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Media collection is physical only (because I want my MFC to remain a visual collection) and majorly localized, but only if the localized version is pretty much the same thing as the japanese original. More in the spoilers on top! :D


☆non-japanese OWNED☆

☆non-japanese ORDERED☆

☆Various OWNED☆
View spoilerHide spoilerDisney: media, mugs, jewelry, clothes, furniture, etc. Disney is so integrated into my life that I struggle to draw a line between collectibles and everyday items.
Media: physical but non-japanese games and DVD/BD, downloaded games (Steam / 3DS Virtual Console, notable mentions: Ace Attorney 1-3 (HD Remake) + 5-6 w/ all DLCs, Zero Escape Virtue’s Last Reward, Hatoful Boyfriend + Holiday Star), very altered localized versions of DVD/BD of japanese origins.
Bonus from items: (mfc link)
Clothes and other everyday items: (mfc link)

☆Inofficial/Doujin OWNED☆

Garry dakimakura by SierraNHaynes, who also had an entry in the IMG artbook and gave me a copy for free! <3
I looked into things, but are (any of) these allowed in the DB? Help is appreciated!
Thanks to THESmidge for the idea and showing me how to do it! (and for saying I don’t need to credit LOL)

Background [ext link ]. Am I using one of your artworks without permission?
Sorry! I'm horrible with finding original sources. I'll remove it if you tell me to!

☆ Art made for me ☆

Black Magician Girl by Aruku
Monoyoshi by sarunamirabu
Ib by Rentorah
Thank you all so much! <33

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028 days agoKawaii-CookieKawaii-Cookie
Memyandi (1 month ago) #20095564Heya, ganz ganz dickes sorry für die verspätete Antwort 0___0 Aber das kann ich alles wirklich nur zurückgeben! Fand dich auch super sympathisch und hat echt Spaß gemacht sich so auszutauschen, ganz besonders natürlich als du von Japan erzählt hast ♥ wo sich dann ja sogar Max einbringen konnte haha! Oh ja, nach 8 Stunden Uni haben die jetzt auch wirklich alles gesehen haha aber war echt lustig das Hobby mal so in den Alltag zu bringen xD und umso schöner dass sie bei dir jetzt wieder ein Zuhause haben \^-^/ Danke dir auch für alles, und vielleicht sieht man sich ja mal wieder wenn man in der Gegend feiern ist oder so :D ♥

Ich muss mich auch entschuldigen, dass ich dir erst jetzt zurückschreibe^^" *ごめん*
Aww, dankeeee <3 Ich fand es, wie gesagt, auch toll mit euch einfach ein bisschen zu quatschen! Das hat wirklich viel Spaß gemacht :) Und über Japan musste ich einfach erzählen, ich hab damit glaube ich jeden zugequatscht, weil die Reise einfach so interessant und toll war :D
Genau, vielleicht sieht man sich ja nochmal so :) <3
01 month agoKawaii-CookieKawaii-Cookie
Hey duuu ^_^

