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Everyone handle it different with the lists, when I write something in owned, I got the figure ect. at home, ordered are only confirmed and payed orders not only reservations,(exception is only amiami pre orders) wished are goods which I search or mabye only desire in future....

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027 days agoMonogataRinMonogataRin
Nuramoon (27 days ago) #15944022do you found other tapestrys of Shinobu by "normal shops" C89-90 ? or do you use proxy?

I used a proxy to buy the tapestry of Ougi and Meme, in mandarake I found the tapestry of Nadeko and Ononoki. And the last week I found in mandarake all of C89
02 months agoReycoenmaReycoenma
I like it your collection my dear friend :D
02 months agoSirPentorSirPentor
Nuramoon (2 months ago) #14695843the display cases with light are from IKEA (Synas)yeah I saw that one, I'm curious about the wide detolf looking things.
02 months agoangelbottangelbott
Nuramoon (2 months ago) #14692795[ext link ] IKEA Synas ?
thanks. c:
02 months agoMieowMieow
ich habe eben deine Bilder durchforstet und sie gefallen mir total gut! :)

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