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Hi! I'm Kat! I love to collect figures, artbooks, manga, plushes, and character goods. I'm trying to cut back on spending, but boy it's hard! I have such a fondness for all things cute, and Japan has turned cuteness into a science!

Currently obsessed with all things Waver Velvet (Fate), Espurr (Pokemon), and Migi (Parasyte).

Feel free to comment or PM if you'd like to talk! :D

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01 month agoangelbottangelbott
What's up, Kat? x3
01 month agoKazukidKazukid
Naelyth (1 month ago) #18570735Yay, I can't wait to see it! :D Will it be TodoDeku on the other side too?
I don't have one yet but I want to one day! I just love so many characters I'm not sure who to dedicate it to, lol. :D And I bet it's a lot of work tracking things down! I have such admiration for people with nice full bags~
But as soon as I think of something and make a bag, I'll be sure to show you!

Yep! This entire bag will be Tododeku both sides! I still have more bnha merch on pre order and coming in so I definitely have more to fill!
I hope you can decide on an itabag theme one day =]
01 month agoKazukidKazukid
Naelyth (1 month ago) #18569625This is totally belated, but thanks for showing me your itabag! It's super cute!! :D
No problem ^-^ Once I've decorated the other side, I'll post that too! Do you have an itabag your working on ? Would love to see it as well if you have one =]
02 months ago (2 months ago)PlasticomPlasticom
That's a very cute and clever quote indeed, haha. :)

I don't like nuts in general. It's the taste, but also the "feel". I think peanut butter (the Dutch one) is yummy, though. I don't really like American peanut butter because it's too sweet and too smooth for me. :O

That sounds interesting, hehe. We have "peanut sauce" too, but it's called "saté saus" here. Sometimes I like it, when it's a bit on the sweeter side, warm and with white bread or something. Not with rice... then I prefer a sweet and sour (and/or spicy) kind of sauce. And chicken, lots of chicken. ;u;

Naelyth (2 months ago) #18087898Ahh I gotcha. That's the spirit! Sometimes I encounter similar things, and I have to remind myself of this great quote I saw once: "You can be the sweetest peach in the world, but some people just don't like peaches." It's so natural to want to be universally liked, but it's just not possible, unfortunately! Remembering that quote gives me perspective and helps me not take it so seriously.
I just read your profile, and noticed you don't like peanuts either! I don't mind it toooo much when it's mixed with chocolate (although the chocolate is better without it, of course) but my ethnicity's cuisine is FULL of peanuts! So whenever I go out to eat at a Vietnamese place and ask for no peanuts, I get the weirdest look from the servers, lol. We even have peanut sauce! Gross!
02 months agoPlasticomPlasticom
No, they're just users who didn't really like me from the beginning, I guess. I don't know why exactly, but it is okay. Not everyone can like you, right? ^_^ I just got another anonymous message of one of them on Tumblr, so I've simply blocked the "IP"... They're just being childish right now and need to "grow up" imo.

That's great to hear. :D I'm fine too, thanks. I've just posted a new article on my blog like nothing's never happened, haha. I can't let them bring me down with such silly messages. They're strangers, after all. :)
Naelyth (2 months ago) #18087329Ohh what! Do you think one (or both) was your sister? That's really terrible and frustrating though, I can't believe they'd try to bully you on Tumblr too. I'm sorry. :'(
I'm doing well! Long day at school, but I have tomorrow off! :D How are you doing?

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