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❤ Hi! It's nice to meet you! love cute things, magical girls, baking, crafting, animals, and mech anime! ❤

I really enjoy collecting figures & garage kit building! I've been a big fan of anime & games since I can remember, but I only really started collecting seriously the past two years. It's a lot of fun! The community here at MFC is really nice and welcoming. I hope to share my projects and adventures in this hobby with you!

A little more about me:
View spoilerHide spoiler I am happily married! Already 3 years!

I have a pair sugar gliders -- they are so sweet and make the best pets!

I am graphic designer! I work for a national company designing all kinds of products. It is a very hard, but rewarding job.

My dream is to one day open up my own paper company!

I love to bake! I just learned how to make French Macarons! My favorite flavors so far are Green Tea with White Chocolate Ganache and Chocolate with Chocolate Hazelnut Buttercream! So yummy!!

My current goal for February & March is to make a playset for my nendoroids! I am both nervous and excited to share my progress with you! If you are a nendoroid fan and have any advice on building dioramas I would love to hear your ideas!

Thankyou for visiting my page!!!
❤*~Here is a question for you before you go!~*❤

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08 months agoAbby9960Abby9960 Aquamancer Mage
Happy Birthday ^^!
11 year agoNimbus_CloudNimbus_Cloud
MrsRococo (1 year ago) #6755485
Hello!! I was browsing the recent photos and came across all of your lovely Sailor Moon items! I hope you enjoy your time here and post more photos soon! Welcome to MFC!

Thank you, that's very sweet! I'm going through old photos of mine so that I can post a few more. ^_^
12 years agoSeafishNekoSeafishNeko ✧.゚+ *゚*.☆ Magical Girl...
wow, your collection is so cute! I love it ;v;
12 years agoCrimsonPumpkinCrimsonPumpkin
MrsRococo (2 years ago) #2908701snip snip
Actually I don't know when the next chapter is coming out as I've been busy with work lol, still I'm really looking forward to it!!!
OH! LUCKY YOU!! So happy for you cos you'll have a better space for your lovely figures ^^ Hope you find a great display case for them ;) For me it was pretty hard to find this bookcase cos here in my country things like display cases are not being sold for people just for companies or stores and they're made to order which makes them sooooooo expensive.
Yeah, we have tomoyo and I heard GSC is thinking of making a Sakura School version (in her uniform) too, that'd be awesome but once again, we NEED syaoran XD I'll keep sending character requests to their support page, hope you do the same ;)

Aww you have lovely nendoroids so far. I started last year my collection and I'm very picky with what to purchase lol but I hope you get enough nendoroids to make a cute display for them.
"Sempai"? Oh you're making me blush (*^_^*) well, for nendoroids I didn't want them just to be there posing and that's it, so I made a plan on how to distribute them on my bookcase and what I wanted them to do. For instance I wanted to have the "japanese room" from the beginning so I chose nendos I had that suit that theme! Or the other is a "Park" where nendoroids are like interacting with each other and they look more lively than just posing there.
If you want to get some accesories/furniture for your nendos you can check "Sylvanian Families" items, their size is perfect for nendos, or some "Re-ment" miniatures but these sets sometimes have different size so you can't be sure if the set you purchase will be perfect for them. But with Sylvanian Families you never go wrong lol. I think those are my little tips for you so you can start planning how you'd like them to be doing on the display case ;D

If you need more help, feel free to talk to me! I love nendoroids so talking about them makes me happier ;D
Take care dear! Glad to talk to you!!
12 years agoCrimsonPumpkinCrimsonPumpkin
MrsRococo (2 years ago) #2908648snip
Thank you so much for accepting the friend request! ;D
You have a terrific collection, I'm speechless! I'm just focusing on collecting nendoroids as I live in a small space prone to dust so I have to make some sacrifices, I couldn't order Kotobukiya's Sakura and Syaoran ;_; so sad, but it's ok that happens in life lol. Just praying so GSC makes a nendoroid syaoran for god's sake, SAKURA NEEDS HIM!!!
Oh thanks, I hope you share pictures of your lovely collection here <3 <3

And OMG YES!!! Shin-ah and Ao melt my heart with their adorableness >_< it's so sad the anime is over but the manga is getting quite interesting. Are you reading it by any chance?

Take care!!

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