MarikuMariku Of Despair and Miracles

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01 year agoTsuntakuTsuntaku
Nice Collection! Madoka Magica is the best!! (^◇^)
01 year agoFutSanNoShadowKFutSanNoShadowK
Thank you for making my first sale a success! :)
01 year agoDjibrilDjibril
Happy Bday! ^^
01 year agoRei-fanRei-fan
Mariku (1 year ago) #1098088Hi there and thanks<3 Waaah, you have so many lovely Rei figures, I'm jealous. Not that I've had the chance to watch Evangelion yet, but I've always been really fond of her and her figures.
Ahaha, yeah, I'm a big Mami fan,I wish her merchandise didn't become so hard to find so fast XD

Wow, thank you! She's my favourite character! ^^ Nice that you like!

I see! I like Mami too, she's so nice! XD
01 year agoRei-fanRei-fan
Nice collection! ^^ You like Mami? XD

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