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My Collection

Currently I'm re-organising my collection, which means I'm putting a lot of items up for sale! Please check out (mfc link) and (mfc link) which both will get a lot of updates!

My goal for collecting is to focus more on a few main points, the following are planned:

- Mecha Musume: Humikane Shimada older works --> Sky Girls --> Strike Witches --> Kantai Collection
- Baccano!
- Chrno Crusade
- Moetan and POP works/designs in general
- Nurse Witch Komugi
- Yu-Gi-Oh! (Original series and Duel Monsters)
- Everything from Futaba Anzu!
- Hideyoshi Kinoshita (and maybe traps in general)
- Myuutsu/Mewtwo items
- Military moe / Girls in uniform (such as more from So Ra No Wo To, Girls und Panzer etc.)
- Hello Kitty to Issho and cute loli's in general!
- Expansion of my horror shelf (horror anime/games related items)
(- Kodomo no Jikan)
(- More from Rokusho - Medarot/Medabots)
(- More from Native)

Hello and welcome to my profile! See the video below for an (old) collection tour!

I'm a collector for all sorts of figures, but only have my Japanese listed here! I also collect movie- and gamefigures :)

I give lectures, Q&A's and workshops at conventions, so if you're Dutch, there's a big chance you could see/hear me on a local convention. \^o^/

Announced soon-to-give events and appearances
Manga & Cosplay lecture at Manga Summer 2015 Event Dutch Comic Book Museum (date TBA, will probably be in the begin of september 2015)
Garage Kit Lecture at Abunai! 2015, the Netherlands
Figure Collecing Lecture at Abunai! 2015, the Netherlands and MGCExperience 2015, the Netherlands
Cosplay lecture at MGCExperience 2015, the Netherlands
Fake Is Sad Panel Member at Connichi 2015, Germany

Given events
Figure Collecing Lecture at Animecon 2015, Tsunacon 2015, Nishicon 2014, Abunai! 2014, Animecon 2014, Tsunacon 2014, Nishicon 2013, Abunai! 2013, Animecon 2013, YaYcon 2013, Tsunacon 2013 and Nishicon 2012
Garage Kit Lecture at Nishicon 2014, Abunai! 2014, Animecon 2014 and Abunai! 2013
Cosplay: Buy, alter or make it yourself? at Fan Base Projects 2015, Animecon 2015, Almere Cosplay Event 2015, Tomocon 2015
Cosplay Planning Lecture at Tsunacon 2015, Animecon 2014, Tomocon 2014, Tsunacon 2014 and Nishicon 2013
Coslay Competition Judge at Stripmanifestatie 2015
Dakimakura (Hugging Pillow) Panel/Lecture at YaYcon 2014
Cosplay Make-Up Workshop at Tomocon 2014
Cosplay Photo Corner Photographer at Stripmanifestatie 2015
Manga lecture at Stripdagen 2015, Stripdagen 2014 and Stripdagen 2013
Manga and Anime lecture at Moshi Moshi Event 2014
Cosplay lecture at Almere Cosplay Event 2015, Stripdagen 2015, MGCExperience 2014, Moshi Moshi Event 2014, ACE 2014, Stripdagen 2014, MGCExperience 2013 and Stripdagen 2013
Cosplay Make-Up Lecture at Nishicon 2013
Papercraft Workshop at MGCExperience 2014, MGCExperience 2013, Animecon 2013, Stripdagen 2013, Dorofest 2013 and Nishicon 2012
Anime lecture at Stripdagen 2013
Dating Sim/Visual Novel Panel at YaYcon 2015
Game Design Q&A at Dorofest 2013 and Nishicon 2012
A possible future in Game Design at Stanislascollege 2012

I'm also staff in the eventmanagement for YaYcon! So if you have any tips about that convention-programme, would like to give an event yourself or have a nice idea for an event, let me know!

I'm a member of Fake Is Sad, if you would like to read more information about their work, see: (mfc link)

My goals on this site:
1. Write a review about all figures I own that aren't reviewed yet on this site!
2. Paint GK's and make WIP/tutorial-articles of it!
3. Get better in photographing figures and make a lot of pictures!
4. Like most people here: Try to get as much figures from my wishlist.
5. Make lots of new friends! \^o^/

I like to write reviews and articles about figures, so be sure to check my blog on here: (mfc link)

I'm a MOD for club #1065, club #840, club #829 and club #965 So if you have any pictures or database items from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, figures with wings, flowers or samurai that aren't linked, let me know! ^^

I'm also trying to sell quite some stuff (like games, anime-dvd's, manga, magazines and other merchandise). Take a look! (ext link) It's in Dutch, but you can look at the pictures and see the prices! xP I also ship internationally! If you only want to see the figures I'm selling right now, you can look here: (mfc link) and here (mfc link)

My blog, things I'm working on:
- Multiple loot-posts
- Multiple food reviews
- My new lighting set-up for reviews (which will be tested out)!

All my figure reviews and figure-related articles will be posted on this site: (mfc link) and all my cosplay-related articles here: (ext link)

Oh and if you like cosplay, be sure to check my costumes here: (ext link) Below you can find a few of my recent costumes!
Me giving a lecture! More here: (ext link)
Me getting interviewd, giving a lecture and a workshop. More here: (ext link)
Trainer Wes from Pokémon Colosseum! More here: (ext link)
My biggest project so far, Elizabeth! More here: (ext link) and here: (ext link)
My most recent costume, Chi-Chi from Dragon Ball! More here: (ext link)

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment!

