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I am just an average girl who loves Animes, Mangas, Games and japanese culture in general. :)

Some of my other hobbies are:
-Playing the flute and Piano
-Reading tons of books
-Being a food bringing-slave for my guinea pigs. :D

I greatly enjoy talking with other people who share my interests, so please don't hesitate to ask if you want to know more about me or what ever question comes to your mind! XD

Thank you for looking at my profile! <3


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Since this sale wasn't officially listed, I will just leave my feedback here for anyone who wants a little insight on this person if they're planning in buying from them.

They're super quick at replying and very thoughtful when it comes to packaging. A very pleasent person overall to talk to. I bought a poster from them and they made sure there wasn't a chance it would get damaged during shipping and it arrived in perfect condition. Many thanks again and I hope to deal with a kind seller like yourself in the future!
7 months ago
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
Maronn (9 months ago) #18524552Wow that sounds tough! Hopefully it's not too much of a workload!
Yeah my birthday was nice :3 Not very eventful but I got a cake, so it could not have been better! ;D
Oh yesss I am!!! Chapter 19 was amazing! (Though I am also a bit sad for Bum haha^^") Same here! It never even crossed me that I wanted that genre mix to happen until I read it. It's such a fascinating story and Sang woo is amazingly freaky in a very charming way. XD (But I would not want to ever meet him haha)
Hmmm not much unfortunately. ITEM #549560 is the most interesting new announcement for me. :') How about you?

Ah I am now back to working one job now so we will see how long this free time I have lasts haha. Oh my yes KS is just absolutely amazing and it's so cool running into people on here who love it as well! It's so well written and the characters are so amazing complex, I can't wait for season two to start. Should be any day now!! Wonfes wasn't too good for you? I'm sorry to hear that :'( I had a couple things I liked like Gothic Aoba and the Bunny Boys........I'm sure other stuff but I can't think of them now XD
8 months ago
Maronn (9 months ago) #18510352Oh yes we actually tried...But all the other companies could not come fast enough as we moved over 2 countries so we were kind of stuck with them.^^" At least they came to the next date promised but oh my did we had to be stubborn...At first they wanted to come a week later but after me calling them that this in no way acceptable and after my boyfriend als calling them again they magically could make it sooner. We also got some money back but in no way did that compensate all the stress and sleepless nights we had because of this. But yeah...it's done now and our new apartment is great so we just try forget that horror story. :'D
But yeah I also thought that moving companies especially should be very strict about arriving on time as time normally is limited if one moves out.
Oh wow, that really is a very short time period! Do you not need to paint the walls as part of the contract at your place? Here it is obligatory pretty much everywhere. :')
Ohhh sounds fantastic! :D Where do you live now? ^^
Haha yeah indeed...I think it had been over half a year or more :'D (Which was my fault, I'm sorry^^") but good to hear that your new job is at least more fun than the last one. It's a shame that it pays so poorly though.
Oh I really hope you will get one of these job positions one day!
Yeah of course I do! :3 They are very interesting to read after all and there are not many bloggers reviewing older figures as well.
Understandable, real life stuff comes first. ;)
Well....I do not know if I will have a backlog but if I work hard this semester I could maybe re-do my tests besides the new tests. It will be hard but not impossible to do. But yeah, it's my own fault for not finding any motivation so there's no other choice. Also I actually do not mind that much, last year was just too much for me and I really needed the break to be able to function again, so it's alright. :)
University actually started just today again. :D
Thank you very much, I hope so too! But as we only celebrate a little bit (I even go to University on the morning haha) it will probably be a wonderful, pretty unstressfull day. :D Also we got a super amazing Zelda cake topper, so it can't go bad! XD
Ohh wow congratulations! How long have you two been married now? :3 And yeah I also do not think there is anything shameful in it as we marry to stay together without any hassle. :D (Since he is from Germany and we moved back to Switzerland and it's never easy to be able to live together unless you have a stable income all the time). So I do not think I will ever regret that step but yeah, it's just that a lot of people were a bit surprised that we handled that matter in such an unromantic way. XD (With no proposal....and no engagement ring or any other wedding tradition. XD Some of my friends also told me that it really came out of the blue for them :D) But glad to hear that you handled it similarly with your husband. :3 Also congratulations for finally getting your house!! I hope you now have more space to get a huge collection! XD

Urgh, always a hassle and it's so annoying if you have to rely on others instead of doing it yourself. >.<

Talking about doing it yourself, I'm not sure if I would fully recommend that for moving lol. With our most recent move my husband and I left some furniture at our previous place and though 'we don't have that much new stuff to move, so we should just rent a big van and do it ourselves!'. BIG MISTAKE. Especially with having to move the heavy appliances like our oven, refrigerator and washing machine with just the 2 of us. *whinces* Next time we have to move, we will use a company again. xD

