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06 months agoDorobbongDorobbong
Nyx (6 months ago) #1785597Hi. Sorry for the late reply. Kuroko is my first purchase on CR, but I've heard from others that they are reliable but sometimes take longer to get things in stock.

Ah. Okay. Thanks. I've ordered him as well and it's the first time for me too, I was just a bit unsure because of the upfront payment. :)
Oh, I'm patient enough when I can save a few bucks. Ha Ha.
06 months agoDorobbongDorobbong
Hello. :)
We don't know each other, I just saw you mentioned you ordered the Kuroko figure at CR, is that right? I wanted to ask, if CR is reliable, because I'd like to get that figure myself, but all the shops which do sell him for a good price are out of stock and all the others are almost double priced.
It's abit frighting to pay upfront when not knowing if you'll get it, that's why I thought I asked something who has experience, maybe.
I'm actually new to all that figure collecting thing. Ha Ha. :)

Thanks in advance for an answer. :)
010 months agoDjibrilDjibril
Happy Birthday! ^^
010 months agokk090200kk090200 Con going Anime lover!!...
Happy Happy Birthday!
01 year agoOtakuAi-chanOtakuAi-chan
Awesome collection you got ther QAQ

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