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013 days agoCicielyCiciely
MelKeigo (14 days ago) #26622588I`m so sorry for the late reply!! It's been crazy here, I often open MFC but dont check notifications
I came rushing though after I heard about Las Vegas!! How are you doing?? Is everything ok?
Btw I downloaded discord, so I can add you and we can talk more often too!! <3

Don't worry! I'm alive and well. I was on the strip 2 days prior which is a scary thought but I live about 30ish mins from downtown. All my family & friends are safe as well, thanks for checking on me ❤!
Yay! My discord is Ciciely #8422.
I also see I missed your birthday?? Happy belated birthday!!
017 days agobrunodecastrobrunodecastro
MelKeigo (19 days ago) #26434919Feliz aniversário!!

Obrigado xDDDDD~
023 days agoMajikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin
MelKeigo (25 days ago) #26237321Hey!! How are you doing?? Happy birthday, dear!! All the best~~
I'm doing very well! Thank you for the birthday wishes :)
025 days agoMomoNoguikoMomoNoguiko
MelKeigo (26 days ago) #26182989Feliz aniversario!! (atrasado XP)

Antes tarde do que nunca, obrigada /o/ xD
01 month agoCicielyCiciely
MelKeigo (1 month ago) #25311938Ohh ok ok! I see!! That's cool too!! :DD do post some pics!! of how everything looks together XD
And about discord, I told you I've heard about it but I don't really know anyone (besides you) who uses it LOL
wHAT really?? they're very famous messaging apps! LINE is used a lot in Japan too, some manga even make reference to it LMAO and they have a bunch of stickers/emojis from Disney and animes too!! <33

I will as soon as I cool it on the ordering lmao!! I think the time to buy a 4th detolf case is fast approaching. Rearrange the room a bit. Living down the street from a vintage toy store is heaven and hell lol. I always wondered!! I've heard references before but I thought it was just made up. I might get one..

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