Wollte mich nochmal bei dir melden! War ziemlich cool dich mal so in Natura kennenzulernen und mit dir zu Plaudern :) Warst super nett und sympathisch :) Und ganz lieben Dank nochmal für das Herschleppen der Figuren. Die sind jetzt bei mir gut aufgehoben <3 Hat mich gefreut!
01 month ago (1 month ago)neutralparadoxneutralparadox
Memyandi (3 months ago) #18557427View spoilerHide spoiler
obviously I mean bitch in a loving friendship way sorry I just have shit humor ilu
So yeah! I've really done it this time and I'm so incredibly sorry, especially after you stressed out because you were late with your reply, well this is certainly the sign that you do not need to do that haha, I feel even worse being so late with replies when the person I talk to does their best to get back to me asap and I just... can't. Problem was, the two weeks after you wrote, were the last two weeks of the Uni semester / before the exams, and I had to do three oral presentations that were a real pain in the ass because of the groups I had to work with or the teacher that didn't let me pass even though I did the most work because of a trivial thing and UGGH it's so frustrating to even talk about that even now, then there were three weeks of exams even though I only took 4 but 3 of those were super important (1 is from the subject I was kind of "sponsored" to do because I'm not supposed to be able to get into it and I technically don't have to be good in it but I have all these eyes on me; both the ones that helped me achieve this and the ones who didn't want me to, and I feel super pressured and like I absolutely can't fail, and as for the other 2 exams that were part of my other subject, 1 already counts as a high percentage for my final grade of that subject and the other one I failed last year and had to repeat it and there's only 3 chances, and I'm really unsure about all 3 but ironically the only one I already have results of is the super unimportant 4th exam lol), and the first 1-2 weeks of holidays I was super busy with socializing, wow I'm exhausted haha. Doesn't help that I'll be touring with my ballet perfomance and visit my friend at the other end of the country this month too so I can't even promise that I'll be faster to response now ;;;;; I'm really sorry things are so busy right now I certainly hate it too lmao. BUT, what about you? Anything exciting happening recently? =))
Ah but it's 5 hours for both ways, one way is 2.5 hours, ye? I'm sorry if I've phrased that confusingly ;; And it's not all train ride too, in fact it's bus to the train station -> 1st train -> change trains mid-way -> subway to the Uni, plus all the walking and waiting. I'm only actually riding the train for like 70-80 minutes and that still sounds like a lot but really, if you're used to it it really doesn't feel like it. That's probably why I don't even bother bringing my consoles or headphones with me anymore haha!
NO, IN FACT I DIDN'T ;A; I can't believe it myself but I neither made (much) progress on AAI2 nor SOJ DLCs. Emphasize on "much" because I've played both a little but certainly not enough to be worth talking about ;;;;; With that I do believe my holidays will help me get my shit together and progress because I don't have any money left for the clubs for March so the nights will belong to my lawyer friends lmao. Hope to give you updates soon!
I lost it at Evil Disney Queen. Really. Because, SO MUCH YES.
I agree wholeheartedly. Admittedly, I think the most intimidating villain for me was Kristoph and the one I hated the most Dahlia - in a good, I-want-to-bring-her-down-and-see-her-suffer way, not the she's-terribly-written-and-that's-sad-to-see-way, but that's nitpicking rn since I totally get your point. Can't agree more, it made me realize how much I loved the first games for their simplicity and uniqueness. Also, I suppose it doesn't help that I played nothing but AA since the first game until now in this ridiculously slow pace of mine - meaning I haven't played anything else myself since?? a year?? more??, and as much as I love the series which is the only reason I could even do that, I'm pretty sure it took some of the immersion ww. Though I'm pretty sure I would think the same about DD/SOJ, I'd just like them a little more probably, if they weren't in direct comparison to their prequels and I'd have had a break from the gameplay and characters to enjoy it more to be returning to them. But yeah, need to emphasize here that I too think both of these games have these issues but SOJ is WAY worse.
I agree Dhurke isn't a great character.
Nah but really, I totally see your point and I agree that he was written to be liked and cried over and I didn't expect him to live at any point - I didn't call the plottwist at all and it really got me, but that's probably because I already felt like a smartass for expecting him to die in some way (in court/revolution outside/taking a bullet for Apollo/someone etc), so I felt like I was one step ahead of the game until the plottwist revealed that they were yet another step ahead of me. But anyway back to Dhurke's character, yes he was written to be loved *fast* lol, but in all honesty, that simply worked for me? Dads are always welcome and still a character way too rarely presented in entertainment media. I enjoyed every second of dialogue with him, so those... 2 hours maybe? of that were enough to get me attached, despite expecting him to die, and also to still get surprised and caught off-guard to add emotion and shock to what I was expecting from the start made the moment more memorable to me. That sudden realization and shiver down my spine... I can only name so many moments in AA where I felt that, not even in every game, but that moment in SOJ at least had that. At least for me. But I agree, it was a shit case/game nonetheless lol.
Ye I take back about half of my rage after learning the background story ofc haha so please know I'm back to my calm professional critical opinion LOLOLOLOL as to why she's a bad character pwahaha.
And Pearl, my beautiful daughter baby princess *A* Really she CAN'T get more precious than with these art skills, I just love her so much owo. I liked Armie too though, I just sadly was completely spoilered about her and I think I would've enjoyed the surprise of her appearance when the dialogues were setting her player up to believe she's a young adult boy more but still, the ending to her story was so adorable and bittersweet!
Oh my God, those 2 cases in JfA where it's Mia vs Dahlia (at least that's what they felt like lol)? Loved them, totally because they were just two incredibly intelligent ladies in a battle of wits. I would love to experience that again. I'd love to see Athena against Franziska (seriously where is the princess) since they both lose their temper so easily, it'd be hilarious especially with Simon and Edgeworth at their sides aka the supposedly calm and collected adults that are nothing but afraid of their little girls' rage at one point. But yes for Trucy and Ema, more focus on the girls in general! It really surprises me how much I like almost every major female character in AA so there's never enough of that! :>
Thank you! owo And oki, yes please do let me know <3
That's it from me for now, once I've made progress on any of the games I'll just let you know unless you've already replied before then and as I know you that'll probably be the case lol. That's why I want to apologize again for taking so long! You deserve better orz ;;
Heyyy, I'm just going to send those gifs right back your way, haha. Surprise, I'm not dead!

