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Currently I'm re-organising my collection, which means I'm putting a lot of items up for sale! Please check out (mfc link) and (mfc link) which both will get a lot of updates!

My re-organisation also means I'm spending a lot of time offline, so I can sometimes be a bit slow in replying. When it's about sales/trades, I'll try to respond asap! I also have a job which is more than fulltime hours and includes a lot of travel, so I can respond on "weird" hours.

Announced soon-to-give events
TBA event(s) at YaYcon 2017
Figure Collecing Lecture at Animecon 2017
Cosplay: Buy, alter or make it yourself? at Animecon 2017
TBA more event(s) for Animecon 2017

Next place where I will have a stand to sell my second hand items, anime merchandise, grab bags etc. and you can ask me questions (about cosplay, figures, Fake Is Sad, everything!): YaYcon 2017 and more to be announced!

Given events
Figure Collecing Lecture at MGCExperience 2016, Nishicon 2016, Abunai! 2016, Animecon 2016, Tsunacon 2016, MGCExperience 2015, Abunai! 2015, Animecon 2015, Tsunacon 2015, Nishicon 2014, Abunai! 2014, Animecon 2014, Tsunacon 2014, Nishicon 2013, Abunai! 2013, Animecon 2013, YaYcon 2013, Tsunacon 2013 and Nishicon 2012
Bootleg/Fake Is Sad Lecture at Abunai! 2016, Tsunacon 2016 and Nishicon 2015
Garage Kit Lecture at Abunai! 2016, Nishicon 2015, Abunai! 2015, Nishicon 2014, Abunai! 2014, Animecon 2014 and Abunai! 2013
Cosplay: Buy, alter or make it yourself? at Nishicon 2016, Animecon 2016, Yashincon 2016, Formula Cosplay 2016, We Love Japan 2016, Nishicon 2015, Fan Base Projects 2015, Animecon 2015, Almere Cosplay Event 2015, Tomocon 2015
Cosplay Planning Lecture at Tsunacon 2015, Animecon 2014, Tomocon 2014, Tsunacon 2014 and Nishicon 2013
Cosplay Competition Judge at Formula Cosplay 2016, We Love Japan 2016, Stripmanifestatie 2015
Cosplay lecture at MGCExperience 2016, Formula Cosplay 2016, MGCExperience 2015, Almere Cosplay Event 2015, Stripdagen 2015, MGCExperience 2014, Moshi Moshi Event 2014, ACE 2014, Stripdagen 2014, MGCExperience 2013 and Stripdagen 2013
Dakimakura (Hugging Pillow) Panel/Lecture at Nishicon 2016 and YaYcon 2014
Cosplay Make-Up Lecture at Yashincon 2016
Cosplay Make-Up Workshop at Tomocon 2014
Cosplay Photo Corner Photographer at Stripmanifestatie 2015
Manga lecture at Stripdagen 2016, Stripdagen 2015, Stripdagen 2014 and Stripdagen 2013
Manga and Cosplay lecture at Manga Day 2015 Event Dutch Comic Book Museum 13th of september
Manga and Anime lecture at Moshi Moshi Event 2014
Cosplay Make-Up Lecture at Nishicon 2013
Papercraft Workshop at MGCExperience 2014, MGCExperience 2013, Animecon 2013, Stripdagen 2013, Dorofest 2013 and Nishicon 2012
Anime lecture at Stripdagen 2013
Dating Sim/Visual Novel Panel at YaYcon 2015
Game Design Q&A at Dorofest 2013 and Nishicon 2012
A possible future in Game Design at Stanislascollege 2012

My goal for collecting is to focus more on a few main points, the following are planned:
- Mecha Musume: Humikane Shimada older works --> Sky Girls --> Strike Witches --> Kantai Collection (mainly Fubuki and Abyssal Girls)
- Baccano!
- Chrno Crusade
- Horror collection (horror anime/games related items: mainly Calne Ca, Kotobukiya Bishoujo, Silent Hill and Resident Evil)
- Moetan and POP works/designs in general
- Yu-Gi-Oh! (Original series and Duel Monsters)
- Nurse Witch Komugi
- Everything from Futaba Anzu!
- Hideyoshi Kinoshita (and maybe traps in general)
- Myuutsu/Mewtwo items
- Military moe / Girls in uniform (such as more from So Ra No Wo To, Girls und Panzer etc.)
- Hello Kitty to Issho and cute loli's in general!
- Make itabags for the series/franchises where I collect way too much small items from!

