving preference, I guess.

I might have recommended HS Boys, I did so to a a number of people because it's hilarious and one of my favorites. Did you like it? :D

Do you know about the infamous Turtle Beach headsets? Really glossy high quality gaming headphones. TB came to NYCC one year and had their whole catalog of headsets with discounts (at the time, finding their stuff online or in store had NO discounts ANYWHERE) so I bought one. One dayI was running late and stepped on the wire while it was plugged into my PC port... snap! My friend tried to repair it but it still wasn't 100%. Now if I need a headset I'll use my Axent cat ears lol.

Flip phones ARE cute. Well, the one I have is cute. I'm not sure what the domestic flip phone market looks like in terms of design right now. I know if I went to Japan or Korea I'd see lots of cute ones but I'm sure at this point most of those are not making it over here. I think everything here is just plain black basic ones.

I actually never heard of Worbla until you mentioned it. But it jogged the deep, weird part of my memory from when a friend sent me this damn 10 minute Youtube video and you better believe I didn't make it through. I had to tinker with google to find it: [ext link ]

Randoseru are supposed to be durable for life but they're like $400-600 and I can't invest that much in a backpack. Japanese life is so expensive? Randoseru... or like, if you're looking for a job you have to buy a job hunting suit and those are expensive... any kind of uniform is expensive... I can go on and on but like, I see the value of hand-me-downs there more than anywhere else!
07 days agoReycoenmaReycoenma Hello my dear friend in particular I do not cosplay, but suddenly in some convention use a cap of Super Mario, or something representative of a character, but not the full costume, with respect to anime, I really like, although like you I can not see much as before, work, study and other responsibilities, but I love the Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Inuyasha, Ranma, Digimon, Terra Formars, Attack on Titan series, among others Maakie (7 days ago) #15441287Ah, English is not my first language, sorry!
Do you mean to ask how many years I have been cosplaying? If yes: MANY! My first anime character I cosplayed 10 years ago, but even before that I already wore a lot of costumes, haha!
09 days agoEnkidulgaEnkidulga
Maakie (27 days ago) #15004302Een hele fijne verjaardag gewenst!!!!!

Dank je.
Was in Japan, sorry voor de late reactie :D
09 days ago (9 days ago)ReycoenmaReycoenma
That time have cosplaying my dear friend? :-). Maakie (9 days ago) #15395810Aww, thank you! I'm working hard on new ones! :)

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