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I like girls, games, Japanese media and Touhou. I take pictures of things I like. Also have a blog.


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07 days agoHarukaHaruno1991HarukaHaruno1991
Happy Birthday miette-chan:-)
07 months agoHarukaHaruno1991HarukaHaruno1991
Miette-chan (7 months ago) #9418809I am! :D
Just calling myself boring for going with the most typical pairing.

ah understand what you mean now. xDD
07 months agoHarukaHaruno1991HarukaHaruno1991
Miette-chan (7 months ago) #9408530I'm a boring Nico X Maki kind of guy.

what you mean with the text ? im little bit confused....are you nico maki fan ?
07 months agoHarukaHaruno1991HarukaHaruno1991
are your favoritepair nozo nico ? xD
09 months agokristo_81kristo_81
Oh hi there!! Thanks for the FR! Always love your shots!

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