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04 days agoastarte952astarte952
Did you buy anime stuff for somebody this year for christmas?
01 month agosanchetossanchetos
Nadou (1 month ago) #4249284aaw thank you it's good to know it :)

you are welcome

Thank you ^^
01 month agosanchetossanchetos
If you are interested come back pass that message q passed me ^^

Yup, it the same discoloration.
Same thing happen to my Fourze figure.
I'm not saying you should give this method a try, but try putting the figure in direct color.
The color will turn white again, it's probably the dye they used.

The answer I received from Medicom for my Fourze figure.

Thank you for your inquiry.
We don't know the cause of the color change but we have been reported the same thing.
To get the suits back in white, please place the figure where you can have direct sun light and
have the figure bathe sun. After one week or so, the figure should get back to white.
01 month agosanchetossanchetos
Nadou (1 month ago) #4151821Nope ! I will try to sell her, I don't like her very much :s

Really!!! what a pity T^T
01 month agosanchetossanchetos
you tried to change it?

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