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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku

Sonico puzzel, dacht gelijk aan jou

Ah nvm zie dat je veel spul wegdoet.

Mocht je ZnT doujins wegdoen en de gereserveerde tony doujins niet betaald worden heb ik daar interesse in :) en ishikei artbook
1 month ago
Nog steeds interesse in het overnemen van verschillende sonico figures als ze nog niet verkocht zijn. Mocht je dit ook pas later lezen: stuur me een berichtje! <3
2 months ago
Marco-Kun (6 months ago) #21346646Still interested in the Santa Sonico? :P
Hello, Sry for the very late anwser, oh and Happy Birthday afterwards. Im currently kind of busy with university exams. But it really depends on the price. I will come back to this after the exams in July. But you don't really have to reserve the figure for me.
5 months ago
Happy Birthday ;D
6 months ago
Happy Birthday ;)
6 months ago
happy birthday bro! I wish you all goods and lot of money to buy everything you want ;)
6 months ago
Marco-Kun (6 months ago) #21711450Hello :) How are you doing?
I was wondering if you found the time to look at this item?
ITEM #530452
Like, the date of the previous release? A comment of mine is on that listing as well ^^
Thank you!

Looks like it came out first Jan-2012, then at Ore no Yome! 7 that year. I'll update that.

I couldn't find anything for the Tomose Shunsaku or Shintaro sets -- Toranoana has the doujins, but I guess you've already seen that. Quite likely that the sets were sold only at Comiket, alas.

And to answer the other question you had regarding artists, I don't set an artist to an item unless I've seen them explicitly credited, I won't add them just because they were the main illustrator/character designer for the game, or I think the art looks like their style etc. I look either for an explicit 絵師/イラストetc credit, or for them to have put the illustration up on their Pixiv/personal blog.
6 months ago
Marco-Kun (6 months ago) #21357410Met mij ook hoor :)
Ah ja, ik zie het!
Die Sonico Miku ziet er ook wel leuk uit, maar niet leuk genoeg om te kopen denk ik :P
Wat komt er juni?

Als er niks gedelayed wordt deze 2 :)

ITEM #397172
ITEM #514171

Heb jij nog wat nieuws gekocht intussen ?
6 months ago
Marco-Kun (6 months ago) #21350188Hoi! Hoe is het?
Nog leuke dingen gekocht de laatste tijd?
Ik kan je Activity niet zien.


Met mij gaat het goed en met jou ? Ik zag dat mijn activity feed uit stond maar nu staat ie weer aan als het goed is. Zover in de tussen tijd het enisgte nieuwe is mijn sonico miku figure die ik gekocht hebt. Wacht nu op de juni releases :)

PICTURE #1752647
6 months ago
Marco-Kun (8 months ago) #19897624Yes! Happy Easter :)
And yeah, that Wedding Sonico is beautiful! What I don't get is that people bought the Silver and Gold wedding ring version, which cost like 500 and 4000 euro respectively.
Yeah I see that you have some Sonico :)
It's impressive isn't it, how some companies can accomplish such great figure paint jobs!
Sooo I went through most of my collection, and I selected a whole bunch that I want to let go. So I made 4 lists, all called Let it Go :P
I already made a bunch of ads on MFC.
Figures: list/83713 The Santa Sonico is on that list too *wink*
Goods: list/83796
Media: list/83797
Artbooks/Doujinshi: list/83886
Same what you said, price figures just don't fit anymore with the scale figures. So I want to let most of those go. Hmmm I'm not sure about the demand. It's like, most of these price figures aren't available anymore. It's not like we can earn money on them, but running even on them, I think so.. at least. Don't you think?

As i first saw this meme as Picture of the Day i thought hahaha nice joke. But GSC had really the balls to do it. Props for that. Even when i don't have an idea, which kind of person would buy that. Maybe couples, from which both sides are true sonico fans xD

Nice, to know that you would sell the santa sonico, i will come to that back later.

Yeah its not that i want to make profit out of prize figures but, i think on some prize figures there is a posibility that i would never find an potential buyer cause the figure is too old, or the figure page is only rarely visited. But i think to much, maybe i should just create some ads when i´m back in my hometown :)
7 months ago
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