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06 months agoMariu-JMariu-J
Reycoenma (6 months ago) #15081440I have three years collecting, my first figure was item #81488 :3
This was my first figurine item #30949
06 months agoMariu-JMariu-J
Reycoenma (6 months ago) #15068222Great collection my dear friend :)
Aww, thankyou, your collection is pretty awesome too
08 months agokagaroarkagaroar
however, if you're looking for tsukki, i'm planning to sell him once i get him so let me know if you're interested in him!
08 months agokagaroarkagaroar
hi, super sorry! i got your pm, but i assume my reply didn't send - he has been sold, sorry! ;v; thanks for your interest though! <3
011 months agoRobokoRoboko (=^ ◡ ^=)
Mariu-J (11 months ago) #10341693Happy Birthday hun

thank you very much ^W^

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