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Key/Visual Art'sが大好きで、一番好きなビジュアルノベルはリトルバスターズだ!リトルバスターズ最高!サガプラと他のゲームも好きです。音楽が大好きですから、一番好きな歌手たちはLiaと理多とCeuiとAnnabelと多田葵と霜月はるかなんです。

Hello! I am a 16 year old figure collector from the UK, I love eroge and video games, particularly Key/Visual Arts and Saga Planets. I hope to build up my collection of eroge games and merchandise. My favourite Key visual novel is Little Busters! I am really quiet but I love this Little Busters very very much. I can speak Japanese, and I also like to draw ^o^

I make reviews and unboxings of my figures and merchandise on my YouTube channel:
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Mitsuna (3 months ago) #24750140Not really, it was just they only did three routes and never made the next 5 beats XD it was not well received so maybe that is why.
Sadly it ended up being a complete disappointment since they only made one 10th anniversary item which was a set of three small posters, and they were sold as VA Koubaibu items. This year's summer koubaibu items are very disappointing because Na-ga is the only artist left at Key, and he only drew two characters. One being Kud and one being the red eyed version of Tenshi, which is an incredibly strange choice.
I get new clothes sometimes but mostly I wear classical lolita from brands like Baby The Stars Shine Bright and Innocent World and such so I order it from Japan, and if not lolita I'll be wearing old 1930s style dresses. I wish that too, but I'm used to having to order everything these days because the UK does not sell what I want XD
Exactly! We think in such a similar way, I really hope the LB English Edition does well. It is my one chance to finally share my most favourite thing to people in the language that they speak, and I really want to finally have my turn to talk about myself for just once because usually I just listen to others. I really hope I can do that.
Well it is still following the main plot, of Riki and Kud falling in love and all that XD but just taking out most of the romance I am supposing and also the H scenes of course. It looks like they made all of the characters skin colour a lot more tan.
Yes! haha that is exactly what I said when the preview video first came out. I'll watch it for Kyousuke XD
And that is the actual background image from LB itself, but it is actually based on a real place so if you look it up you will find that same photo but taken in real life on the town it was based on :D

Aww, that's too bad. Even if it wasn't the best thing they've done, I'm sure there were many people that enjoyed it and wanted it to get finished.

Oh... I saw that little stand of Idol Komari and Saya. I'd really love to get that if I could! I'm guess it's event only though, and it won't be sold online?

Yeah, what's up with the Red eyed Tenshi?

Oh, wow. I don't think I'd be able to pull outfits like those off. xD They're really pretty though, so I see why you like them so much! I just wear T-Shirts, shorts, and knee socks all the time, so I'm still trying to get used to skirts and stuff. I got Haruka socks a few months ago though, and I love those so much!

Yeah, it seems so! I thought it was supposed to come out this month. What's the hold up? xD
Ah, I hope it works out too! I know it can be hard when you don't have anyone to talk about the stuff you love the most. My sister likes the same stuff I do for the most part, so that's helpful for me. I understand though, 'cause I was really excited to have made a friend at work, but I couldn't really talk about any of the things I loved without feeling like I was being judged. (We're not really friends anymore either.)
So I really hope you're able to talk about the stuff you love for a change!

Okay, I can understand taking out the H scenes and still being able to have the Riki and Kud falling in love plot. But if you take out most of the romance too, isn't that kinda taking the plot out? xD
Tan? That's a little weird, but okay.
Like, he didn't even really do anything in the trailer, but you could just tell he was being his usual idiot self!

Oh my gosh! I want to go there then! When I finally visit Japan, I'm gonna go there! I'll be closer to the Little Busters that way.

(Sorry for any mistakes. I wrote this on a notepad on my phone, and I'm really bad at writing on my phone. xD)
2 months ago
Mitsuna (4 months ago) #23368321Hey! How are things going??

Hey~! Long time no talk, I know. ._. I hope to catch up on your videos soon! ヾ(^∇^) A lot has changed within the last few months, but I'm doing well. I left my job this summer and although it was a terrifying decision to make at the time, I've found myself being genuinely more happy after the fact. There were so many things wrong there and it was really taking a toll on me physically and emotionally. Will has been incredibly supportive throughout the whole process thankfully and now I'm adjusting to having a new work schedule. It feels like a huge weight is off of my shoulders. (o˘◡˘o)

As for figure collecting, I feel totally out of the loop. I haven't kept up with anything in so long it feels like. Like I even missed the chance to preorder the recent Snow Miku this year. T^T Luckily, I was able to snag the nendo at Otakon this past weekend. I also just paid for the Stardust figure on Amiami and am really excited to get her. I think she kept getting delayed, so I eventually forgot about her after a while. ^^; Maybe I'll try to film a review on her when she comes in, since I have some free time again. My channel has been dead for so long, I would feel like a noob all over again lol.

