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I've been seriously collecting figures since around 2011 I think. It started out with little gashapons and prize figures, I think everyone knows that stage :P then I started to collect more pvc, and then added nendoroids <3
Nendo's can drive me crazy sometimes but I can't help but love them ^_~

Next to my figure hobby, I'm also a huge jfashion fan, especially lolita. I'm a beginner in that stage in my own humble opinion, but I love it so much! I love being busy with coords, focussing on the fashion. It also caused me to break out of my shell a little.
I'm also interested in fairy kei, and mori girl. And although it wouldn't suit me I admire shironuri.

I'm also a huge J-rock fan, and an X Japan fan <3 I love them so much. Saw them live July 2011, In Utrecht and in Sept 2011, I've gotten my X Japan tattoo.
My other favorite bands include Luna Sea and D'espairsRay but of course there are more :P

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