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My name is Palm. I'm from Thailand.
Nice to meet you all! :)

Figure IG : palmahbeng_toygraphy

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07 days agodogs547895dogs547895
11 month agoPalmAhBengPalmAhBeng
HarukaHaruno1991 (1 month ago) #20266721Happy B^^^

Thank you so much XD
01 month agoHarukaHaruno1991HarukaHaruno1991
Happy B^^^
03 months agoChibimacoChibimaco
PalmAhBeng (3 months ago) #18391867I will teach you through FB chat na krab, just wait :)
wakarimashitaa ~ thank you so much na ka >___<
03 months agoPalmAhBengPalmAhBeng
I will teach you through FB chat na krab, just wait :)

Chibimaco (3 months ago) #18391440Palm-san ~ Could you tell me "How to add friends" here ? cuz I can't find the botton anywhere @__@

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