NGEunit01NGEunit01 Takao is best Waifu


Just your average figurine collector who has been collecting Gundams since 7 yrs old. I'm also a TCG collector, mostly YuGiOh and Pokemon. I love to take pics of my figs outside especially when I'm using natural lighting with my film SLR. XD

Recently, I've been going into the realm of Nerf. I currently have a LongShot CS-6, LongStrike CS-6, Recon CS-6, Vulcan EBF-25, FireFly, Clear Maverick, and a Maverick. When i get some break from school, the LongShot, Vulcan Ammo, and Maverick will be modded XP

Also, a car Enthusiasts. Drives a stanced 07 Accord.

Anybody still plays beyblade here? ^^;

BEST WAIFU is Takao from Ars Nova


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