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Just a college guy collecting figures. Not much more than that.

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01 month agoTraumaticSherryTraumaticSherry Eustass Kid Loyalist⚓
Mauxjedi (1 month ago) #19903958Yeah, I always enjoyed using X in MvC3, glad he's coming back! It's kind of sad that she's not coming back, and it looks like Hsien-ko is being left out too. But there are some other pretty cool characters in the "leaked" roster (not sure if it's real), so I'll be looking forward to the game all the same!

Ugh no way. Hsien Ko is my second fav :/
01 month agoTraumaticSherryTraumaticSherry Eustass Kid Loyalist⚓
Mauxjedi (1 month ago) #19902734She's a really fun character! I love the mixing of cute and chaotic. I'll admit that I know her mostly from Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, and playing Vampire Savior came later after I already was familiar with her.

I honestly wish she'd come back tbh in the new MVC. At least Megaman will be in it though ; u ;
11 month agoTraumaticSherryTraumaticSherry Eustass Kid Loyalist⚓
I almost forgot, I was happy to see you like Bulleta too. She is legit my favorite aside Princess Daisy
11 month agoTraumaticSherryTraumaticSherry Eustass Kid Loyalist⚓
You and Sonicmonkey joining my group suddenly when I didn't expect it gave me hope that maybe I could make something useful and made me change my mind about ditching it. So thanks for that
08 months agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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