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I've been collecting figures for 4 years. As you can see from my collection, it is mostly Nendoroid. It started out innocently enough, I received the Kaname Madoka Nendoroid as a Christmas present. My collection has grown pretty steadily from there. My hobbies beyond figure collecting are: baking, crafts (card making, sewing, modeling clay...), watching anime, reading manga, playing video games.

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01 year agoPoisen-ParadisePoisen-Paradise
Your Welcome! thanks for accepting, your page is really cool!♥Mellonyan (1 year ago) #7205266Hello, thank you for the friend request! :)
01 year agocursedteacursedtea
Mellonyan (1 year ago) #4003798Really enjoyed reading your review of Nendoroid Akari! He looks really cute and looks like you can do some really creative poses. Thanks for sharing. :)

ty! i just... i actually just realized i didn't allow comments actually aha, sorry.
01 year agoOppaFaustusStyleOppaFaustusStyle
You're very welcome! ^_^ Mellonyan (1 year ago) #3595972Hello, thank you for the friend request!
01 year agoSeshiriaOtaku9SeshiriaOtaku9
You're welcome :3Thank you so much >u<

Mellonyan (1 year ago) #3522236Hello, thank you for the friend request. I see that you are a fellow nendoroid lover, that's quite a cute collection you have. :)
02 years agoYukimeYukime
Have you considered buying any prop sets for your Nendoroids? I wanted to get some but I haven't had the chance, also too some of them you have to paint yourself.

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