You absolutely don't have to explain yourself, I understand completely! I'm pretty busy with stuff now myself, and haven't had the energy at all to even log into MFC, I meant to write back weeks ago but things have always gotten in the way :<<
You certainly sound like you have a busy life too though lol. It's been a while, but how are things now and is uni still killing you?

Nothing exciting going on in my life except a ton of stress, but I managed to get through the last Zero Escape game at least and... well. Don't know if you've played ZE (and if you haven't, I recommend them!) but these games are even worse than AA when it comes to the writers trying and failing miserably do outdo themselves by raising the stakes. The first game had a fantastic twist at the end, the second tried to outdo that by having a million twists that just seemed unbelievable and the third game... yeah, I don't even know where to begin. It's more about the journey than the destination when it comes to Zero Escape lol

Oh, then I understand! I was getting worried there, omg. :s
I could probably never live my life like that, I would only get completely restless by the waiting and feel like going for a run :p I only have a 15 minute bus ride each way though.

Haven't you played anything else for a year...???? You know, I love AA and would love to have enough games for a year, but... a year? Oh sweet jesus D:
With AA I took a pretty long break before starting AJ, and that was probably a good idea because the trilogy ended in such a good way. If I had gone on to AJ at once, I probably would have been completely disappointed with the whole series for continuing when it ended so perfectly. Not to say that I'm not glad it's still around, I think I prefer post-trilogy in general because of the new characters, but still.

I understand where you come from, people in general seem to agree that DD is complete crap and I actually agree with pretty much all arguments why, but it's still my favorite game because it got me caring for the characters that much. So when Dhurke has the same effect on pretty much everyone, I don't have much to object to because I'm completely the same lol

And hey, sorry for taking so long myself!! :< You definitely deserve better too! <3 And Happy Easter!
01 month agoPahsminaPahsmina
It's been an awfully long while since we talked, but I hope you are fine and Happy Easter dear!! (*‘∀‘)
01 month agoShindoWShindoW
Memyandi (1 month ago) #19472363Ahaha, I see! IKR?? Sometimes it's so irritating to me that SO much of the Digimon/tri. stuff is missing, I mean, Digimon Adventure is pretty popular and tri. and its merch are still being announced and releasing like crazy, so you'd think there'd be some people that cared, and yet every day I see more items of long-dead franchises or ones I've never heard of being added to the DB. I've already made a list that I think covers about everything, but it's going to take me weeks seeing as it's 500+ items lol. Surely would have helped to have started with the first movie in 2015 so it wouldn't be this much at once now haha! :D

Well if you need help, I wouldn't mind adding Yamatos stuff myself. I need at least one entry per type of item because I always get something wrong and mfc yells at me XD

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