How have you been and are there any figures you're excited for?
3 months ago
Mitsuna (3 months ago) #24253314Hello there! Aah your question made me so happy, I do not get to talk about SagaPla often.
My favourite Saga Planets VN is Karumaruka Circle, and currently I am really enjoying their latest one Floral Flowlove which came out last year. Saga Planets are a great company and I am so glad you want to play their games! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about them :D

Thanks for the recommendations! Floral Flowlove looks very promising and I think I'll pick it up next. I have to try Karumaruka sometime too!

Hehe, I totally get that feeling when you can talk about your rare hobbies/interests with someone :D
3 months ago
Hi there! May I ask what is your favourite Saga Planets VN? I have planned to play their VNs for years, but never got myself to actually do it. Now they have so many titles that I have no idea where to start @_@
3 months ago
Mitsuna (3 months ago) #23971773Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day :DThank you!
3 months ago
Mitsuna (4 months ago) #23365711Yeah that makes more sense :D
Angel Beats 1st beat isn't really different as such, but because it's a VN rather than the anime it has routes, which the anime could not show, but it was not done very well and who knows why they chose to try and do multiple games. It really does not look like they will be doing another five games. It's just not a very good game, story is not really there.
Ahh those are not the anniversary goods, those are just some new things. The anniversary merchandise will be revealed in the summer koubaibu later this month. Ahh yes I love that jacket, they show up frequently on Yahoo Japan Auctions but I still never bought one. I would love a new jacket even, or something clothing related XD
Yeah I really hope many many more people discover Little Busters, I'm sick of people not understanding or believing me when I try and talk about Key and Little Busters specifically, it's a work of art and one of the most beautiful and in-depth masterpieces. More people need to see that.
Yeah, Kud Wafter was ehhhhhhhhh except the music. Plus, they're going to be following an original story, so in actual fact they are not really adapting Kud Wafter XD but in the sketches they revealed one of the CGs was there. I have no idea what they mean, I think by 'original story" they mean everything from Kud Wafter except for the 18+ scenes. Kud Wafter was just a game of 18+ scenes, so when they take those away there will be nothing left XD
Suzuyu is singing some new music for it though so that's good :D

Oh, okay. It's nice they tried to do something with it. Too bad it didn't work they way they wanted it to. So does the 1st Beat just end on a cliff hanger?

Oh, yay! That means more stuff! I'm really excited to see it! Will they be selling they new stuff on sites like Amiami, or do you have to go to an event to buy the stuff?

Oh, they do? Are they cheaper on there? I have a hard time finding stuff on there. XD
Do you not get new clothes very often? I'm trying to start dressing differently, but it's hard 'cause American clothes are really ugly. I wish we had nice clothes like Japan does.

Yeah, it's really amazing! Even if people don't understand it complexly, it can still make you really happy and help you a lot too! I'd be happy with just that.

I was gonna say they'd have to do an original story, 'cause people would flip out if they put Riki and Kud together. I just watched the trailer though, and that doesn't seem to be the case though. Is the anime a "What if" story? I couldn't read anything, haha! Kyousuke's gonna be in it though, so that alone will make it great!

Is this real? pbs.twimg.com/m... It looks real, but that's not how life works, haha!
4 months ago
Mitsuna (4 months ago) #23010868That is an extremely uncommon thing. When anime is made, you need material to make the anime of. Original anime does not usually happen often at all unless by a huge company and they have a lot of time, but it is rare, anime is a form of adapting a novel or VN that already exists.
Angel Beats 1st Beat has nothing to do with the anime version, it was very different. There were meant to be 6 games, so there were only three routes in first beat, the project seems to have stopped for now anyways.
Ahh yes, Little Busters would make a great band. Kyousuke does mention it at the beginning haha XD
I'm super excited for part of the 10th Anniversary mission list being the summer Koubaibu goods this year, as there will mostly be new Little Busters goods.
Rewrite+ came out a while ago, it's Rewrite and Rewrite Harvest Festa on the same disc updated with new CGs. Sekai Project have taken it and are now working on an English release, but everyone is very very skeptical about Sekai Project being the ones picking it up, because most of us do not like Sekai. They aren't the best. That is why Little Busters is such a god-send, because Prototype are doing it and Prototype are actually a VisualArt's company, have been working there for around 15 years. Sekai Project are a bit frustrating for VN fans, especially with Rewrite because there were two fan patches made over the years and apparently they are using neither of them. People have various issues with one of the fan-translations and everyone is very skeptical about Sekai making a new one, as it's an extremely complicated game. I wish Sekai didn't have it, most people are quite unhappy with the news.

