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Check out the Merchendise I'm selling! Yuri!!! On Ice, Kuroshitsuji, Free!, etc!
Magical Goods: [ext link ]
AUD$15 Shipping Worldwide!
Only AUD$8.50 within Australia! everyone~ My username for just about everything is Majikaru-Rin, you can call me Rin for short.
I've just completed my Bachelor of Writing degree and graduated in September 2016! For now I'm a poor NEET so I'm being brutal and trying to budget/cut down on my figure purchasing. Key word being trying...#Otaku4Lyfe

Drawing❤Writing❤3D Animation❤Cosplaying❤Photography❤Archery❤COLLECTING EVERYTHING!
Current Collections:
❤ Figures
❤ Ball Jointed Dolls
❤ Hot Toys
❤ Living Dead Dolls
❤ Swarovski crystal animals
❤ Pretty much anything to do with Captain America X’D
Precious Babies
~I adore these characters~
Primarily collecting as much Angela, Yuri and Victor figures/merch as I can!!
*Jokingly referred to as 'My Doll' and 'Mah Boys' respectively X'D*

So there you go. Now you all know my secrets.
♡❤♡Thanks For Stopping By♡❤♡

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03 months agoNunnallyLuluNunnallyLulu
Majikaru-Rin (3 months ago) #16725875Hi~! Just dropping by to say thanks for the FR :3
Nice to see another Aussie here. Your collection is awesome, so much Nozomi! XD I bet it all looks great displayed together. Totally different to mine, but I love when people collect specific characters!

thank you for accepting! I loved your profile and collection :D! as soon as I saw the 'I have no regrets' image I was like OMG yes! couldn't resist and added you (after my laughing was over) xD
That is true, meeting aussie collectors make you know that you are not alone :3 haha yes my collection doesn't reflect all my loves well enough so I was thinking of improving my bio by having everything I love under a spoiler, since I can never get everything I want. I wish I could be more divided but I would love to have as much as I can of certain characters like Nozomi ;P as you noticed! I actually need to update my collection :s its a bit behind >< .
Yeah I agree with you as I love seeing variety, I just love seeing what other people buy in general compared to me xD If I like their choices I feel like I can learn from them, like 'oooo their figures are cool or their waifu/husbands look cute - but I haven't seen the show their from, best put that show on my to watch list' or a game, whatever. But yeah basically I think your collection is awesome too and I thank you for commenting about mine! ^3^
06 months agoHarukaHaruno1991HarukaHaruno1991
Majikaru-Rin (6 months ago) #14922598Thank you so much!
*much love for the Valkyrie Drive gif X'P haha~*

yes i know you love the anime series...:-))) me too.
06 months agoItachi_Uchiha112Itachi_Uchiha112
Happy birthday to you my friend :D
06 months agoHarukaHaruno1991HarukaHaruno1991
Oh happy Birthday my friend *-*
16 months agoTerrenceTerrence Let's start from zero~
Happy Birthday pal!

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