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02 months agoBeaniBeani (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Nuramoon (2 months ago) #2267620you love Senjougahara? ^^ i will try to get all shinobus
Very much so :) Good luck with your Shinobu quest!
03 months agoSoraXKairiSoraXKairi
Nuramoon (3 months ago) #2215068Hello,
and also hope you will have fun with MFC.
Did i know you?

No I just noticed a picture by you on here and decided to send you a friend request. :)
03 months ago6reen6reen
Nuramoon (3 months ago) #2213735Yes. Sako i love her in Upotte! Oh, i think visiting Dokomi or Connichi would be good choice. I have a long way to every con, because living near denmark. I see many mumi stuff when i fly with finnair this april-may. Is this so popular?
Yup, Moomins (or Muumit in Finnish) are very popular here and the anime TV-series has made literally every person know them, even though the earliest Japanese series (around 1970) haven't even broadcasted in here. However Moomins are so famous in Japan (thanks to the anime) it's not rare seeing Japanese tourists come to Finland only for them! Oh and thank you for the convention recommendations!
03 months ago (3 months ago)6reen6reen
Nuramoon (3 months ago) #2213590ahh finland :3 i like it :D Problem with my display choices: i bought 1 touhou then 1 other thing and so on ^^ only Nymph figures are alltogether. Dolls are seperate from this rule they are in safest display case.
But until this year i will arrange one only with monogatari^^.

Ohh, I see! And yes, Finland is a nice country, many great anime characters are also Finnish! :3 I noticed you live in Germany and actually I visited there few months ago for the first time in my life! I'm definitely coming again and maybe attending a German anime convention or something. ^_^
03 months agoSayurii-MiyaSayurii-Miya
Ich hab deine Sammlung gesehen und war begeistert bis hoch 10 .... *-* da musste ich dich einfach anfragen >< du musst nicht annehmen wenn du es nicht möchtestNuramoon (3 months ago) #2213166Oh hi, kennen wir uns x.x ?

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