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This adorable Shinji by neL

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02 days agoMaakieMaakie
Moro (9 days ago) #22238089Wooooowww!!! Those look so amazing, especially the mask and how you were able to give the bones nice shading. Are they really durable enough now that they've been encased in layers of clearcoat/reinforced? They look so delicate still.

Thank you! <3 I am currently busy on seeing what would be the best fit for wearing the mask. I knew beforehand it wasn't going to be super comfortable, but it's maybe going to be even more annoying than I thought. But at least I'm going to look cool??

Both the bones themselves and the paint on it is very thoroughly sealed, so they are 100% waterproof, which is nice. I am not expecting to wear it in the rain, but the Netherlands is known for random showers. :P The bones themselves can be dropped without them breaking or getting dents, but as you said they are not completely super sturdy if you would apply force to them. To get the last weakness away I would have had to make them with different material. Or maybe have them covered in Worbla, but that makes you lose detail and they would probably look to smooth for bones. I like the 'gritty' look of this material.

That said, could I get your honest opinion on this?

My wig is going to be light-grey for reference. So this color should still stand out quite a bit, but I am not really convinced this is the way to go. I thought white would be a good base to shade on, but I think it's still too pale.
011 days agoMaakieMaakie

[ext link ]

[ext link ]

[ext link ]

[ext link ]

[ext link ]

Oh, and some work on the mask: [ext link ]
03 months agoMaakieMaakie
Moro (3 months ago) #19233728Oh those look nice! Are the "needles" hollow too? You could put drinks in them lol.
Honestly though that's the better way to be, I find it admirable. I wish I could continue on past frustration better than I can, even if that caused some poor results.
I do agree there comes a point where you have to accept what you're working with instead of reworking the parts to death. I have to force myself past that step every time I build a model kit because there'll be SOME part of it I keep wanting to rework and retouch and I have to eventually make up my mind to call that part finished and MOVE ON.
I actually don't like sewing much in general. I can do basic stuff but I don't enjoy it at all, and it hurts my hands/wrists besides. So I avoid doing it where I can, lol.
Yeah that was what I thought, and didn't realize it had changed, how bizarre. Admittedly most of my experiences with cosplay people apart from you haven't been good... a lot of shallow catty behavior like I said, very cliquey, wayyyyy too high-school for my tolerance. Interesting that crowd has moved to facebook.
I think in most instances there's kind of a sharp divide between hugbox places ( apparently, also deviantart I know is like that) and horrible toxic cesspools (tumblr). Hard to find an in-between where people will be reasonable. But that's human nature, I think...
OK I WILL SAY NOTHING. There are only 2 episodes left so maybe by the time you get to it the last two will have aired.
Yesss and when artists make doujinshi of their own stuff is great too. Kouga Yun made a couple of doujin for Loveless (not lewd though, wtf!)

Yes, the whole syringe is hollow. :) I thought of filling them, but Calne's syringes are actually empty too! :O I think that for the character design it would have been nice if there was blood (or other red liquid) inside them? Considering how much white-red color palette there is in the character design.

Hrmm not always. I'm quite ashamed of some older cosplays and parts I have made. Even nowadays I sometimes 'roll with it' (such as having a small dislike for Calne's jacket right now but I shouldn't dwell on it too much). To me personally my 'least favorite' parts will always be glaring when seeing pictures of the cosplay afterwards. >.< But I think a lot of cosplayers are either too hard on themselves or are not hard at all. There is not much inbetween, haha!

That pushing to move on I can do easier with GK and Model kits than with cosplay for some reason. Maybe it's because my face/online nickname will be more attached to a cosplay than a 'seperate' work like model/gk building/painting.

A lot of people find it weird, but I actually dislike sewing the most too. I think it's a lot of measuring and effort for something that will come off as not very special. For example with Calne I spend SO MUCH time on that skirt. And what do you have in the end? "Just a regular pleated skirt." Urgh.

How's it going with your wrists btw? Better now or do you still have to be very careful?

