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Despite being open and energetic, I am actually fairly shy with approaching people. I will always hesitate and mentally analyze before speaking with someone for the first time, or getting involved in a social situation. Often, I just simply lack confidence in how well the other person(s) will perceive me, as I am quite an oddball. ^__^; I have to remind myself that I need to just relax and be myself completely, and if the other party doesn't like me that way, then it's better to know now than later on, after having hid my personality. Though I may be shy to talk to others, I do have much desire to be social and meet new people. My goal in this area is to have at least a few people who I have very deep connections with, and am very close to, as well as any number of more casual friends that I can just have random fun with. Though hesitant at times, I am a natural leader, and will take charge of a situation that needs me to do so. My leadership style is of the nurturing nature~

I have many hobbies and interests. I like to learn about and practice anything that I find interesting, which is.. well.. almost everything! If someone I meet is into something, I will most likely even try to join them.. I simply love gaining knowledge and having experiences in general. A taste of some of my serious interests include spirituality, the supernatural, cooking, Chinese culture, and playing musical instruments. One long-time passion I've had, and my most prominent hobby, is anime, and all things related to it; Reading and collecting manga (japanese-origin comic books), Watching and collecting anime (japanese-origin cartoons), collecting figurines of characters from anime, and playing visual novels. I have been into this hobby since 6th grade, and my room is filled with my books, DVDs, figurines, and posters I have collected. Though I have a passion for it, I do not necessarily care to talk about it. For this reason, whether someone is interested in anime or not is hardly something I look at with making friends. With me, there are much more important things I want to find in someone other than a certain hobby.

Two very important traits that I want to find in others are mental strength and independence. Confidence in knowing yourself and your ideas, and the ability to solve your own problems and not give up no matter what. Not being swayed by society's ideals or the ideas of other people. Not needing to rely on parents or other authority figures. A very high level of self-awareness is of the highest importance to me, and one cannot get very close with me without it. Passion is also something I consider beautiful, and I'm very attracted to others with strong emotions, like me. But, being in control of your emotions and not letting them cause destruction is important! I also love an active imagination~ I strongly believe in complete openness between friends. There should be no need to hide any feelings or thoughts from each other that the other should know. All problems can be solved with understanding and communication, if we truly try.

Strength of the mind, strength of the soul. The will to never give up or be taken over by others, ever. The desire to form one's own opinions and ideas, uninfluenced by what is accepted by society. Having extremely eccentric ideas myself, what is important to me is not what someone believes in specifically, but rather that they have a strong stance on it (NOT to the point of never being willing to change it no matter what, as that is foolish) and reasons to back it up. People with vastly different ideas on topics such as religion and such can still be the best of friends. Sharing beliefs means little.. the connection between two people is what counts.
Another thing is "intelligence," for lack of a better word. I don't mean book smart. As far as I'm concerned, what we learn in school is little more than random trivia. I desire the deep discussion type of intelligence. People who can keep up with what I'm saying, and respond analytically and logically, and/or with what they truly feel, when they take time to really think about it. I am a very spiritual person, and believe myself to be very awakened in that area. Though specific beliefs will differ, being "awakened" in such a way is also very important to me, and to the type of intelligence I seek.

Though I have portrayed myself so far as being a very serious person, which I indeed am, my personality is very fun-loving, adventurous, free-spirited, and I can be quite lovey-dovey around the right people. While I wish for deep connections and discussions, I also know the importance of taking it easy and relaxing, too. I can be silly and fun as much as I can be serious and deep. I don't at all mind casual relationships, so don't be afraid to contact me even if only my laid-back side appeals to you. However, if you are looking for something more, and like what I have said (there is much more to know, of course), I am very open to meeting all kinds of people. I believe chatting and playing games such as MMORPGs together, one on one, is the best way to get to know someone online, and would love to do such things with anyone who is interested! If we find we really connect well, you will most certainly receive endless devotion and love.

Grade: High School Graduate
Blood Type: O
Birthday: December 23
Favorite Food: Chinese Buffet Food!
Least Favorite Food: Seaweed.
Favorite Subject: Culinary Arts
Least Favorite Subject: Pre-Calculus
Favorite Color: Light Pink
Hobby: Japanese Anime, Video Games, Cooking, Spiritual Development
Specialties: Devotion, Waifu Skills, Being lovey-dovey, Nurturing, Accepting, Open, Taking the Lead, Adaptable, Analytical, Spiritual Awareness


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02 months ago (2 months ago)ForeverzeroForeverzero
Merry Christmas and late Happy Birthday!!! Hope everything went well.
02 months agoFullmangaFullmanga
Happy Birthday !
02 months agoTaigaSuzumiyaTaigaSuzumiya
Happy Birthday~!!!

Enjoy this day~!
02 months agoDeadlyAnimeDeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
011 months agoHumbertHumbertHumbertHumbert
You've got good taste!

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