NingyoHimeDollNingyoHimeDoll KaworubungaI really wish i could change username


Ningyo, 20, non-binary, INFP, ab/abs/abysself pronouns.
I'm an italian geek and big Evangelion fan.

I love prepainted figures the most, whether scaled or not. Not a big fan of figmas and nendoroids, but sometimes I buy them too. I never buy garage kits.

In Wished I put all the figures I plan to buy ASAP.
In my lists I put all the other figures I want. (mfc link)

Profile picture by the amazing Yuumei

Please check out my shop! I dropped out of school because of depression, and now I'm in need of money. If you buy some of the figures I'm selling, you'd help me a lot!


Psst! Wanna earn money? Then read this, you won't regret it!! c:

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01 year agoRei0DRei0D
Hi! I would like to buy something from you but it seems your inbox is full so... PM me when you can :)
01 year agoPandybearPandybear
Hey , id like to buy something from you , but you are not available contact-wise :S please PM me ASAP
01 year agoakainosoraakainosora
Sorry, I want to reply you via PM but it seems like your inbox is full ><
01 year agoPandybearPandybear
Hey there! Please tell me you're still selling that danganronpa coin purse set , Id like to buy it from you , PM me for more info . Sankyou!~ ^_^ Hope to hear from you soon
02 years agonaftienaftie
NingyoHimeDoll (2 years ago) #3168632Yes!! I love Yuumei's works. Though my favorite artist is redjuice. c:
ahh I have seen redjuice's art before, it's so great! I find artists like these very inspiring(:

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