I guess the most 'regular' group of coplayers (with a lot of them being drama-lama's, sorrynotstorry) have moved to Facebook to continue their behaviour there. Which is why the communities at 'old fashioned' websites and forums has changed so much.

In the Netherlands the biggest cosplay community is on Facebook in a group called 'CosplayNL'. It is known for people using it as either a hugbox, using it as a place for easy-to-Google newbie questions and more 'famous' cosplayers to use as a free advertisement place. A lot of the more advanced cosplayers and pro-without-wanting-to-earn-money cosplayers hate CosplayNL and recently there has been quite a big move of people like that starting to post on 4Chan. Looking at Dutch threads on 4Chan is actually quite interesting, because the cosplayers that post there really do high quality stuff. you probably know from 4Chan, there is also a lot of anonymous bashing and random forced drama. Which makes me also not wanting to get involved in the Dutch 4Chan community.

Hah, that is also one of the many reasons why I avoid cosplay communities on social media. xD Most of the 'catty' behavior here seems to come from cosplayers that try to be (or are) famous and/or the people heavily into entering (and trying to win) competitions.

I guess that's why I keep most of my interacting with cosplayers to in-person seeing them at cons and people I'm more closer with I've exchanged hangouts/Skype/phonenumbers with, so to just keep it one-on-one. Most online stuff seems to go wrong when it's big groups of people...

Hrmm, I hope so! My free days are now planned at the end of april, so it should be done by then! :3 I'm excited to watch it!

Ah~ I've heard of that before, but I actually don't know many artists making doujin of their own material! I know some really rare and expensive ones exist of the creator of Sailor Moon. And wtf! That is the perfect chance to indeed 'go one step further' with Loveless and she didn't take it?! *sigh*

Loveless brings back some nice memories though~ I remember the English translated manga got released when I was in my late teens and I still lived with my parents. I picked up the first volume at a convention and I was scared my parents would find it and flip to some specific pages. Of course if I now look at Loveless it's extremely mild and I have no clue what I worried about. :')
03 months agoMaakieMaakie
Moro (3 months ago) #19157704THAT'S good. I can only handle a small amount of "total failure after a lot of work" before I get completely discouraged so I'm glad it was only small pieces that you had to redo.
That sounds like a good method, since the vest piece is technically loose it's just strategically placed, so the only solution is to fix it in place.
I've never worked with stretchy fabric, but I have sewn long pile fake fur before and let me tell you that was some AGGRAVATING BULLSHIT. Despite using a nice sewing machine with heavy duty needle, I still broke 3 needles in that process. It was a nightmare. You can't really tell from the final product (San's white fur cape, from Princess Mononoke) but it took ages to get the simple thing to look acceptable.
Well if you have some people to vouch for a group that's a little different. In that case and as long as you basically stay away from actual fandoms it might be all right. I had no idea forum was a hugbox, I had always heard the opposite :O that people were really cliquey and fought a lot and stuff. Maybe that was a long time ago and all those people have left.
I don't use FB either, actually the only social media I consistently use now is Twitter since that's where all my friends are.
Thanks! The gun took quite some work, a lot of layering silver paint, then black wash, then a brighter silver, then a black wash again, until it had the correct look. Barbatos was a much simpler kit by comparison. And nope the flag actually came with Mika and Orga, it's part of their base but I thought it would look good for Barbatos to hold it! (By the way, are you caught up on s2? There's only a few episodes left.)
You've given up on it?? Why?
Wow that really does look on-model, if it wasn't for the content it could be mistaken for the official art! (The artist responsible for the Iron-Blooded Orphans manga that follows the anime has a twitter, and he also posts extra drawings and little sketches, mostly of Barbatos but lots of Mika and Orga as well... I love when official artists do this stuff.)


Here is some more Calne progress! :) No pictures of the bones yet, as I want to be further done with them before I post about them. ;) Here are the almost finished syringes! [ext link ]

Hrmm, with me it´s different. I can get really fed up and angry with something, but it is rarely that I completely drop making something. As a beginner cosplayer I actually made the mistake that when I did something wrong, I would just roll with it. Resulting in a lot of my old cosplays have one or multiple pieces that should not be viewed with human eyes, while the rest of the costume looks good, haha!