Oh, okay, that makes sense. I forgot that anime's are usually something else first. It's better if it's not an anime first then so they can fit everything in they want, right?
Oh, I didn't know that Angel Beats 1st Beat was something different. Why'd they make it different? And what's wrong with what they did that people don't like about it?
They should've done both. Although I think that if they were a band they'd sound really bad. XD

Does anyone know when these goods are coming out? I know there's some new clear files on Amiami, but I don't wanna buy those yet if there's gonna be other stuff that comes out later that I'll want more. Or will you not be able to buy these other new goods online? 'Cause if that's the case I won't be getting any of them anytime soon, haha! I was thinking though. Wouldn't it be so great if they brought Kengo's Little Busters jumper back! I'll be so happy if they do that!

Aww, that's too bad. Hopefully it won't come out that bad. It's exciting when they make English versions of visual novels, that way more people can read them without having to download it. (Like me for right now, haha!)
I see people aren't too happy about Kud Wafter getting an anime either.
4 months ago
Mitsuna (4 months ago) #23061724Happy Birthday!!
Thanks! OuO
4 months ago
Mitsuna (4 months ago) #23029023Hey! How are you doing?
I see you are selling your collection? Is that just figures or all of the eroge merch and stuff too?

Hey there!

Long time no talk, huh? How've you been?

I've had a lot going on this past few months haha, and it's only going to get more hectic for me from here on out... But it's a good thing :)

I am indeed selling everything, including all my figures/goods/media.
4 months ago
Mitsuna (4 months ago) #22648604Since visual novels are usually over 100 hours long or more, there is so much detail that is impossible to be adapted into something as short as an anime. Plus an anime is animated, and it's impossible to animate everything from a visual novel. It is better having a VN first, as that is how most anime came around in the first place. Most anime are usually adapted from a manga, light novel or visual novel. The original is always better because there is so much that gets taken out in the anime version. Once you get to play the VN and actually understand each character properly and find out their full stories, it is then a nice thing to be able to watch them animated even if the anime version does not have all of the original content. You would already know the whole story, the better part is being able to see parts of it animated. You would know more about the characters from playing the game first because, for example, in anime versions a lot gets left out and so you won't know very much about the character at all if you didn't play the VN beforehand. Sorry I wrote a lot, I get a bit wordy when it comes to VNs XD
Charlotte's story was a bit muddled and Maeda was very tired at the time. I don't really think anything can be done to it, as the whole process from the first concepts was all a bit confusing.
Ah right! ZHIEND is amazing, especially since it's Marina. She is one of my favourite singers of all time, her work in Angel Beats and in ZHIEND is wonderful. I wish ZHIEND were a real band but at least Marina is a real singer so I get to listen to all of her normal stuff XD
My favourite ZHIEND song is Heavy Rain, I love all of them but Heavy Rain is my favourite. I also love Blood Colour and Scar on Face. Back when the Charlotte CDs first came out on order, which was before the show even started, I pre-ordered all of them and received the limited edition CD box for them. It's one of my favourite things that I own :D
Sadly we know nothing at the moment, currently we are waiting for the what seems to be delayed release of Little Busters English Edition. Everything is always very unknown XD

That all makes sense, but I don't completely understand why you can't have an anime first and then get a viusl novel later. I get that it's probably nicer having a viusl novel first, but couldn't it also be really excited if an anime you really liked got an anime and you could learn more about everything? That's why I'm confused that the Angel Beats viusal novel didn't do that good. I'd think people would be excited to find out about everyones pasts and what really happened to them. Maybe it's just me, or maybe I'm missing something XD
And it's fine! I may not know a whole lot about Key and visual novels yet, but I love talking about them and learning new stuff, so write as much as you like!

Oh, okay, that's too bad.
ZHIEND has an album, right? So you can pretend they're a real band! XD I think the Little Busters should have a band. That would be great!
Ah, both of those are really good! I haven't listened to all the songs yet, so I'll wait on my favorite until I listen to the rest.
Wow, that's so cool! You get so much cool stuff! I don't really have anything cool like that, haha! I'm trying to work on getting as many of the figures I want as I can this year (they're not on my wish list), but you talking about those CD's and all this talk about the new Little Busters stuff coming out is making it hard to fo that, haha!

Awww! At least we have more of a release date for the English release of Little Busters! I'm so excited! What's this Rewrit+ thing though?
4 months ago
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