Things I still need to do for my profile:
- List all the games I own (didn't even start yet)
- List all the artbooks I own (work in progress)
- Try to make it look better/personalize

See the video below for an (old) collection tour!

I'm a collector for all sorts of figures, but only have my Japanese listed here! I also collect movie- and (Western) gamefigures :) Next to that I have quite an extensive video game collection and collect a bit of art books, comic books and manga.

I give lectures, Q&A's and workshops at conventions, so if you're Dutch, there's a big chance you could see/hear me on a local convention. \^o^/ I also sometimes go to international cons and have been cosplay competition judge a few times.

I'm also staff in the eventmanagement for YaYcon! So if you have any tips about that convention-programme, would like to give an event yourself or have a nice idea for an event, let me know!

I'm a member of Fake Is Sad, if you would like to read more information about their work, see: (mfc link)

My goals on this site:
1. Write a review about all figures I own that aren't reviewed yet on this site!
2. Paint GK's and make WIP/tutorial-articles of it!
3. Get better in photographing figures and make a lot of pictures!
4. Like most people here: Try to get as much figures from my wishlist.
5. Make lots of new friends! \^o^/

I like to write reviews and articles about figures, so be sure to check my blog on here: (mfc link)

I'm a MOD for club #1015 , club #1065, club #840, club #829 and club #965 So if you have any pictures or database items from Baccano!, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, figures with wings, flowers or samurai that aren't linked, let me know! ^^

I'm also trying to sell quite some stuff (like games, anime-dvd's, manga, magazines and other merchandise). Take a look! [ext link ] It's in Dutch, but you can look at the pictures and see the prices! xP I also ship internationally! If you only want to see the figures I'm selling right now, you can look here: (mfc link) and here (mfc link)

My blog, things I'm working on:
- Multiple grab box blogs
- Lilith cosplay walktrough
- Review of item #264881
- Review of item #271940
- Review of item #271939
- Multiple food reviews
- Review of item #22125
- Review of item #112
- Review of item #90164
- Review of item #28954
- Review of item #28953
- Review of item #5039
- Review of item #13798
- Review of item #462168
- Multiple loot posts

All my figure reviews and figure-related articles will be posted on this site: (mfc link) and all my cosplay-related articles here: [ext link ]

Oh and if you like cosplay, be sure to check my costumes here: [ext link ] Below you can find a few of my recent costumes!
Me giving a lecture in my Nagi Cosplay! More here: [ext link ]
Me giving a lecture in my Ink Cosplay! More here: [ext link ]
Me giving a lecture in my Mathilda Cosplay! More here: [ext link ]
Trainer Wes from Pokémon Colosseum! More here: [ext link ]
My biggest project so far, Elizabeth! More here: [ext link ] and here: [ext link ]
Chi-Chi from Dragon Ball! More here: [ext link ]
Lilith from Vampire/Darkstalkers! More here: [ext link ]

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment!

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05 days agoJosineJosine
Maakie (5 days ago) #16578256Een hele fijne verjaardag gewenst!!!!!
08 days agotheyasminshowtheyasminshow Cashmere Cannonball
Maakie (10 days ago) #16471481But doesn't that make those panels lectures? Or is it a bad thing to call an event a lecture in the US? I know some people over here think with a lecture that it's going to be a boring lesson.
The one panel I went to with a famous person had that! First a small talk/interview with the con and after that, people would line up for questions. I was a bit disappointed about a lot of questions being similar, but one small kid asking Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor from the Terminator franchise) what her favorite food was, was the cutest thing. xD (The answer was pancakes btw, haha!). WIll never forget that. :P
I don't know much about the Pillows, but they still make new songs right? Maybe it's just their management thinking people only want to see them oustide of JP for the anime songs they did. They probably became more known with their music because of it.
Urghhh, yes stories similar to that I know! "Let's get an open relationship so we can see other people! ... No, I don't want to see you on dates with other men!!!" ??? One of my bf's coworkers recently is also...oh man: View spoilerHide spoiler
"We are both straight and have an semi-open relationship where we told eachother it's only okay if it's just kissing and messing around a bit with people from the same sex."
"Oh, so you're bi you mean?"
"No, no, just my girlfriend also goes out with other girls etc."
"Ah, okay."
"But if I go with other girls too, so that is fine."
"Huh?! But you said same sex, so that means you can only go together with other guys???"
"Yeah, but I'm not gay."
"So...your girl can go with other girls, but not guys. And you can go with both guys and girls next to her?"

