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I'm Rebecca from The Netherlands. I think I've been collecting for about 5 years now? I used to want to have figures from a lot of different series and bought a lot just because it was pretty and cute, but lately I want to narrow down my collection.
I briefly considered quitting this hobby before I realized I was just overwhelmed and bought too many things just because they were cute or I sort of liked the show.
I've decided to narrow down what I collect, and sell some things and this helped bring the fun back!
And also give me room to afford my other hobby's like gaming and jfashion/lolita fashion.

I've decided to try and limit my collection to:

- Pokemon
- Magical Girl series (Madoka being my favorite, followed by CardCaptor Sakura)
- Kuroshitsuji
- Little Busters
- Figures with a magical, or fairytale theme, or characters with magical powers.

With a few expections for things like my Menma figures, one of my grails Melissa Seraphy & one or two I can't seem to say goodbye to. I feel so much better about collecting again since taking this step!

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