MitsunaMitsuna Little Busters Saikou!真っ白なシャツで飛び込もう!



ソニック ザ ヘッジホッグとマザー2とラチェット&クランクが大好きです!!そして、Key/Visual Art'sが大好きで、一番好きなビジュアルノベルはリトルバスターズだ!リトルバスターズ最高!サガプラと他のゲームも好きです。音楽が大好きですから、一番好きな歌手たちはLiaと理多とCeuiとAnnabelと多田葵と霜月はるかなんです。ワンオクロックも大好き!

Hello! I am a 15 year old figure collector from the UK, I love video games, and I love Key Visual/Art's, Saga Planets, Sonic the Hedgehog, Ratchet and Clank and Mother 2. I'm a huge fan of eroge, and I hope to build up my collection of eroge games and merchandise. My favourite Key visual novel is Little Busters! I really love eroge, Saga Planets and Palette are two of my favourite companies. I am really quiet but I love this hobby because it helps to make me feel happier. I want to focus my collection on only visual novel items from the video games that I like. I can speak Japanese, and I also draw ^o^

I make reviews and unboxings of my figures and merchandise on my YouTube channel:

My favourite Sonic game is Sonic Unleashed

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07 hours agoBenny-Benny-
Mitsuna (18 hours ago) #19375547It's definitely my favourite! Out of all of the Zelda designs over the years I really love the BoTW design the most :3
Ahh I'm so glad to hear that! Let me know how it goes, using a proxy and/or shopping service is really easy and once you have used it for the first time you will know how to use it for anything else you would like to buy form here on out :D
I agree, but at the same time VNs sometimes are perceived the wrong way because of this. For example, Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete is a great visual novel and the few non-Japanese fans who have played it agrree. However, a couple of years back it got a poorly adapted anime and the people who watched it mostly had no clue as to what the original VN was and they just immediately said in reviews and such that it was really bad. Even though it was merely the anime adaptation itself that was bad. Ahh oh well, those are the ones who are silly for not realising that XD
Ahh she looks so beautiful! I hope you can get some merchandise, I'd really like to draw her now that you've shown me her design :D

It's a little weird seeing her not in a dress, but it's cool they're trying different things! I think my favorite design of Zelda is Skyward Sword. It's a kinda funny though, 'cause I used to hate that one, haha! I think Twilight Princess Zelda is really pretty too.

Okay! I'm hoping it goes well, 'cause then I can other Little Busters! and Vocaloid goods! Do you know what types of goods have fakes and which ones don't? I don't know much about goods since I've never really bought any.

Oh, I never even thought of that. I don't think I've seen very many visual novels that got an anime though, haha! But you're right, you shouldn't decide the visual novel's bad if all you've seen is the anime.

Yeah, it's sooo pretty! I've liked all the special Miku things for 2017! (Racing Miku, Snow Miku, and Magical Mirai Miku.) I wonder when they're gonna start the 2018 Snow Miku thing. I wonder what the theme will be this time. And you should definitely draw her if you want! I really like your art, so I think it would look really great!
01 day ago (1 day ago)Benny-Benny-
Mitsuna (1 day ago) #19350448I definitely want to! I finally came up with an idea that I really like, I'd like to try making a custom Dollfie of Princess Zelda's design in Breath of the Wild ^o^
Ah, so once you have put in the link of the page it is on and the title of the item copied from the page, you should not need to put anything in the comment box for this item, as it is just a tapestry and there is only one type on the page. If you were buying something like clothing or something with multiple sizes, then you would use the comment box to indicate which you wanted :D so you can just leave it blank.
I think the same way, most of my favourite visual novels and VN companies are completely overlooked and will never get to be animated in any way at all. It's really nice to have both for most Key games.

Oh, I think that would look really great! Is that your favorite design of Zelda?

Ah, okay. Thank you very much! I ordered it, and I'm excited to see how it goes! Thank you for all of your help!

