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I think it all started with Voltron (GoLion) and Saint Seiya as a young'en, but I didn't really understand the distinctive anime style.

Then, Ninja Scroll, Golden Boy and Ghost in the Shell in middle and high school--I was hooked. I also learned to appreciate the romantic comedy type through Ah! My Goddess, Tenchi Muyo, and Ranma 1/2. There were so many great anime in the 90's that it's hard to list them all.

I tried to delve in to the Super Robot genre years ago with RahXephon, but it didn't grab me. Sadly, it took until recently for me to finally get hooked. It's all thanks to Gundam UC, Macross Plus, Evangelion, and TT Gurren-Lagann. I'm currently scouring for more.

I've gone to several anime conventions (namely Anime Expo since it's huge and nearby) and plan on attending more as time goes on. I'm not much in to cosplay, but I do enjoy being a spectator.

My first scale figures were of Final Fantasy X by Kotobukiya in 2002 (I still have them in a box somewhere), and then I got a few others here and there. However, in 2009 I started to get a bit more serious about figure collecting. So, here I am now.

Drop me a line and FR. I like meeting others who share the similar interests and if you're in SoCal, maybe we could have a meetup to the next Anime Expo. ^____^

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026 days agoSunChildSunChild
OeKintarouG (27 days ago) #2385194I'm there! ^_____^

Thank you for your comments on my pictures.
I tried to answer your questions as best I can. :-)
029 days agoSunChildSunChild
Finally new pictures: My bedroom is online. ^-^
02 months agoSunChildSunChild
OeKintarouG (2 months ago) #2328190Unless it was made by a Japanese company, it won't be available in the database. Do you know who manufactured the Little Mermaid figure?

I think it is from Bandai, but am not sure.

Here is a picture where it is better to see it:

picture #1088076
02 months agoReinierReinier
OeKintarouG (2 months ago) #2328629Happy Birthday!! ^______^

Thank you ^_^
02 months agoSunChildSunChild
Around mail to everyone in my friends list:

Seeking for linking the Little Mermaid left in the picture.

(mfc link)

Can one tell whether it is present in the database and send the link to me?

Many thanks. :-)

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