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Currently obsessed with awesome statue figures and equally awesome gundam models.

I love Lynn Minmay, Sheryl Nome, all the heroines from Evangelion, and all 2D girls who deserve my love and more. Aaand... that does not mean that I don't like guy characters. I do indeed love some true badass guys from some anime.

Ikari Shinji is my waifu. (No, I don't really consider him badass.)


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akatsuki macross_frontier banpresto bandai sheryl_nome ichiban_kuji alpha_x_omega macross_frontier_the_movie_~sayonara_no_tsubasa~ ichiban_kuji_premium_macross_f_~utahime_collection~_second_stage half_ag...akatsuki macross_frontier sheryl_nome alpha_x_omega

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yamato sexy rei evangelion shunya ayanami_rei yamashita_shunya shin_seiki_evangelion yoshizawa_mitsumasayamato tsukasa_jun tsukasa_bullet g.o. compact_hog

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