Yeah, it really is too bad. It'd be nice to have animes of a lot of them, then you could just start with that. It'd also be nice for people that don't read visual novels but are still interested to see what they're about.

I saw the Magical Mirai 2017 Miku design yesterday, and oh my gosh it's so pretty! I really want something of it. I don't even care if it's just a rubber strap! (The only thing I wouldn't really want is a Garage Kit, 'cause I suck at painting, haha!) Here's the design in case you haven't seen it yet. View spoilerHide spoiler
02 days agoBenny-Benny-
Mitsuna (2 days ago) #19310796Ahh sorry for the late reply ^^
Yeah definitely, and I agree. It's important to always keep them in mind :D I'm so so happy to hear that LB has helped you ^o^
Most BJDs of that size tend to cost that or more, depending on what they are, I think it's worth it though :3 I definitely want to start my first custom one this year :D
No problem! Ask as many questions as you like!
For Chara Ani you have to use the shopping service, so you put the link and title of the item in the shopping service page on FromJapan if that is what you are using.
I will explain in a bit more detail, let me know what it is you would like to do and I can walk you through it ^o^
Yeah the anime left out quite a bit, since it was so detailed they couldn't fit in everything ^^

No worries!
Thanks! Me too!

I bet you'll be able to star you first one this year! Do you have any idea yet of how you want it to look?

Ah, thank you! The main question I have is what to put it the comment box. After I put the link in it seemed pretty straightforward except for the comment box, haha!

It makes sense, but it's still a little sad, haha! But in the long run I'm glad it even got to be made into an anime!
013 days ago (12 days ago)Benny-Benny-
Mitsuna (13 days ago) #19037207I think so too! I'm looking forward to seeing the fully coloured versions of the tapestries.
You really are, even if you don't notice yourself. Plus it really makes me so happy to see you enjoying Little Busters so much and understanding it so well, being able to take that away from it is really special ^o^
Ahh yes she pops up on there every so often which is promising. Whilst she can cost quite a lot I hope to get her someday! Sometimes she pops up for less than her usual 200,000 yen mark, so hopefully :D
Ah, so the way DDs and BJDs work is you can get base bodies and heads and parts, either as optional parts for a doll you already have or if you are planning to do a custom one. Usually Dollfie Dreams of characters or of Volks' original characters cost around 60,000 yen on pre-order, if you win the lottery to order one. Once on the after market that's when they start costing around 100,000 yen or so, so it's always good when you are able to buy one on release if it's a character, or if you are making a custom one you buy the base head and body and any other parts. Which then comes up to about 60,000 to 70,000 yen together for parts, so the same price as buying a character one new pretty much ^o^
Yep that's them! They are really really good, and have great shipping prices I think.
They're really easy to use to bid on Yahoo Japan auctions with :3
As for Riki helping the other characters, it was not in the real world ^o^ which explains Kurugaya's route
Ahh if I really had to pick then Mio would be my favourite, although I love all of the Little Busters equally ^o^ Her route is really deep and very well written.
Yeah, but I'm glad we get to talk on here like this! It's really fun ^o^
Ahhh I have that figure too, she is so lovely! You will really like her, let me know when she arrives :D

I think the tapestry looks great now, so it can only look better in color!

Well thank you! The things that helped me the most are just little things honestly. Like when Kyousuke said "I think that if you decide to do something you should take it seriously." That made me want to try harder with things that I've decided to do. (Although I haven't that much yet, but I still remember it a lot.) When Komari said that even after she cries she'll be able to smile again. When Riki was trying to get to Mio in the water and said that he was just gonna keep moving forward even if it's just a little bit, and finally "Alright!" See, they're just all little things that they said, but they've all made me think differently, and I'm really happy about that!