Sounds like this person is the same as the one of your example: "I can have a side piece but you can't". I don't know him well enough to be sure, but I certainly hope not...poor girl if that is the case.
I'm really tempted to start a Yahoo! auction shopping spree soon again, but I really dread having to work with any proxy or forwarding service again, egh. So much of a hassle. I wish FJ weren't such asshats, so I could use their system. It's pretty easy to use.
More and more people seem to stop using FJ, I guess their fame and bigger client base got the best of them.
Lol! I guess they only want items that are guaranteed sales? I haven't sold much of my doujinshi, but with my stuff I had a way harder time selling the hentai (even for lower prices) than the yaoi. Yuri I don't have much and only once sold a book of was sold in no time with tons of replies, lol.

It does but when we hear the word lecture it brings up different connotations:
1. educational lecture, usually college courses
2. disciplinary speech ("She gave me a whole lecture about my poor attendance")
so yeah, the connotations aren't good ones lol

The Q&A portion of events can be so awful sometimes. Even if the question is in complete earnest it can be like "....."
When I saw the All That! reunion panel last year a lot of people asked Kel if they could give him orange soda and I was like "erm, pretty sure for safety they cannot..." and one woman said she works with school children and what can be said to them about bullying and I'm like "that's such an important topic buuuut what does that have to do with anything here and now...?"
Love pancakes though...

I haven't checked in on the Pillows in a while but they are still making music, either as a band or doing solo projects. If their management is holding them back they need new management. Why keep growing your musical catalog only to focus on a few dozen songs? According to Wikipedia the follow-up FLCL anime will have music by them again aaaand... they're a few years shy of 30 years in the business. So hopefully by the time FLCL 2.0 airs, if they tour again, they can start another set of tracks to tour the US with... lol

LOL... well she is agreeing to it so I guess it's okay for them. Or at least I'd like to think so. I haven't played the romance game in yearssss but I remember multiple incidents of facepalming with my friends saying "How did he pass you up for THAT?" That is, I'd get pushed to the side for someone who - this sounds egotistical but they said it - isn't as good as me. So who knows, lol.

I still have business with FJ, a figure PO from earlier this year that doesn't release until January. So I might do one more auction with them. I won a super nice canvas bag a month or two ago. I was using it this week while it was raining, and I didn't notice until too late... the rain water made the ink on my dirt cheap denim jeans (I buy cheap ones for work and errands, nice ones are for going out only) run and it stained the bag. I tried washing to no avail, but I *REALLY* love this bag. So I may try to win another >.<
09 days agomiopinmiopin
Maakie (9 days ago) #16489887A happy birthday to you! :D

Thank you so much :)
011 days agoGodYagamiGodYagami
Maakie (13 days ago) #16403832No problem! Hope you had a lovely day, filled with gifts and nice food! :)

