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Hiii! I'm Nina. I mostly collect everything I find about my favorite characters/series/seiyuu although lately I've started buying some figures from series I don't know because they were just too beautiful to resist... HELP. I'm a big Higurashi no naku koro ni fan, as you can easily see, while Rie Tanaka is my favorite seiyuu. I also adore dolls (especially BJDs) but they're usually too expensive for me ;__; Other hobbies are drawing, writing, lolita fashion, mystery novels/series, occultism, horror and reading any type of creepy stories.
My goal is to add all the Higurashi items I know!

I hope to have a huge collection, someday!
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hee hee hee

By the way, if you happen to have merch of Rie Tanaka (posters, CDs, articles in magazines like Animedia, etc.) or my waifu Miyo Takano and want to sell it... I'M HERE

You can also contact me at @zemisong on Twitter!

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