MonkeynekobuttMonkeynekobutt Wants More Figmas!!! XD


Hi my name is Jeffrey.

I'm 24 years old and I'm from California, United States.
My Passion for anime/manga started at the age of 10
before that it was only Pokémon and Digimon and yes also SailorMoon lol.
After I turned 13, I started watching more anime because of the influence of my brother.
At age 15 I started collecting very small anime figures and Negima Manga, I love manga but I just don't have the money to buy them all haha XD. In the same year I started going to Anime Expo every year.
Late 2010 my focus was on bigger figures compared to what I used to get.
My biggest passion is Figma.
2011 I started to Staff for Anime Expo Because I wanted to be part of bringing this event to everyone who loves and appreciates anime.

I was an Art Major at Cal State Fullerton but now a Math Education Major, currently all my friends from high school and some new ones I made in college are all not figure collectors, only regular anime fans, I feel kinda like the odd one in the group so I joined MyFigureCollection to hopefully make new friends that love the hobby of figure collecting XD

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08 months agoredshootredshoot
Merry Christmaaaaaaaaaaaas !! :D
011 months agothornthorn
Happy late Birthday, kid!
01 year agoredshootredshoot
Monkeynekobutt (1 year ago) #3384347I actually can't say first because I got three at the same time but as the one I bought first it was figma Haruhi Suzumiya Summer Uniform ver. But I got figma Rin and Len Kagamine the same time as gifts from my cousin. But they weren't the ones that got me into figma and figure collecting, the K-ON! Figmas were the ones that got me into figmas and figure collecting XD
sorry for the delay of the answer >w<
hooo i see *Q* (Haruhi *^*)
i really need to buy all the suzumiya Figma -_-' they are so cheap x)
K-On Figma looks epic *Q* i understand they made you fall in love with Figma x)
my first Figma was Rinko Kobayakawa from Love Plus, i ordered her for Christmas when i was 11, but at first i didn't knew what was Figma (and what was real good quality anime figures) .-. remember when i opened the Box, all parts where flying everywhere @_@ so i treated her like my other toys... in my drawer =_=
one year after i discovered her true value and posed her on my desk ^^'
01 year agoredshootredshoot
Monkeynekobutt (1 year ago) #3383641Haha Thanks !!!
you'll reach this level one day, don't worry :P
Yes I hear that phrase all the time, I also hear " stop wasting money on useless things" a lot too =.=
i hope! :D
ho yeah that one too @_@
but our hobby is the best on eath haha XD
I'm curious, which was your first Figma? :3
01 year agoredshootredshoot
Monkeynekobutt (1 year ago) #3382210Though I can't show you a pic of just all my figmas but I can show you a pic of my room, never really uploaded updated pictures of my room on MFC. You might not see everything as clearly but at least you can see the result of 4.5 years of collecting XD
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Wooow *QQQ*
It's impressive *^* (this pic is perfect don't worry)
I can recognize a lot of Figures *Q*
one day my room will be like that XD (at least i hope) x)
i guess you heard more than one time the famous "you have enough, you should stop now" XD
i juste H.A.T.E this phrase .-.

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