MitsunaMitsuna Little Busters Saikou!真っ白なシャツで飛び込もう!



ソニック ザ ヘッジホッグとマザー2とラチェット&クランクが大好きです!!そして、Key/Visual Art'sが大好きで、一番好きなビジュアルノベルはリトルバスターズだ!リトルバスターズ最高!サガプラと他のゲームも好きです。音楽が大好きですから、一番好きな歌手たちはLiaと理多とCeuiとAnnabelと多田葵と霜月はるかなんです。ワンオクロックも大好き!

Hello! I am a 15 year old figure collector from the UK, I love video games, and I love Key Visual/Art's, Saga Planets, Sonic the Hedgehog, Ratchet and Clank and Mother 2. I'm a huge fan of eroge, and I hope to build up my collection of eroge games and merchandise. My favourite Key visual novel is Little Busters! I really love eroge, Saga Planets and Palette are two of my favourite companies. I am really quiet but I love this hobby because it helps to make me feel happier. I want to focus my collection on only visual novel items from the video games that I like. I can speak Japanese, and I also draw ^o^

I make reviews and unboxings of my figures and merchandise on my YouTube channel:

My favourite Sonic game is Sonic Unleashed

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01 day agoBenny-Benny-
Mitsuna (2 days ago) #21456598Thank you, and I definitely agree! I still have so much to learn about them too, and I'm hoping that I will also a learn more about them as I grow older, since I became interested in Key at about age 12 XD
When something is greenlit for steam it refers to the fact that it has been voted yes enough times on the green light page on Steam, that it is given the final go ahead for the project.
I have bought CDs from them, the first time I ever used them was actually for a signed Little Busters radio CD ^o^ Shipping is not too much in my opinion, but that differs from person to person ^^
Ahh that CD has such lovely art!!

I definitely think that you'll understand them better as you get older! Also the more times you play them the more you understand.
I was also around 12 when I first found out about Key! I didn't really get that interested in it until just recently though.

Oh, that's good then!

Oh, thank you! What Little Busters CD was it? I decided to buy the CD. I just want it so much, haha! And this CD's art really is amazing! That's one of the main reasons I want it so much! XD
05 days ago (3 days ago)Benny-Benny-
Mitsuna (9 days ago) #21207392I am very much into philosophy and such, but have not studied it a a school subject. All of the literature I read comes under that category though. It's wonderful that Key games have such thought into them ^o^
Nope not yet! It has been greenlit but that is all, you can come and join the rest of the Key community at if you'd like! It's the best place where all the Key fans outside of Japan know eachother and we discuss things and keep up with news :D I'm very shy but it is very fun reading everything!

Ah, okay. That's still cool though! I think it's really cool that Key games have so much thought put into them too! I not fully understand them yet, but it's great to know they put so much work and thought into them!

What does it mean when something is greenlit?
Ah, thank you! I made an account! [ext link ]

Oh, and have you bought any CDs using FromJapan? I really want item #216641. I think it's in stock here: [ext link ], but I don't know how much Fromjapan costs to ship CDs, and I'm afraid it's gonna be too much. I'd buy it form Amazon Japan, but they're out of stock.
010 days agoBenny-Benny-
Mitsuna (11 days ago) #21127371It's mostly based on more complex philosophical and psychological ideas, as Maeda Jun uses both of those in all of his work. It takes a lot to fully understand everything that he creates, and he studied psychology at university which is why his works are so full and in depth about such deep thoughts and being connected with others
I'm happy about it too :D
I bet you will love it! Hinoue Itaru's art was so pretty at the time, and the story is wonderful.

Oh, okay, that explains it a bit more. I didn't know he studied that though. Have you studied it at all to better understand the Key visual novels?

Is there anymore news yet as to when the English version of Little Busters is coming out? I'm not sure where to keep up with it. XD
012 days agoBenny-Benny-
Mitsuna (15 days ago) #20983474Ahh thank you so much! ;o;
Kind of, the best way to put it is that they were now strong enough to create a new reality where everyone does live :D
What was supposed to happen, was Kyousuke's fake repeating world ends and Riki and Rin are now strong enough to cope with the real reality of living in the real world without them, but instead they were even more strong enough to make a new reality altogether, one where they manage to save everyone ^o^
Ahhh awesome! I hope you enjoy it! The soundtrack is absolutely stunning and really is a work of art :D

You're welcome!

It doesn't really make sense on HOW they were able to make a new reality, but who cares! I'm just happy in the end everyone lives!

Thank you! I'm very excited to play it!
016 days agoBenny-Benny-
Mitsuna (17 days ago) #20928794Thank you!
The Pullip doll tea party went really really well! I have some pictures here: [ext link ]
As for the ending of Little Busters, it's pretty much what happened in the anime too. They made a world where they managed to save everyone ^o^
Also either way, Riki and Rin were the survivors, that was the whole point of Little Busters. Making them strong enough to deal with the reality that they must be left behind in. They would be alive either way, but they made a world where they saved everyone else anyway.

It looks really cool, and like you had a great time! And you're really pretty!

So, that means that everyone else really does die, and basically Riki and Rin are now living in a fake world where everyone else is alive even though they died in the real world? (I know I made it sound really mean/bad, but I don't know how to word it different. I'm happy everyone lives somehow, I just want to make sure I understand completely, sorry.)

And I started Clannad! I'm not really that far into it yet, but my older brother said it already makes him sad, and he was only listening to the music, haha!

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