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I've been collecting for about 5-6 years, and I've cosplayed on and off for almost 6-7.

To those who are curious, this is a list of all the anime I've watched / manga I've read: myanimelist.net...
Samurai 7, Black Lagoon, JJBA, Steins;Gate, Psycho-Pass, KILL la KILL, sports anime etc.
Dogs, Hellsing, Gantz, Black Lagoon, JJBA, Gangsta., etc.
Otome games, Touken Ranbu, Borderlands, etc.
Shiny Toy Guns, Any Metal or Psychobilly, Classical Music

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Happy Birthday !! :D
3 years ago
Materine (4 years ago) #1653975Thank you~!

You're welcome ^^~ Hope you had a good one <3
4 years ago
Happy Birthday! ^.^~
4 years ago
Materine (4 years ago) #1502068HRM? Pity, I don't use it.
Oh poo. I thought it was the dumbest shit ever at first, but now I'm hooked on it!
4 years ago
Materine (4 years ago) #1501647LOL YO.

This is also my Twitter handle too, if you're into that sort of thins. I have all kinds of weirdos and NEETs following me!
4 years ago
Hey there NEET, its your weirdo buddy from Maiotaku :3
4 years ago
Happy Bday! ^^
5 years ago
MaterineLOL That would be awesome.

Well, I know it can't be this weekend since I have a doctor's appointment and the weekend after they have a craft show. UGH . . . . I want to meet up at least once before Acen. Anyway, I'll try to make something work.

I know, especially if it was an extra Homura huh? xD Well I can hang out on weekdays too, but I'm not sure if you can or not since you got school...
5 years ago
MaterineWOW, you have so many figures preordered~

When do you have a free weekend? I want to hang out.

I KNOW xD I saw that the Madoka Magica nendoroid petit set was back in stock for orders and I couldn't resist...btw, it says that it's possible I might get double figures in the set or something like that, so if for some reason I end up with one I'll give one to you :D

Pretty much any weekend I have is free~
5 years ago
MaterineI shall~ The headpiece thing is the hardest part so far. I'm already redoing it . . . .
I gotz the undershirt done for the most part and I'm almost done with the vest and skirt. It is annoying having to resize everything. I lost alot of weight apparently.

I got lucky actually and found a fake headset at a Halloween shop, it even has the little microphone thingy on it too. I just gotta add the fuzzy earmuff things to it next.

Taking away fabric is much easier than adding more if you look at it that way! xD Good job~ I lost a little more than 10 lbs. I swear it was that school food that made me gain so much weight I knew I shouldn't have eaten that crap lol
6 years ago
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