And wow! You have moved to Switzerland I see on your profile! I didn't know you were planning to move so far away! I hope you have a good new future there! :D

It depends actually, we now have a house we bought. So you can do whatever you want. :P Our previous place was a rental appartment and that one we had to leave in perfect condition, though. ;)

I know live in the northern part of the Netherlands, close to the German country border. :) It's very nice and quiet here~ The only 'problem' is that it's very German-oriented (I don't speak any German myself and am bad with learning new languages, trust me I tried), so I have to travel far for work. Oh well, we own a cute house, so it's worth it!

No problem! Sometimes life just kicks you and you get busy. xD And well, that is with a lot of 'fun' jobs. The more fun, the less money you can expect. xD The worst paying job I ever had myself was in an ice cream store. I loved doing the work, though! Everyone was always happy, because...duh! Ice cream!

You're making me blush, haha! Well, once I have more time, I will upload a review again! I am still working on the last one of my Kan Colle x Lucky Star ones!

Ah, yeah I know multiple people that also 'on purpose' slowed down their studies. Luckily that's a lot easier with college compared to being in normal school. :P Good luck again to you! :)

Lol, I also just took 1 day off when I got married. Even worse, back then I had my job at the local municipality. I got married in the office next to the one I was working in every day... :')

Owww, that's so cute! Are you going to make the cake yourself or did you commission a piece somwehere?

We have been married for a bit over a year now~, together for a bit more than 6 years~. We want to do our 'actual' marriage when we hit 5 years married and 10 years together, because they are such nice numbers. Gives us a bit less than 4 years to save up money for it. We can do it! ʕ·͡ᴥ·ʔ

Awww, no rings for you guys? We did last-minute commission someone, but on purpose kept the material the rings are made of cheap (silver with a small stone), but the designs/sculpt means a lot to us. :)

YES I HAVE A LOT MORE SPACE. Setting out my collection is a slow work-in-progress though. xD But it also really helps me to clean out and sell/trade items I don't care much for as it really makes you think, working on a new set-up I mean. :)

How's the amount of space for your collection in your new place? :)
9 months ago
Maronn (9 months ago) #18524328Well...I am not 100% sure that the figure releases are connected with the reboot. XD I just came to that conclusion as they started pumping out all TOS figures after the remake of the game was announced. Soooo I could be wrong. XD
Really??? Then it is even more a shame that Alter or Kotobukiya still did not pick up that amazing redhead!
Haha~ no I am sorry, there are no preview pictures yet. It's still veryyy roughly made and I wanted to wait with a blog until I have some decent results. :'D
Hehe of course! Users are here to be stalked...or not. XD Oh yes...those cute little things are very addictive. Most of my first figures were Petits and other small figures as well! And then it quickly escalated to full scales. XD
I'm from Bern but live now in Olten. :3 Soo....I guess we could technically switch to German? XDDD

omg haha, ich habe heutzutage kaum Kontakte online, mit denen ich auf Deutsch kommuniziere... da wird man direkt scheu. /o\

Bezüglich Kratos meinte ich eigentlich das Gegenteil, tut mir leid wegen der Verwirrung! Ich hab nun aus Neugier mal nachgeschaut... Die letzte Umfrage war in 2014 (dieses Jahr gibts wieder ne neue Auswertung): kotaku.com/tale... Kratos ist echt nicht mehr so hoch in der Liste. ;_______; </3 Konnte das kaum glauben, als die Freundin das nebenbei erwähnte. Dann wiederum habe ich Vesperia und Xillia 2 auch noch nicht gespielt, obwohl letzteres bei mir im Regal steht.

Ich warte dann geduldig auf deine Kratos-Figur... <O><O>
9 months ago
Maronn (9 months ago) #18509282Oh yes that's probably better! :)
Tell me about it! My hopes were so high when TOS got an anniversary reboot and Lloyd and Zelos got figures as well as Collette... Kratos, ranking as 3rd most popular TOS guy in Japan (tss...weirdos) should have gotten a figure as well...But nope! >_<
Oh yeah, never give up hope! ^^ But just in case those figure companies will never acknowledge Kratos' fabulousness, I started working on a figure on my own. :D Can't whine all these years and not try to change it, right? :D
Hahahaha that's fantastic! I also did this some years ago. Stalking...ehm....observing other members was fun. ;)
Also thank you very much! :D I hope I can add more gentlemen in the future to my collection! Your collection is very lovely too! Sailor Moon was my childhood and I always found the chibi figures from Megahouse the cutest figures of them all! ^_^
Btw. from which part of Switzerland are you if I may ask? :D

