MiyabiReiMiyabiRei forever in love with midousuji akira


Hello! I am a HUGE Yowamushi Pedal fan :3

I am selling everything! PM me an offer if you see anything you like. Everything in my List are up for sale!

Looking to trade for items in my wished list!

Any questions regarding shipping, prices, etc. Please message me through myfigurecollection.

Ships from USA

Paypal only!

Thank you

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01 month agoMiyabiReiMiyabiRei
HSkeleton (1 month ago) #21618050Where do you get off on having a user pic that cute.
Its hard to find a pic of midousuji thats not cute tbh
01 month agoHSkeletonHSkeleton
Where do you get off on having a user pic that cute.
03 months agodrazudrazzdrazudrazz
Hi! I was wondering how much you are selling this https://myfigurecollection.net/item/216818 figure for?
11 year agoMaronnMaronn
As there was no selling entry I'll leave the feedback here, hope that's alright with you.^^" Very positive feedback for MiyabiRei, the figures were packed safely, the shipping was fast and communication was great! Thank you! ^_^
01 year agotheyasminshowtheyasminshow Cashmere Cannonball
MiyabiRei (1 year ago) #3276257saw your recent loot post!!! I was like yaas another female who likes big boob figurines <333 I must befriend her :L
Oh yes, absolutely :D <333
Haha SP, do you follow k009 at all? [ext link ]

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