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I'm Aria, a 21 year-old CIS Female with a Pansexual orientation.

Wall of text not enough? Here, have a completely open and honest short novel I wrote about myself and what I want: [ext link ]

Skype: chaotic-pink-angel
Facebook: [ext link ]

I'm a very huge fan of anime and am an amateur anime artist! You can check out my newby art here: [ext link ]. Don't hesitate to ask me to draw a request for you - be it fanart or your own OC.
I'm also very slowly but surely working on an original visual novel ♥. Feel free to check it out here: [ext link ]
For video games, I enjoy playing J-RPGs such as the following series - Hyperdimension Neptunia, the Atelier games, Senran Kagura, Disgaea, Ar no Surge, among others.
I also love MMORPGs! If you play any of these, let me know, I'd love to play them together with others. I'll even create a new character on a different server to play with friends. ♥ My most favorite MMORPG at the moment is Final Fantasy XIV, but I also like SMITE, Blade & Soul, and TERA. I'm always up for trying out new ones as well, so don't hesitate to ask me.
As an "otaku," I enjoy watching anime, reading manga, and collecting anime figures, and as much as I adore cute anime girls, I'm not too pleased with all the trashy harem ecchi shows dominating the industry these days. Madoka Magica is my favorite anime of all time. ♥ I also enjoyed Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Steins;Gate, No Game No Life, and The Devil is a Part-Timer! as well.
Some American shows I enjoy are The Flash, Burn Notice, The Walking Dead, The Arrow, and Daredevil. After watching and loving the first superhero movie I ever saw years ago, Green Lantern, I'm finally getting into more of that stuff lately~ My favorite heroes are Green Lantern and Deadpool, and my favorite villian is Harley Quinn. ♥ I hope to read a lot of the comics, though there are so many~ @_@
I also enjoy traveling very much, and I think camping is fun! I would love to go paranormal investigating, too. I've been to a monster truck rally, too, and it was neat. Basically, I like doing almost anything for fun. c: I'd probably not like hunting, though.

For my beliefs, I am an anti-theist, which is different from an atheist in the fact that I go so far as to feel that believing in any sort of God or Gods is actually harmful to people and society as a whole, rather than just saying they don't exist. While I personally really doubt the one, big, true, "God" that Christianity, Islam, and Judaism believe in could exist at all, I think it's possible that there are beings out there that might be able to be called Gods, though they don't really fit the traditional description of one - I would think they don't meddle in everyone's life or have a tremendous amount of power, and for sure they don't care about being worshiped, and wouldn't be beings worthy of worship anyway, as they are basically actual people but with such a vast amount of knowledge that they are able to do some neat things. ^^;

I also believe in ghosts, and think that they are simply souls outside of a body, after someone has died, made of electromagnetic energy and that they can indeed make sounds, move things, appear briefly as a person or shadow, etc. but they definitely don't have the energy required to do it very often, and I strongly believe that most psychic mediums are fakes. You can definitely feel things from ghosts if you have an open mind, I feel, but in no way do I think it's possible to be able to learn extremely specific information about a ghost from them like so-called psychics state.

As for ghosts and the afterlife, I'm a strong believer in reincarnation. I have my own personal evidence of it, as I used to feel very strongly about some details from a previous life, and my partner from that life, and then I met my partner in this life, who felt familiar to me in those ways, and they had many dreams throughout their life about their past life, which perfectly matched my own feelings about it. They also often have dreams depicting the near future, and many details end up becoming true. They have seen places in their dreams they had no idea existed, then we looked them up on Google and they actually are there. :o So they're kinda the closest thing to a psychic I actually know, though it's funny because despite being able to have past and future dreams, though they share my spiritual beliefs, they are a far more science-oriented person. I also believe there is life on other planets, but the universe is so ridiculously gigantic, that we may never have the technology to travel to a distance where there is life, much less even be able to pin-point a single planet out of billions that even harbors life to begin with.

And I feel there is just so much wrong in this world and society that it's near nauseating, and I feel like so much more emphasis needs to be placed on compassion above all else, and then on education. Many of the lesser aspects of spirituality can be proved with science, I feel, like how there are already devices that can capture evidence of ghosts. The media is just so obsessed with celebrity this, celebrity that, and while we may have come far with technology and science, I feel like hardly any emphasis is truly being places on those areas at all, which is just.... why? Why would someone want to care more about celebrities than advancements in knowledge? D: I don't understand.

And if you've made it this far in reading my profile, congratulations! I also enjoy writing walls of text when I feel like it. If your eyebrows didn't twitch too much while reading, maybe we can get along? c: Also, I'm a pretty lonely person. I might seem friendly, but I don't actually have many friends. D: I had a best friend who was very important to me, and that relationship ended VERY poorly, so after that I've kinda shut myself off from people, but I want to change that and find friends again.

So, if anything in my profile interested you, whether you live near me or not, feel free to message me! I enjoy real-life and online friends equally. ♥ If you want to just talk, feel free to add me on Skype or wherever I listed! I know I wrote a lot of fairly uncommon beliefs up there, but they're all up for any sort of discussion... but do NOT come to me with the intention of trying to make me become a Christian or believe in God! Whether you believe you have good intentions or not with that, it is a huge pet peeve of mine (religious people forcing their beliefs on others), and it's a sure way to get you instant blocked! I'm not going to force my beliefs on you, so don't force yours on me. I do have quite an interest in various spiritual practices though, especially if they don't believe in a specific God or anything, so feel free to share stuff like that with me if you're a part of something of that sort. ♥

I'm also into the feedism fetish as well... if anyone is interested in that, I'll just drop my profile here: [ext link ]

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19 months agoAkuryotaisan16Akuryotaisan16
Just received the Aiyoku no Eustia figure by Kotobukiya. She was wrapped very well and avoided damage during shipping. I'm very happy with her; thanks again so much!
11 year agoBlodebleBlodeble
Just got the Louise White Bustier Version figure. It was in great condition and was wrapped with extreme care. Thanks again for the figure!
11 year agoJtotheFJtotheF
Thanks for the figures, all three arrived in great condition. I'm very happy.
Please accept my friend request.
01 year agoTiamat26Tiamat26
Just took a look at your collection adn I can see that you have Louise in white bustier version. She is a beauty and a great one to have. She is extreamly expensive to get. If you do have the box for her I swear you could sell her for a pretty penny.

= )

01 year agoTiamat26Tiamat26
I was replying otyour post about boxes but I guess that you took it down.

Best of luck with the sales.

= )


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