MathayuzMathayuz Row Row Eiffel Tower!!


Basically a collector of:
-Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann Universe
-Mecha Musumes
...for now.

Completing my 1st grand objective (Full TTGL revoltechs collections)and in campain of geting the full mecha set of GaoGaiGar.
I'm in the serch for more and new "mecha/Sci fi" series to watch and love.

But even saying this, I'm a huge fan of stoyrs in gral (shoujo, shonnen, sentai, ecchi/hentai even [Dr. P is amazingly funny] ) so...yeah. That.


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figma mecha_musume revoltech nendoroid kaiyodo max_factory good_smile_company bandai gurren konami dead_master enki enkidu lazengann nia_teppelin t34/76 asai_(apsy)_masaki black_★_rock_shooter abe_masato...figma revoltech kaiyodo max_factory suzumiya_haruhi suzumiya_haruhi_no_yuuutsu enki asai_(apsy)_masaki tengen_toppa_gurren-lagann yamaguchi_katsuhisa

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alpaca good_smile_company phat_company black_★_rock_shooterfigma kotobukiya nendoroid max_factory good_smile_company takara_miyuki yoshi chara-ani lucky☆star shigure_asa shuffle! phat_company tantei_opera_milky_holmes nendoron katou_gaku asai_(apsy)_masaki itou_...

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