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017 hours agoredxmaverickredxmaverick
Maakie (1 day ago) #3405723I'm super busy so I'm very late with all my messages, sorry!
Anyway, a happy birthday to you! :D

Thanks! How kind of you to remember my birthday even 4 days later because I know how you're super busy with everything! How do you even have time to message anyone on MFC? lol
05 days agoNendoroidoodadsNendoroidoodads
Maakie (5 days ago) #3382843I started myself with trading and gashapon, then went to prize figures, to action figures and ended up with scaleds (but still a huge love for trading/gashapon! so cute and small!)

Nice! I love small cute things too, cant resist xD
05 days agotheyasminshowtheyasminshow Vigilant Visionary
Maakie (9 days ago) #3366020Yeah I mean Chai Tea. I tried Thai Tea once but didn't really like it. Maybe I got a badly mixed one, but mine was such a weird combination of milky cononut with really bitter tea that it didn't even help that I put extra sugar in it. :/
I saw the Green Coke and though "oh why not try it". NEVER AGAIN.
Ohhh, so then to you is Kraft Cheese better than any other cheese sold int he US? Or is it just a marketing claim? If I would be in the US for a long time I would probably also crave "real' cheese. xD Btw just a few hours ago I stumbled upon this comic that reminds me of our conversation: (ext link) XD
Ah, so a bit like Panda Express is with Chinese food? I didn't try out Panda Express, but it looked pretty good everytime I walked past it. ;) And considering you recommended it, I will try out Chipotle the next time I visit the US! ^^ That can take a while, though. ;)
Yes, yes! Those crackers are made from cassave in your picture! Maybe they sell those around your place in Chinatown for example? It's originally an Indonesian product and most of our Asian supermarkets sell it (and quite some normal supermarkets too). You can eat them dry, but a lot of people also dip them into (what we call) peanut sauce, which is a spicy sauce on peanut (butter) base.
Non-drivers license? That sounds weird. That's an ID-card that replaces the stuff you could normally do with a drivers license? In the Netherlands a drivers' license isn't good enough and you need to have an special ID-card or a passport next to it.
Because I work in a government office this stuff happens all the time, lol. Making an passport here only costs a week time, but people wait until a few days before they leave for holiday and then go "uh-oh, looks like I need a new passport". And then they call our office and yell on me, good times. >.>

It must have been mixed badly, Thai tea doesn't even have coconut in it O_o it's like a spiced black tea, sweetened with milk+sugar and/or condensed milk. I had some the other day and now I want a gallon of it D:<

I saw the green Coke while shopping the other morning. "Coca-Cola life" is what it's called here. Can't get any extra life from drinking soda lol.

In terms of American sliced cheese, Kraft is better than an oil-based one... but I think you can still get even better. Also, American cheese sucks. I prefer cheddar or... just about any other kind of cheese. Muenster, mozzarella, Monterey Jack, goat cheese, etc etc etc. American cheese sits at the bottom of the list, regardless of milk/oil content, for me. It just doesn't taste interesting! It's like an intro to the world of cheese, I guess? lol And LOL! Spray cheese. Never dealt with that... never will. XD

I've never been to Panda Express, there isn't one around these parts. But the good part of Chipotle is that they're very conscious about the ingredients they use and how they're sourced. No GMO products or hormone treated meat/dairy. Everything is made/chopped fresh, which puts them way above the standard fast food restaurant. :3

I should check the Asian market and see if I find them. My mom doesn't eat much starch anymore but I think she'd go for those chips. Peanut sauce is tasty! I hardly eat it anymore but... I have a recipe somewhere, I should just make a batch. It's mostly used for dip but I once had a pasta mixed with shrimp and peanut sauce and it was so good @_@

Yep! It's just an ID with all your info, and it says "State Identification" instead of "Drivers License" (the other ID types are "Learners Permit" and "Commercial Drivers License").

Argh. Reminds me of my old job. At one point part of my job was dealing foreign currency. I had Euros, Pound Sterling and Canadian money on hand. Everything else had to be special-ordered. So I'd get people coming in like "What? I can't get pesos here? My flight is in a few hours!"

"Well... there are exchange kiosks at the airport..."

Only thing worse was Christmas Eve. I would get rid of every last bit of currency in a matter of hours as people did last minute exchanges before flying out for Christmas. I don't miss that job. XD
05 days agoMoroMoro
Maakie (5 days ago) #3381496Hey! Long time since we talked! I have been super busy, but how's it going for you? ^^
I haven't been doing online stuff as much because I have been having problems with my wrists. I'm seeing a doctor about it but this stuff takes time to treat... I already wear wrist braces at night when I sleep, but that hasn't completely solved the problem and it can get really bad sometimes. I haven't been able to play video games in a while unless it's with a controller! :(
09 days agoNendoroidoodadsNendoroidoodads
Maakie (9 days ago) #3366008Thanks for the friend request! Sorry for accepting so slow, I wasn't paying attention to my notifcations, haha!
I'm personally more into trading figures and scaled figures, but you have a cute nendo collection!

Oh don't apologize ^_^
I have not gone down the path of scales yet, there are so many beautiful ones though!!

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