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Small announcement!
As you maybe have noticed I have been a lot less active here recently, especially with commenting and with my own blog and reviews. This will continue for a while, so that's why I have made this announcement on my profile! The reason is that I am currently spending a lot of time with my other big hobby: cosplay. I am currently working on my biggest costume project yet, Elizabeth: item #2136 (figure), (ext link) (progress untransformed) and (ext link) (progress transfomed). As for the deadlines of these costumes:
Debut untransformed Elizabeth: End of april 2014.
Debut untransformed Elizabeth with weapon: End of may 2014.
Debut transformed Elizabeth: Halfway june 2014.
After those deadlines have passed you will probably find me more active again here! ^w^

Hello and welcome to my profile!
These pictures are around 2 years old, will try to update soon!

I'm a collector for all sorts of figures, but only have my Japanese listed here! I also collect movie- and gamefigures :)

I give lectures, Q&A's and workshops at conventions, so if you're Dutch, there's a big chance you could see/hear me on a local convention. \^o^/ Unfortunately I can't tell the places I'm going to give lectures untill they are announced officially by the convention themselves, but I'm already giving 10+ lectures in 2014, so no chance to miss me, haha!

Announced soon-to-give lectures
Dakimakura (Hugging Pillow) Panel/Lecture at YaYcon 2014
Figure Collecing Lecture at Animecon 2014
Garage Kit Lecture at Animecon 2014
Cosplay Planning Lecture at Animecon 2014

Given lectures
Cosplay Planning Lecture at Tomocon 2014, Tsunacon 2014 and Nishicon 2013
Cosplay Make-Up Workshop at Tomocon 2014
Manga lecture at Stripdagen 2014 and Stripdagen 2013
Cosplay lecture at Stripdagen 2014, MGCExperience 2013 and Stripdagen 2013
Figure Collecing Lecture at Tsunacon 2014, Nishicon 2013, Abunai! 2013, Animecon 2013, YaYcon 2013, Tsunacon 2013 and Nishicon 2012
Cosplay Make-Up Lecture at Nishicon 2013
Garage Kit Lecture at Abunai! 2013
Papercraft Workshop at MGCExperience 2013, Animecon 2013, Stripdagen 2013, Dorofest 2013 and Nishicon 2012
Anime lecture at Stripdagen 2013
Game Design Q&A at Dorofest 2013 and Nishicon 2012
A possible future in Game Design at Stanislascollege 2012

I'm also staff in the eventmanagement for YaYcon and Abunai! So if you have any tips about those conventions or have a nice idea for an event, let me know!

For the Stripdagen (roughly translated: comic book days), I'm the representative for anime, manga and cosplay during the convention.

My goals on this site:
1. Write a review about all figures I own that aren't reviewed yet on this site!
2. Paint a GK every half year and make an WIP/tutorial-article of it!
3. Get better in photographing figures and make a lot of pictures!
4. Like most people here: Try to get as much figures from my wishlist.
5. Make lots of new friends! \^o^/

I like to write reviews and articles about figures, so be sure to check my blog on here: (mfc link)

I'm a MOD for club #840, club #829 and club #965 So if you have any pictures or figures with wings, flowers or samurai that aren't linked, let me know! ^^

I'm also trying to sell quite some stuff (like games, anime-dvd's, manga, magazines and other merchandise). Take a look! (ext link) It's in Dutch, but you can look at the pictures! xP I also ship internationally! If you only want to see the figures I'm selling right now, you can look here: (mfc link)

I also recently started with selling above keychains, but I now don't have time for it anymore! >.< So I'm selling all my building sets + finished ones, you can take a look here (and let me know if you are interested in them!): (ext link)

What I'm planning/working on right now:

Figure Reviews:
- Review of Kanzaki H Aria: item #83717
- Review of Suzushiro Mikono: item #103862
- Review of Rio: item #54033
- Review of 5shikisen: item #9874
- Review of Futuba Anzu: item #140904
- Review of Yami Malik: item #119377
- Review of Melty de Granite: item #113211
- Review of Nida Schuetlich: item #157
- Review of Fate Testarossa: item #42209
- Review of Malik Ishtar: item #166660
- Maybe a review of Airi: item #25108

Bootleg-and-real comparison:
- The differences between a legit EUR DS-game, legit USA DS-game and a fake (regionfree) bootleg DS-game.

GK Making of:
- Making of Kirisame Marisa item #25814

- Shimada Humikane Art Works: item #43697

Cosplay Tutorials:
- The making of my tank-legs of Mecha Musume Elizabeth.

All my figure reviews and figure-related articles will be posted on this site: (mfc link) and all my cosplay-related articles here: (ext link)

Oh and if you like cosplay, be sure to check my costumes here: (ext link)
Me getting interviewd, giving a lecture and a workshop. More here: (ext link)
One of my recent costumes, Trainer Wes from Pokémon Colosseum! More here: (ext link)
The costume I'm currently working on, tanklegs for my Elizabeth cosplay! More here: (ext link) and (ext link)
And this is my current workspace when I work on my cosplays! :) A loose table in my living room where I always can take a look at my figures! My future dream would be to have a completely seperate room for figures and one for cosplay/ can dream, right? ^w^

Thanks for reading!

