Mizuchi-RekkazanMizuchi-Rekkazan WHAT IS HAVING MONEY LIKE?


Hello my name is Vi and I'm too fucking broke for figures.


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02 months agoMizuchi-RekkazanMizuchi-Rekkazan
it is 2014 and they are still advertising ultimate madoka
010 months agoBlitzyBlitzy
Congratulations ^^. Have a great day.
011 months agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven
Mizuchi-Rekkazan (11 months ago) #1493418Wow late reply. Also any toaster can play maplestory lol. Also Amazon's alright but ehhh how would I get the money in there aside from giftcards haha.
Yeah I'm the fiend with the pile of Raven porn.

Is that what you play?
Credit card lol? Or Mechanical Turk.
Good! I mean, I wanted to ask where you got all of it? I was trying to fond some Tales stuff Jade x Anise specifically but it was slim pickings :/ Though I guess I should be happy to find anything this late.
01 year agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven
Mizuchi-Rekkazan (1 year ago) #1428674Yeah they're not my favorite place to preorder from but when you're broke and all you can afford is 5 dollar payments on the game, then that's what works.
Ahaha its' not even just being a fig collector. It's more like living in southern California where not even McDonalds will give you a look. And even then, I lack a PS3. I might just not even get it or ask a friend to pick it up and let me borrow theirs when i can play a ps3. It's easier to just play free games these days like MMOs

Mmm, why don't you order on Amazon, so you don't have to pay $5?
California eh? Ever been to the East Coast? It's nice, and you can have my old job lol.
I don't think my laptop has enough anything to play MMOs...I need a new one.
Did you used to have a pic of a bunch of Raven doujinshi or am I imagining things?
01 year agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven
Mizuchi-Rekkazan (1 year ago) #1421702Ahh not yet, I haven't been able to stop by a gamestop to do so. And even then I barely have enough cash, lol.

Ikr, being a figure collector is suffering ;-; I hope it comes out after June...I don't have much PO'd then.
Gamestop e_e

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