I thought 120,000 was a lot! But her normal price is 200,000? Wow, that's a lot!
Ah, okay. I was gonna say I thought it was weird that they go up in price once you have to get one pre-owned, but then I realized that you said you have to win a auction, and then it all made sense. I like the Miku one, but I think it would be a lot more fun to make up your own!

Ah, yay! There's only one of the tapestry one there for a good price, but the person selling it only has 3.7 stars. [ext link ] Is that good, or should I just put in the link to the chara-ani one? And if so, what information should go in the comment box? (Sorry, I know I'm asking a lot of questions.)

Ah, okay. That's what I though, thank you!
My younger brother's only seen the anime, but he says Mio's probably his favorite!
I love everyone too, but my favorites are Kyousuke and Komari!
And I think Mio's route was really well written too! I'm still just so amazed by how they took out the most important parts though!

Yes, I think it's really fun too!

I'm so glad I'm finally gonna get her! And I'll be sure to tell you when she gets here!
015 days ago (15 days ago)Benny-Benny-
Mitsuna (15 days ago) #18967108Ahh it's fine, but yeah definitely!
Thank you!
The 9 Nine items were finally added to the database, so here are the pre-order bonuses that will be coming with my copy:
Dakimakura: item #557363
Shikishi: item #557368
Tapestry: item #557367
I think I will get another pillow at some point but for now I will just change it ^o^
Yeah I really agree, you have a really good and positive mindset. That will take you really far :D It's really helped to inspire me too, so thank you!
Ahh yes :D They're so pretty, and definitely! It's so nice to hear about how happy it made you, I am really looking forward to earning some of my own money and buy myself a dollfie and BJDs :D
That's so cool! I bet it made you so happy to buy a figure with money you have earned.
Well I would love to have the Kudryavka Mini Dollfie, but it's very rare. I would love Sinon, or just a blank one that I would customise from the start.
Ah right! Well there should be no fake tapestries of these Rewrite ones as it's not too popular or anything, and tapestries rarely get bootlegged. Plus it's from Chara-Ani's store itself so it's 100% safe.
My proxy is FromJapan, I highly recommend them! They have a bidding service and a shopping service, so here you would use the shopping service. If you need any help then I will more than happily explain how to navigate their site and order something from a Japanese site.
Ahh awesome! I am so so happy to hear that! Refrain is so emotional, you will love it! It's honestly just so life-changing.
Riki helps out each girl, but through repeating the world. Although it's not Riki controlling that.
Ahhhh that scene! Gosh I remember playing Refrain so late at night and it was just such a surreal experience. I really look forward to hearing what you have to say about it! I really really appreciate and enjoy being able to talk about Little Busters like this with someone my own age especially.
Look forward to it! It's an amazing experience ^o^

Oh, wow! Those are nice! The art looks really great!
Ah, okay.

I don't really think I'm that positive, haha! But thank you! If I seem really positive, then it's thanks to Little Busters! I think. But if I was able to inspire you, then I'm glad!

Yeah, it's a really nice feeling when you earn it yourself!
I've seen the Kud one on Mandarake a lot. They're really expensive though. Like over $1000! It's crazy! And I thought they were normally expensive! A plain one wouldn't be a bad idea though, since you want to customize them anyway! Are the plain ones cheaper?

Oh, okay. That's good, thank you! Bootlegs are such a pain, so it's nice when you don't have to worry about them! Ah, thank you! Is this it? [ext link ] And if it is, do you just order straight off that site? I just looked, and there are a ton of the tapestry he wants on there. They're all from Yahoo Japan.

I already love Refrain and I'm not that far into it yet! XD
Ah, okay. But he doesn't help them in the real world, right? Since Kyousuke keeps starting over.
I wasn't expecting Masato to swear, haha! I'm not really surprised, I just wasn't expecting it, since there hasn't been that much. XD
Oh, and I forgot to say that playing Mio's route made me like her a lot more!
Me too! It's too bad we don't live closer to each other.

And today Amiami had item #68. I'm really wanted her, so I'm really excited!

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