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Sorry for my bad english (^o^)'

¤ I'm a french fangirl of mangas and videos games (just a little)! o/

¤ I'm in love with lot of fictitious bishos and I can't help moaning when I see one of them!
My top 3:
-Vincent Valentine
-Portgas D. Ace
-Kakashi Hatake
I have a soft spot for one-eyed men, long hair, grey/white hair and seme! Kakashi is close to the combo!!!

¤ I love girls too! (@^o^@)/
My top 3:
-Rukia Kuchiki
-Boa Hancock
-Aerith Gainsborough

¤ My love for japanim started in 2007 with an episode of Bleach on TV. I've started my collection in 2008 with a Naruto fig (but I'm not sure).

¤ I read scans and watch fansubbed episodes but I buy books and DVDs too! :D

¤ I live with my parents (yes I'm 26 u_u) and I don't have a big room, so all my figures (99,99%) are still on their boxes stocked in cardboard boxes. I have more than 500 mangas too! ;) Hope I will find an apartment to display my collection because it depresses me ;_;
Finally found an apartment!!! I'm so happy to have the possiblily to expose my collection! But all the Ikea shelves I have to buy will ruin me xD and move all this mess will be tiring :O

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06 months agoMikuMimiMikuMimi
Narden (6 months ago) #15081747Hello!
No problem for Sasuke. But you have to wait a little please :) I moved 2 weeks ago for a new appartment and I have all my figs in boxes. It's a bit messy I don't know in what box he is :S
I'll contact you in october if you agree.

Thats fine X3
06 months agoMikuMimiMikuMimi
Your inbox is full. Was interested in your Sasuke Project BM figure
06 months agosknskn
Thanks for your answer. Just let me know because I can pay you right now.


sorry for my post here but your inbox is full :D
07 months agoLynette21Lynette21
Narden (7 months ago) #14058628Happy birthday!! :)

Thank you so much!! ^^
08 months agoZenKoZenKo
Bon anniv' ^^

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