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09 days agoharichanharichan
whenever i search for ACOS when i'm adding entries with that company as a manufacturer, it doesn't list it as one of the results. how do i search for it by entry number (or is there any way to let me search for it and have it show up)
05 months agoharichanharichan
how do you mass report images/entries in the database?
08 months agoSionaSiona
OhnoRaptors (8 months ago) #13362189Please remember to crop out watermarks for main entry images. And if there are multiple figures in one picture to crop to the specific figure.

Mhhh I had more in mind to crop watermarks (or to avoid them) for final picture and not necessarily for draft entries, but I will do.
08 months agoMoonshineMoonshine
OhnoRaptors (8 months ago) #12390449Photos that you take yourself that are from events go in "exposition" instead of figures. :)
If you go to (mfc link) you can mass move them.

08 months agoMoonshineMoonshine
OhnoRaptors (8 months ago) #12390385Moon! Move your damn AX photos to the "exposition" category!

Yooooo did I do something wrong?

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