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Hmmm, where to start.

I've been seriously collecting figures since 2010-2011. Started out with one old display cabinet with a couple prize figures and gashapons and now I have four detolfs. Oops :p
Although I go over my collection constantly, wondering if I still like certain figures as much as I used to, and once in a while sell a few off, I still love collecting.

Although I have to split my budget between my other hobbies, because I'm also a jfashion enthiousiast (mainly lolita) and I enjoy movies and series (and owning my favorites on blu-ray) and reading my favorite books.
All of that and more also costs me money so I had to even it out a little.

Those dumb little pieces of plastic still have a special place in my heart though *sighs* (j/k ofcourse my figures are gorgeous ^_~)

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gift nendoroid good_smile_company little_busters! noumi_kudryavka abe_masatogift nendoroid good_smile_company little_busters! noumi_kudryavka abe_masato

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