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02 years agoDeadlyAnimeDeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
02 years agoTaigaSuzumiyaTaigaSuzumiya
Happy Birthday~!!!

Enjoy this day~!
03 years agoLingjLingj
Sup! Never mentioned but nice collection! I just started mine but hopefully it'll be like yours eventually. I'm going to be visiting Japan in June so if you're looking for something let me know :)
04 years agorisehanamurarisehanamura
thanks!! ahhh your collection is really impressive!!!MechaMarin (4 years ago) #1300063Suppppp WELCOME :D
04 years agorisehanamurarisehanamura
thanks for the add~! :D

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