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Sorry for my bad english (^o^)'

¤ I'm a french fangirl of mangas and videos games (just a little)! o/

¤ I'm in love with lot of fictitious bishos and I can't help moaning when I see one of them!
My top 3:
-Vincent Valentine
-Portgas D. Ace
-Kakashi Hatake
I have a soft spot for one-eyed men, long hair, grey/white hair and seme! Kakashi is close to the combo!!!

¤ I love girls too! (@^o^@)/
My top 3:
-Rukia Kuchiki
-Boa Hancock
-Aerith Gainsborough

¤ My love for japanim started in 2007 with an episode of Bleach on TV. I've started my collection in 2008 with a Naruto fig (but I'm not sure).

¤ I read scans and watch fansubbed episodes but I buy books and DVDs too! :D

¤ I live with my parents (yes I'm 26 u_u) and I don't have a big room, so all my figures (99,99%) are still on their boxes stocked in cardboard boxes. I have more than 500 mangas too! ;) Hope I will find an apartment to display my collection because it depresses me ;_;
Finally found an apartment!!! I'm so happy to have the possiblily to expose my collection! But all the Ikea shelves I have to buy will ruin me xD and move all this mess will be tiring :O

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05 hours agoPyrrhaPyrrha
Merci :D
01 month agoDefonzoDefonzo
Narden (1 month ago) #19642636Joyeux anniversaire (^_^)/

Merci beaucoup
09 months agoLynette21Lynette21
Narden (9 months ago) #14058628Happy birthday!! :)

Thank you so much!! ^^
010 months agoZenKoZenKo
Bon anniv' ^^
01 year agoAOS-AOS-
Saw the Dead Master on your wish list. Interested in buying from Canada? PM me. :)

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