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Media is physical only. Including localized/translated releases of manga and games for organization purposes, but no other types of books, video or music - those are the actual Japanese release.  .。.:*☆


Thank you if you ever sold something to or bought/took over preorders for something from me! ˙˚ʚ(´◡`)ɞ˚˙
There have been some pretty tight cases and you'd all deserve a shoutout. All of you have been a huge help!
[ext link ]

☆・° Every week after ballet training, Lopmon is who I aspire to be but Terriermon is who I am °・☆

ღ Want ԅ(´ڡ`ԅ)
View spoilerHide spoilerRandomCloseYuugiou DM - Native - Black Magician Girl
Yuugiou DM - Volks Dollfie Dream - Black Magician Girl
Yuugiou DM - Good Smile Company - Re-release of the dragons
Pokémon Black & White - Kotobukiya - N
Yowamushi Pedal - any company - 2+ characters per figure in a shippy manner (90% of all ships would work)
Madoka★Magica - any company - Ballerina Madoka
Undertale - any company - Mettaton EX

DigimonCloseSora, Koushirou & Jou w/ Adult or Perfect partner
Omegamon scale in a dynamic pose w/ the boys on the shoulders (like on item #329239)
Wallace w/ Gummymon/Terriermon + Chocomon/Lopmon
Archnemon + Mummymon human ver.
Ken (young) w/ Osamu
Oikawa w/ lots of Baby Digimon and white butterflies
Kouji w/ Kouichi (overkill: "broken wings"-themed (Kouichi's character song and an obvious reference to his false B-Spirit))
Any figure depicting a memorable scene

(+ unlimited more that I didn't think of lol)

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03 days ago (3 days ago)PahsminaPahsmina
Memyandi (5 days ago) #25980262
Have some beautiful flowers from some beautiful baby boys! ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈♡)
(If you'd prefer this over facebook then by all means let me know for next year bc I don't want to spam you on here lmao)

and no worries, I'm super okay with getting happy birthdays here! :)
113 days agopurinbunpurinbun
Happy birthday, darling! (*´ω`*) Hope you had a good one~!
114 days agoPahsminaPahsmina
11 month agoPahsminaPahsmina
Hello my dear, I hope you are fine! <3
03 months agoLunarSkyeLunarSkye
Memyandi (5 months ago) #19461068View spoilerHide spoilerMy friend I know the classics at least
Those memes were so dank I- I-i-i- think I-
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I'm sorry you're so broke lol I hope the trip was enjoyable nonetheless...? And maybe that you bought sth nice it just wasn't loot-blog-worthy? :D
Omg I'm the same on everything. Well so basically, at the beginning of last year I thought/learned that I would only get student's financial aid (which is my entire income) until Oct '16, but I found a loophole and could delay that until this year's October but there's no way around that now. So this time last year, I was still thinking I wouldn't get any more money starting October, and I'm in the same mindset right now too. But the way I go about that has completely changed? Last year I was buying figures like crazy at this time so I could finish my wishlist before I can't anymore etc etc; and now, I'm selling a bunch, preorder almost nothing at all, and I've written down other life goals for me on the Word document where I track my orders so they pop up first before I can even look at anything animu I spent money on. Life goals being 90% a nice apartment btw haha but there's so much to think of - I need furniture, I want to be able to pay a few months' rents from savings in case I don't get a job quickly, and I want to be able to care for pets that should never have to suffer bc I wasted money on something, then or in the past. But yeah so I have no money anymore soon-ish too but my interests have definitely changed, in both anime and figure collecting, and AGREE ON USER DRAMA i feel like MFC has changed a lot too and for the worse tbh. No-money is probably the least important reason for me to no longer like this site or hobby because I would be fine with talking about figures etc even with a smaller collection but the decrease of interest with increase of users and their contributions of any kind I don't like made my take a huge step back from it all.
Ay thanks for the suggestions! I think the one that caught my eye the most is Yumeiro Cast but I'll look up them all *^* Still two more weeks of vacation that's a helluva lot time left! *^*
Also i'm sorry MFC fucked you over there, personally I always type super long messages in a Word document and save it first so that doesn't happen, maybe that's helpful advice to you? ;; :D


So yes the past 2 or 3 weeks have been p crazy since finals week and all that. But it's all done now! Never mind the fact that I probably bombed my math final the year is over and there's no use fretting about the past aha... ha...

More choir updates! No one gets sick of those, right?!
So there's this thing in my school's choir that's basically like the student council but only for choir and with less power than the actual student council. I applied for a VP position and got in! Next year choir is gonna be hella LIT
Although maybe it wasn't a good idea to apply since now I'll actually have responsibilities and duties and work orz

I'm still broke as balls but I did manage to get some nice things from the trip! Not loot blog worthy per se, but I got some p cool things, most notably the very long Persona 5 OST and the very long Persona 5 art book because ahaha...
But now I can't just go off and buy a whole mess of stuff anymore since I'll be in Saving Mode™ to prepare to pay for Stars Bless You Sakura in August

Yeah I've gotten pretty out of figure collecting as of late. I guess I've mostly been spending most of my money on mobage? Whoops maybe it's better to spend money on physical merch than digital stuff lol
Recently I've been on the hunt for a part-time job though and it's a struggle™ since nowhere close enough is hiring really. I got super close to landing a job with a new donut store that just opened up last month but I called them and they said, and I quote, "We already have enough people working right now... But we'll keep your application on hand. Just the fact that you called about it says something good about your character." I know I should take that as a potentially good thing but I feel like it's just a polite way of saying "Yeah, no. You're not hired and we're forgetting about your application" lol

If you need anything else on mobage you should totally hmu because I'm way waaaayy deeper into mobage hell than I should be

Also I've been wondering about this for a while, but do you have something like LINE or Discord that we could use to chat? I like our long back-and-forth messages since it feels like we're pen-pals but sometimes I find myself too busy/lazy to reply in one huge thing lol

im sorry i didnt take your "long message typing" advice because i accidentally exited out of the mfc tab and had to write those first 2 paragraphs again i

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ღ Art made for me

Monoyoshi by sarunamirabu
Ib by Rentorah
Black Magician Girl (+ Ib) by Aruku
Thank you all so, so much! <33