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03 days agoJeroenXP1JeroenXP1
Marco-Kun (3 days ago) #21357410Met mij ook hoor :)
Ah ja, ik zie het!
Die Sonico Miku ziet er ook wel leuk uit, maar niet leuk genoeg om te kopen denk ik :P
Wat komt er juni?

Als er niks gedelayed wordt deze 2 :)

item #397172
item #514171

Heb jij nog wat nieuws gekocht intussen ?
03 days ago (3 days ago)JeroenXP1JeroenXP1
Marco-Kun (3 days ago) #21350188Hoi! Hoe is het?
Nog leuke dingen gekocht de laatste tijd?
Ik kan je Activity niet zien.


Met mij gaat het goed en met jou ? Ik zag dat mijn activity feed uit stond maar nu staat ie weer aan als het goed is. Zover in de tussen tijd het enisgte nieuwe is mijn sonico miku figure die ik gekocht hebt. Wacht nu op de juni releases :)

picture #1752647
025 days agoMarKsMarKs
Marco-Kun (1 month ago) #19897624Yes! Happy Easter :)
And yeah, that Wedding Sonico is beautiful! What I don't get is that people bought the Silver and Gold wedding ring version, which cost like 500 and 4000 euro respectively.
Yeah I see that you have some Sonico :)
It's impressive isn't it, how some companies can accomplish such great figure paint jobs!
Sooo I went through most of my collection, and I selected a whole bunch that I want to let go. So I made 4 lists, all called Let it Go :P
I already made a bunch of ads on MFC.
Figures: (mfc link) The Santa Sonico is on that list too *wink*
Goods: (mfc link)
Media: (mfc link)
Artbooks/Doujinshi: (mfc link)
Same what you said, price figures just don't fit anymore with the scale figures. So I want to let most of those go. Hmmm I'm not sure about the demand. It's like, most of these price figures aren't available anymore. It's not like we can earn money on them, but running even on them, I think so.. at least. Don't you think?

As i first saw this meme as Picture of the Day i thought hahaha nice joke. But GSC had really the balls to do it. Props for that. Even when i don't have an idea, which kind of person would buy that. Maybe couples, from which both sides are true sonico fans xD

Nice, to know that you would sell the santa sonico, i will come to that back later.

Yeah its not that i want to make profit out of prize figures but, i think on some prize figures there is a posibility that i would never find an potential buyer cause the figure is too old, or the figure page is only rarely visited. But i think to much, maybe i should just create some ads when i´m back in my hometown :)
028 days agoffenrisffenris
Marco-Kun (1 month ago) #20251545Hey, how are you? :) How is your internet doing? haha
Finally got my broadband back ^_^ I'll try and look at those links this weekend.
01 month agoJeroenXP1JeroenXP1
Ik probeer alles op display te zetten maar het wordt hier ook behoorlijk krap. Maar wil nog niks verkopen alhoewel hou ik elke doos wel als ik van gedachten zou veranderen. Maar ik browse wel even door je advertenties, misschien dat ik wat van je kan overkopen :)

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