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14 months agojubjub87jubjub87
How are you are your wife doing, I hope all is well.
05 months agodariandarian
:) no problem. We crossed paths at some point through here and it's a way of staying in touch :D

MooshiPirpy14 (5 months ago) #16471133Hello, Thanks for the FR :)
09 months agoCrimsonNanashi25CrimsonNanashi25
do you still have yami swimsuit figure?
011 months agoNightstalkerNightstalker
Thanks for the friend request and belated happy birthday :)
011 months agokemandokemando
MooshiPirpy14 (11 months ago) #11264287Thanks, I appreciate It's. How are you doing?

Meh, pretty average. lol

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