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I've been seriously collecting figures since around 2011 I think. It started out with little gashapons and prize figures, I think everyone knows that stage :P
Now I prefer scales and nendoroids in my collection. I think the shows I own the most figures of are Madoka Magica, Little Busters! and OreImo. I also own quite a lot of Miku's ^_~

Next to my figure hobby, I'm also a huge jfashion fan, especially lolita.I love it so much! I love being busy with coords, looking at all the gorgeous pieces of clothing and then making an outfit with them that makes me feel beautiful. It also caused me to break out of my shell a little.
I like a lot of different styles of lolita like sweet, gothic, classic. I don't really stick with one style.

I also like Fairy Kei but I haven't really worn an outfit like that yet.

I also love sanrio things like Hello kitty, Rilakkuma and Little twin stars, and I also kind of collect Arpakasso by Amuse. All those things including my fashion and make up also suck things out of my wallet so I've lessened my figure pre-orders only ordering what I really want. :P

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nendoroid good_smile_company nendoron monokuma super_dangan-ronpa_2:_sayonara_zetsubou_gakuen spike_chunsoft komatsuzaki_rui abusukegood_smile_company nendoron nendoroid monokuma super_dangan-ronpa_2:_sayonara_zetsubou_gakuen spike_chunsoft komatsuzaki_rui abusuke

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