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07 hours agoFullmetalpiggyFullmetalpiggy
Heb nog niks te horen gekregen en over 1,5 week is de con al. xD Ik zou het heel fijn vinden als je met iemand contact daarover kan opnemen!^_^ Degene die mij terugmailde is Annelies Duran en mijn naam is Stephanie G.

Woah nog nooit R/S gespeeld? Het is echt nog steeds mijn childhood en ik vind het de leukste generatie.^^ Jammer dat ze inderdaad uitvallen als de batterij op is. :'( Ik durf de mijne haast niet meer op te starten. xD

Maakie (4 days ago) #2089106Meestal wordt zo'n 1-2 weken voor de con het rooster gemaakt en krijg je alle Gopher-info door! Wel is de con al erg dichtbij, dus als je over een paar dagen nog niets hebt, laat het even weten en dan spreek ik iemand er op aan hier!
Ik zal je eerlijk zeggen dat ik Ruby/Sapphire nooit gespeeld heb. Ongeveer 4 jaar geleden had ik Sapphire gekocht, maar de cartridge savede niet meer (iets wat vaak gebeurd met oudere GB/GBA games), dus ik kon niet eens ver komen...verder heb ik ook niet echt de motivatie gehad om er nog één te kopen. >.< Eigenlijk moet ik dan nog eens op z'n minst Ruby zoeken en kopen...misschien heb ik geluk aankomende Koningsdag, dan vind ik altijd veel tweedehands games voor enkele eurootjes. :>
017 hours agoKattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
Maakie (1 day ago) #2093799Ohhh~ I thought you also wanted to put someone on a list like that!!
Well nothing more I can do now...I already reported her 2 times in the last half year. Now recently a friend of mine also got some snarky comments from her and reported her, so I can only hope she at least gets a warning soon...unfortunately for us she has tons of positive feedback on her sales so "only" 2 people complaining doesn't mean much... :(
Sorry to post a lot of bad news on your wall by the way. xD
Haha, I actually haven't paid much attention to sales for quite some time on here. But still, thank you :)

That's a shame! Well, if you'd like, you're welcome to PM me about the details of the situation and I'll keep an eye out for this user personally :)
Since I've been promoted to MOD, I'd be more than happy to do what I can as staff (without abusing my privileges of course :p)
01 day agoKuugaKuuga
Maakie (10 days ago) #2077926Hello!
This message is for all my MFC friends that have showned/are showing interest in my Elizabeth Mecha Musume cosplay!
View the picture in higher resolution here: (ext link)
Her untransformed version is almost completely done right now! I hope to get some good pictures of it at the end of this month!
Her weapon I will debut at the end of may and her fully transformed version in june!
Thanks for all the support and interested in my cosplay! ^w^
~ Maakie

aahh, Hi Maakie.

long time not see you.
well...I was back from holiday, that way I dont open MFC anyway.

btw, I like your Mai Shiranui review.

if you want sell her, pm me.

ok ?
01 day agoMawikMawik
Maakie (26 days ago) #2052139Hello! :D
Don't need to worry there. I have also been so busy! TT^TT Mainly with cosplay stuff. I know cosplay is a hobby, but I have harsh deadlines (going to enter my costume in a competition).
Oh man, don't remind me of a job. D: Going to lose my current one at the beginning of july, so I have to find something new ASAP (and will probably work a random job until I find something good).
Miku's racing figures are for me not pre-orders, but if I see them for (second hand) for sale for a good price, I would defenitely buy her (just like I did with this Miku: item #61333 )
Hrmm I can imagine trying to find loose ones from the set being very expensive... Isn't it maybe easier to buy a full set and then try to sell of yourself the ones you don't want?
Yeah, he has a really really really long neck without cape (multiple of my figures that are supposed to wear a cape have that picture #670285 ), but it all looks natural when the cape stays on.
Yeah, Komugi's shoes are so adorable! <3
I will review Malik and Yami Malik seperately, mainly for the reason that my reviews already contain so much pictures and a double-figure review would at least double them, but probably make even more. xD


How has your cosplay been going? You've probably already finished and entered it. xD

Luckily quite a few things drop in price within half a year of being released. So unless the figure starts rising in price it is definitely better to wait.

A full set of the first set isn't that easy either. :/

Unfortunately, Marik also seams to have a very long neck. I'm a tad sad that Mariks box doesn't have as interesting of a design as his darker half. But I absolutely love how Marik's shirtless torso can fit perfectly on either figure and that he can be both shirtless AND to look really cool in a cape like that.
02 days agoAldenaAldena
Maakie (2 days ago) #2091262Realiseerde me dat ik je nooit een friend request had gestuurd (komt vast door alle nickname-confusion). xD
En ik bedacht me net nog het gesprek dat we hadden op Tomo over dat Gato magazine waar je me in had zien staan! :P Ik zou het echt nog superfijn vinden als je me een foto van die pagina zou kunnen sturen (of een foto van m'n foto lol), bedankt alvast! ^w^

Oh, heey!
Ik had het magazine al even door gekeken, vond wel de Wes foto maar geen intervieuw. Ik kan de foto wel even inscannen als je dat leuk vind?
Nog een leuke con gehad? C:

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