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Collector of games and figures, I love collecting game consoles! There is something about them that I just like, I guess cause they give me less trouble than PC's. XD
Also is a big sucker for collector editions of games, love JRPG's and such.

Right now I am trying to focus my collection on TYPE-MOON and specifically Saber.
Cause Saber is my waifu :P

I don't accept random friend requests from strangers. But please drop me a comment and talk then maybe.

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01 year agosetsunyansetsunyan
Migon (1 year ago) #2529313jag trodde det också! jävla udda. :/

Nu är vi definitivt det i alla fall ^q^
01 year agosetsunyansetsunyan
Migon (1 year ago) #2529308Why we no friends on MFC?! :P
(easier for stalking then. ;3)

Eeeh maji!?? Vi var inte redan???
02 years agoPahsminaPahsmina
Migon (2 years ago) #2146178Du borde låna ND's konto när han inte ser och lägga till den i hans favoriter. :D
Alla borde ha den i sina favoriter, bästa karaktären ju.
02 years agoPahsminaPahsmina
Migon (2 years ago) #2146105Jag kände att ND behövdes påminnas om lite helt enkelt. :3
Den finns ju till och med på MFC encyclopedia #58266
02 years agoPahsminaPahsmina
Noein-Disgaea (2 years ago) #2145513...

Migon jag älskar dig för detta.

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