I ate a looooot!
012 days agotheyasminshowtheyasminshow Cashmere Cannonball
Maakie (26 days ago) #16104683Heya~
Yeah, I noticed USA conventions being a lot more about (discussion) panels. Over here we mainly have lectures and workshops. Some cons try discussion panels, but audience participation stays out with most of them, making them either pretty awkward, or a lecture anyways because of just one person talking, haha!
With my own events (mainly lectures because of above reasons), I try to update them for almost every con, but do keep the same "base", because always there will be new people that know nothing about the subject. A lot of cons over here also take the easy route and ask me for the same events every year.
I guess also with the band you mentioned, the cons want to be sure all the big hits people know get played, otherwise they are scared people won't like the concert? Over here, when we have an artist that did a few anime OP's, the cons prefer them to only or mainly do the anime OP's and ED's as they expect that most visitors will come for that.
Hrmm, that's interesting. Also over here with hosts, no matter if famous or not, they rarely change. For example, there was this con where I didn't enter the cosplay compo's for 7 years or so. I decided to enter again last edition and...yes, still the same host announcing the people on stage, haha!
That makes a lot of sense and is very interesting. Basic instincts are also about the survival of a race, so the most logical thing seems to be that either you have a lot of partners, or all the females go for the strongest/best partner (like you see with packs of animals having an alpha male). I guess it's more a thing of evolution and what you said with settlement, that there was the possibility of having less or only one partner that made the human race like this.
I really love my one and only partner and would never see myself get monogamous, but I understand the reasoning. Most of the media I was talking about though, was about people cheating on eachother and then getting in fights (so people not okay with monogamy, but still having other partners). xD
Which stores are left for you then? Big in Japan for pre-orders and the smaller proxies for Yahoo? May I ask what your bad experience was with FJ? I have my own huge FJ horror-story, but haven't found any other people on MFC that underwent something likewise. Most people here seem huge FJ fans.
Haha, I still don't know if I should cringe, laugh or yell when I watch that foam-video. I don't think I really recommend you to watch the whole thing. xD
Reminds me of my most recent bought white shirt. Didn't think about it that we would eat tomato sauce pasta that evening until the moment where I already had made my shirt dirty. Ugggh. Whyyyy. Luckily I manage to clean shirts a lot easier than other types of clothing. You can be a lot more rough with cleaning shirts.
Yeah, I did not know or expect that when I had it looked up. So much regrets, haha! But yeah, it was really like...30 minutes off route of where I was going, so a huge detour to my other planned shops and sights in NY. Considering I only had a limited time there, it seemed like a waste to spend like an hour of my time to try and find + visit one shop. In that same time I could have visited multiple smaller shops or walked past famous buildings.
I do hope to visit NY once again and luckily they have Book Off also in other places and countries. :)
I guess Book Off started as only a book store and branched out to other things later on? A lot of (older) niche stores seemed to do that.

Some of the panels here are little to no discussion and all audience participation. I've been in panels a number of times where they just line people up to ask questions, they answer, and then maybe give the askers a freebie. lol

I... guess? I dunno. When I went to their concerts of course I talked to the people around me and they all knew about the Pillows' other songs. They're all fans of the Pillows, not just FLCL. And I think it's a shame to keep doing tours of the same/extremely similar set list every time.

Oh pfft there's always people who want to have their cake and eat it too. Like one I heard recently: "My cousin has been cheating on his girl for 3 years, she went to lunch with her coworker and he said 'Bro, what did I do to deserve this?'" Or one of my favorite anecdotes of all time... a guy posted online for advice: he used an online dating service and found a girl, they had a healthy wholesome relationship of love and support and spending time with one another but... she was on the heavy side. So he wasn't too into her physically. He ended up back online chatting with slimmer, pretty girls who wanted to have a good time with him. So: he asked her for an open relationship so he wouldn't be driven to cheat. Of course she was hurt and had to take time to mull it over, but then she agreed to it.

Not only did the guy find out those pretty girls were just using him as an ego boost and didn't really want him, the thick girl started getting dates left and right... so he asked how to go about closing the relationship again. This will never not be funny to me. However, I wish people would assess what it is they want before entering a relationship. If you want an open relationship, go in looking for that. Nothing is more annoying than "I can have a side piece but you can't or I'll be hurt." Like, get real.

BiJ is still good with me, not sure about Y!JA, haven't used them these past few weeks. Like, there were some stickers I wanted to get, they're like ¥200 each but they're gonna cost a ton now. UGH. A lot of people are sharing my sentiment at this point though. FJ shot themselves in the foot by restructuring and on top of that they don't seem to be doing their 10% sales anymore outside of Rakuten.

I guess it's a matter of the more you can sell the easier it will be to stay afloat. If Book Off only dealt in Japanese books they wouldn't make it. Dealing in Japanese + English books/media + random items/electronics means more options to buy, mark-up, and sell. They even have some figures. Weird: When I sold them books they refused the R18 books... except the yaoi ones. Go fig lol!

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