MisstawniiMisstawnii I love figures. :)


I am a third year games design student, and i am an avid collector of anime and gaming figures.

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04 years agoSophira-LouSophira-Lou
MisstawniiWoo! Hey Soph!! :D
Woooh thanks for the invite :)
04 years agoDynamiteDynamite
Welcome to the board! :)

Enjoy your stay.
04 years agoVaetturVaettur
MisstawniiThanks, I've been a collector for a few years now. Adding all my figures to this is giving me something to do. xD
You have some lovely figures yourself. :)
Thanks! I want to buy more but at the moment i got some serious space problems. My shelves are full! D:
04 years agoVaetturVaettur
MisstawniiThank you. :3No problem! You got a nice collection goign on there. :]
04 years agobredoman123bredoman123
Welcome to the board! (*^▽^*)

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