Ah, i didn't realize the anniversary reboot was the occasion that prompted all those figures! ;_; A Tales friend of mine actually told me that Kratos' overall popularity within the series has tanked quite a bit in recent years, but I haven't looked it up myself. ;_; What is this self-made figure that you speak of. <O><O> Are there preview shots available? <O><O>

Wow, nice to see someone approve of the ~observing~. Hehe the Megahouse Petit Charas in general are how I started out collecting figures, so I'm really happy they exist! <3 I'm from Zurich, you?
9 months ago
Hey, going to take the convo here so as not to go off-topic in that blog entry! :D

SOB the Tales figures I've seen around are so GORGEOUS, I had such a hard time believing that Kratos didn't have a nice figure yet when I joined this hobby not too long ago. ;_; Oh well, I've been seing figures to rather old series pop up lately, so maybe there's still hope. =x

And yeah, I was... creeping... around MFC to see how many users from Switzerland are on here, mostly to see whether they were selling anything nice LOL. That's how I came across your profile! Loooove your big collection full of gorgeous (and handsome) figures. <3
9 months ago
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
Maronn (9 months ago) #17948460Gosh I am so sorry for the late reply! (Had been a very stressful month and after that I kind of forgot that I haven't answerd you^^"...Thank you for the birthday wishes and I am fine now. :) How is it going? :D I see you are also on the Killing Stalking hype train! XD

Not a problem! I've been working two jobs so I've been pretty busy. And you are very welcome! I hope it was a good bday? Oh my don't tell me you are also a Killing Stalking fan?!?!?! I'm like so obsessed. Sangwoo has killed me, oh my god. I never realized how much I needed a BL thriller/horror comic in my life until I ran across KS. The hype is real!

Anything from this Wonfes that caught your eye?
9 months ago
Maronn (9 months ago) #18206840That is true! Also I was moving and oh god that was unbeliavably stressful! It was not my first time moving but this time the company we hired to move our stuff let us down and just did not come at the promised date and then wanted to come (as a "compromise") one week later, which was just ridiculous as we had already promised our landlady to leave the apartment a few days later and ugh...It was just unnecessary horrible.
Thankfully it's all over now and our new apartment is so nice and big! ^^
Oh yes I know that feeling! XD Did you get a new job btw? Last time we talked you mentioned that you wanted to change it if I remember correctly. ^^"
Oh yes I read your blogs! :3
I'm fine but have neglegcted my studies a bit too much unfortunately. ^^" After all that stress in December/January I just did not feel like being productive...But it's alright, I'll just work harder in the next semester! XD (or so I hope...)
Oh also my boyfriend and I will get married! :D (Though it's more because of practical reasons...but of course we both are not unhappy with the decision. :D)

Oh geez, I would probably go to another company if that happened to me. You would expect they realize that you have to leave at a certain date and time? I've had movings where in the morning the stuff would get packed in and during the afternoon they landlord would come where I had to give back the key. :/

It's nice to hear your new place is so great! :D I'm also really happy with the place I live in now! We are still planning some reconstructions, though. ;P

Ah, I don't know how long ago it was that we talked, lol. Pretty long I think. I got a new job in may/june 2016. The coworkers and the company are a lot of fun, but it pays pretty badly and I have a lot of travel time unfortunately. So I have a lot of mixed feelings about this job. Still, it's a lot better than the previous job I had, lol. I will keep on (low-key) searching for my dream job! A few times a year an job opening pops up for a paid job in my volunteer work. I hope to do it paid one day!

Ah, nice that you still read my blogs! :D I have been very inactive in the last few years, I hope I can step it up again in 2017! I made quite some posts in january actually, but this month is so busy so far. X_X

Oh! I hope you don't have any backlog with your studies in a way where it will take you more time to complete it?

Congratulations! :D I hope you have a beautiful day and of course a good future together!

And don't feel ashamed about that! It's the same for me. My husband and I decided to get married because it was easier for the paperwork as we were buying a house. No regrets though! Both of the marrying and the house. :)
9 months ago
Maronn (9 months ago) #17948429Wahhhh I am so so sorry for my very late reply!!! Just completely forgot to answer as the time around my birthday was stress-hell and after everything calmed down I wanted to reply but got distracted. :')
How are you? :)

Haha, I can understand December is always a really busy time!

It's going well with me, I'm behind on everything I want to do (as always xD), such as reorganising my collection in my new place, but luckily managed to get a bit more active with blogging again. How's everything with you?
9 months ago
A happy birthday to you! :D

11 months ago
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