I rather not sew the vest together with the bodysuit, but attaching it like that is I think the best idea! A bit ´meh´ is that I like my work on the skirt a lot more than on the vest. I would actually like to (partially) re-do the vest maybe, but I think it's better if I first focus on making everything instead of nitpicking and re-doing (and getting frustrated by) the same parts.

*spits out drink* Haha, sorry, but was that was so enjoyable to read! :') I can understand your frustration! I had many needles breaking on me while sewing fake leather and jeans materials. The 'key' is slow sewing to me, which makes it even more tedious, but in my experience breaks less or no needles. I still have to admit that recently when I tried to adjust the size of a pair of my own jeans I broke two needles in the progress and was ANGRY. So unless you have access to industrial machines, this will stay a thing for your regular at-home sewing machines.

I sometimes see cosplayers in handmade-lot-of-fur outfits (like Monter Hunter costumes) and think hudfhdfskfhjdfns. HOW

Actually used to be a huge drama-lama place about 10 years ago, when it was one of the biggest places for at least USA cosplayers to meet each other and talk about upcoming cons and cosplays. When I joined (about 5 years ago or so?) it was already a lot calmed down. I think the biggest 'let's all move to Facebook'-movement was about 3-4 years ago. Not only, but you saw cosplayers moving from all kinds of cosplay communities to Facebook.

Nowadays it's 2 groups of people on 1. Newbies (where nowadays there is a way more 'everything should be positive'-atmosphere between them compared to before) 2. Old members that are close and mainly reply on eachothers stuff not mixing much with newbies OR replying and being super positive to newbies.

I see the same also in a lot of other communities btw. The always-positive hugbox I mean. Especially with artists. Someone will post a drawing with the worst anatomy I've ever seen and ask for feedback and people replying will just say "Wow, how good! Keep on going!" without pointing out the obvious flaw everyone can see. Because you're rude if you do so... That's the internet at most places nowadays. I don't like unnecessary bashing, but if you can word your opinion or advice well, I don't see how it could be wrong to give someone feedback. Or in my case: Just vote which version makeup you liked best, grrr.

I've never really gotten into Twitter. People asked me a few times to make an account, but I don't think it's a good medium to posts cosplays or about figures. Maybe when I get more into J-Fashion it will be a good place to post.

Yeah, I see a lot of silver shades in the gun, that's why I pointed it out! :D

NO I'M NOT CAUGHT UP YET. NO SPOILERS PLS. I will try to soon take a day or 2 off and bingewatch all of s2 I haven't watched yet. I'm really looking forward to it! :D

I'm really bad with picking up new languages. :( I can only speak/write Dutch and English. I tried to learn multiple other languages actively in the past, like German and French, but I just...can't. I have a really bad memory. :( With Japanese I know basic conversation and cathphrases, but reading, oh my god no. When I took Japanese classes, I was okay with speaking and listening, but the parts with reading and writing...horrible. I just couldn't get myself to remember, no matter how much hours I studied. :(

Yeah, exactly that! *o* I love it when doujin-artist can get so close to the original manga/anime-art!

Aah! I remember the artist of FMA doing the same, with her getting really excited when the anime got a reboot! It's so cute to see artists following the anime about their own series~ I also love it when official artists do shout-outs to people making fanart of their stuff! Or when you see well-known artists following and/or replying other well-known artists works~
03 months agoMaakieMaakie
Moro (3 months ago) #19074863Man yeah, sounds like it could be hours of work all gone in two seconds and then you basically have to start over from scratch. I hope it doesn't take too many tries!!
Oooh, the clothes are looking good, and I can get an idea of the shape for the bodysuit. I would imagine that'd be the hardest part as far as things you can sew.
Mmh I did use tumblr, I will warn you that I left it because people were so unpleasant BUT, it might not bother you. I don't think it's the best place to talk to people actually, getting responses is hard (old school LiveJournal was better for this but it's quite a dead place these days as well), have you considered a dedicated cosplay forum? If it's specifically input or feedback or tips etc, that might be a better place to check.
I have a couple WIP right now but they aren't in a state where there's much to show off lol. My most recent kits were both gtekketsu, MacGillis' Schwalbe Graze [ext link ] and 4th Form Gundam Barbatos [ext link ] (with guest Mika and Orga figures)
Haha that'd have to be Quetzalcoatl. She's adorable, though all the characters are pretty great imo. It's such a happy, optimistic series as well... I think it kind of has the message "take joy and peace in everyday life."
YESSSSSS Shuhan-san has a really distinct look, and her facial expressions are definitely really on-model. Makes her smut feel very authentic lol.
Yep I can see the pics, that's some really cute art. I only have one doujin from someone not Japanese, my friend Suisei made one so I of course bought it from her! (I couldn't find any preview pix already posted by her but here's the cover! [ext link ]

