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i like di gi charat, nadesico, nurse witch komugi, strike witches and... other stuff.

complaintsseriously though+ i probably own a lot of things that are on this site but aren't on my collection list here
+ my opinion on this site still stands as a place for 3D representations of humanoid anime characters, not CDs or shirts or books. :|
+ so, i've never really bothered to add much of that stuff
+ maybe someday though
+ but I own a lot of doujin goods, and when the "goods" was first introduced, I added some and they were not allowed, which bothered me A LOT because doujin GKs are allowed. :|
+ that's really disgusting to me.

What is the difference? First, the difference between normal goods and and "official" goods. Just because it's made by a big company, it's allowed? And because it's made by some fans and their little group it isn't? Cospa and the like, of course, it's licensed, but what about fan made GK? What is the difference there? They aren't licensed. The people who made the anime or whatever give a temporary license, so the item can be sold at the event, but that's the same for anything, be it a fanmade GK, book, character good, whatever. It's disgustingly unfair. :( It also means I won't ever have all my stuff on here.


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