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Hello! I mostly collect video games and video game memorabilia

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03 months ago (3 months ago)suwa194suwa194
I just love how you organize your collection! I've got to work hard to organize my own.
01 year agoLunaSnow01LunaSnow01
I love your Luna PGSM plus so much! I'm still looking for it so hard ^^

Your collection is beautiful! :)
02 years agoSplashSplash
Onyxia (2 years ago) #3079554Aah, love your Pokémon collection! ❤ Really liking all your pictures of it too!
I've been slowly adding stuff to the database since most plushes from the early 2000s don't seem to be on there, and that's when I noticed your name. Had to drop by!

Omg yes thank you so much for adding to the pokemon database!! There's soooo much that needs to be added and I wish I had more time to contribute myself XD I'll certainly add to whatever i have of your submissions though, thank you for the FR <3
02 years ago (2 years ago)LoversCollectionLoversCollection
Onyxia (2 years ago) #3078690Awww, thank you! You know, I never really realized I had a theme going on, haha. I'll have to try to take more matching pictures! Good luck with your collection!

YES! I look forward to seeing more! Games and plushies are a super cute combo! Plushies and matching merch as well. You should do a Sailor Moon one too.
And thank you! I wish you good luck with your collection as well~
02 years ago (2 years ago)LoversCollectionLoversCollection
AW! I love your photos! I like the theme you have going on! Plushies with matching consoles. I hope you'll continue, would love to see more! They're so darling!

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