YES. Lucily for me it was just the smallest fingerbones breaking. And that was like +/- 15 minutes of sculptwork each. So not that bad I guess. It took me more time to undercoat everything than the sculpting took me. But that happens with almost every material I work with, haha!

Thank you! I'm personally really happy with how the skirt worked out (my first time making a pleated skirt). With the top, I made it on purpose a bit baggy, but I'm doubting if I should make it more tight-fitting. I will attach the front parts of the top to the bodysuit with velcro, to have it draping over the 'breasts' just like with Calne.

Working with stretchy fabric is the biggest pain, I tell ya. My sewing machine can't handle it very well, so most of the stuff I also have to sew by hand. Which means lots of small stitches, which means lots of time going into it. Yesterday I spend half of my day to attach a black sleeve by hand to the nude bodysuit. The most frustrating is to look it the least wrinkly possible, but I'm afraid even the final product will have some wrinkles here and there. That can't be avoided unless I would have a super professional stitching machine that can also work with stretch thread.

Urgh, yeah that was something I was afraid of. SJW and special snowflakes bothering me for what I do or say. Sometimes I can say things some people think of as too drastic or maybe a bit rude, so that's also one of the reasons I've been avoiding the place. But other friends have been confirming me that especially the J-Fashion community is nice and when it comes to cosplay-communities it's okay unless you are into specific (active/new) fandoms. Luckily for me most of the stuff I like is niche and/or from old franchises with only a smaller core group of people liking it.

Well, I am still active on a local cosplay forum, but the amount of posts and replies has been getting really low lately, so it's hard to get input or votes there. I tried the forums a bit, which is more active, but a really asspatting-community where it seems like nobody can do something wrong. :P When I once uploaded a picture there with 3 variations of a characters' makeup and I asked which one was the best, people would say "all 3 of them are nice!'. That doesn't help me choose!!!

Most active nowadays is Facebook, but I really don't want all my cosplay stuff on social media. Also Facebook is a 'like and share' place and also not really for feedback (more for gaining popularity or spreading your pictures).

If you have any suggestions about a good website or forum that is still alive lol I would love to hear!

Oh, nice progress! I especially like the weathering on Schwalbe Graze's gun! And Barbatos looks awesome! I was really tempted to pick up an Barbatos model kit when I saw one for sale recently at a con... I also like how your Barbatos is displayed together with the Mikar and Orga figures! <3 You also made the flag yourself?

Yeah yeah, this one [ext link ] haha! And woah, that sounds a lot more deep than the series I thought it would be! Will definitely give it a view, then! :)

Oh~ She even made a Shinji x Kaworu one! That's perfect for you! ;)

Hrmmm, I actually have quite a lot non-Japanese doujinshi, but still a lot more Japanese ones. With most Japanese artists I like their art better, but learning to read Japanese is something I gave up a long long time ago.

When it comes to 'authentic' doujinshi *ehem* there was one I picked up about half a year ago from a German artist from Yu-Gi-Oh!. Some pages look exactly like you would expect in the original manga. I'm planning on making some better pictures from the pages later, when I want to do a blog post about my experiences and loot from that convention, but here is one of my favorite pages: (slightly NSFW) [ext link ]

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