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I have been a fan of Naruto ever since I started watching the original series in 2007. My love of Naruto was what incited me to collect figures. I really wanted physical representations of the characters I love (which is practically the entire cast). My collection began in May, 2013.


Since then, I have somewhat expanded my mind in terms of what I would like to collect. Naruto as a series is still my number one priority, and always will be, but there are other characters and animes (that I will list underneath) that I also adore and intend to collect.



My favourite song of the moment *Hyde's voice sends me to heaven*: [ext link ]

And thought I'd brighten your day by suggesting you watch this XD [ext link ]



My Most Anticipated
March 2015: item #216432
March 2015: item #236178
April 2015: item #236175
April 2015: item #236575
May 2015: item #163750
May 2015: item #259312
May 2015: item #235621
June 2015: item #204788
June 2015" item #214689
July 2015: item #248923
2015: item #236127
2015: item #236265
2015: item #269710
2015: item #269726
2015: item #269720
2015: item #235830
2015: item #236268
2015: item #287812

My Interests:
~ Naruto
~ Uta no Prince-Sama
~ Neo Angelique Abyss (I will forever live in hope that there will be figures made of this series)
~ Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (almost exclusively Hideyoshi Kinoshita <3)
~ Nitro+Chiral (Dramatical Murder, Lamento, Togainu no Chi)
~ Sailor Moon
~ Steins;Gate
~ Gintama
~ Hakuouki
~ Death Note
~ Kuroshitsuji
~ Any male figures with animalistic features e.g. item #133961 (as rare as they are)



To Cosplay:
~ Tsunade [ext link ]
~ Temari [ext link ]
~ Mami [ext link ]
~ Misa Amane [ext link ]
~ Jeanette Voerman [ext link ] (probably NSFW, haha)
~ Angelique (so elaborate!) [ext link ]



Priority List:
1. Pay off Toynami statues from AA.
2. Save for Japan trip.
3. Purchase new laptop.
4. Purchase new camera.
5. Other stuffs.



If you enjoy Naruto, please join club #1062 !

Also, if you are Australian, and may be interested in group orders, join club #1125


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