OyasumiOyasumi What is it Eren?



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02 months agolwbfc3lwbfc3
Hey did you get my PM about chariot figma?
03 months agolwbfc3lwbfc3
Merry Christmas
06 months agoryndiaryndia
Hi~ Happy Happy Birthday ^_^
Enjoy your day :)
07 months agoacolyteacolyte
Oyasumi i can't reply you if your inbox is full xD
07 months agoacolyteacolyte
Hi Oyasumi,
She has arrived today. Looks like I still love her even after all that wait~ She's actually the first Miku figure I'm opening. I have Sakura Miku, Natsu Miku, Yukata Miku, and Miku ver 2.0 but it's all still boxed, all which I got pretty recently :s

Thank you~

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