OhnoRaptorsOhnoRaptors [Cinderella Girl]Justice for sushi cats and banana birds.

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04 months agoharichanharichan
how do you mass report images/entries in the database?
07 months agoSionaSiona
OhnoRaptors (7 months ago) #13362189Please remember to crop out watermarks for main entry images. And if there are multiple figures in one picture to crop to the specific figure.

Mhhh I had more in mind to crop watermarks (or to avoid them) for final picture and not necessarily for draft entries, but I will do.
07 months agoMoonshineMoonshine
OhnoRaptors (7 months ago) #12390449Photos that you take yourself that are from events go in "exposition" instead of figures. :)
If you go to (mfc link) you can mass move them.

07 months agoMoonshineMoonshine
OhnoRaptors (7 months ago) #12390385Moon! Move your damn AX photos to the "exposition" category!

Yooooo did I do something wrong?
010 months agoangelbottangelbott
Hi! ^^ Who is this cute girl in your avatar from? =o

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