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Hi, my name is Tenten Sakura. I am a twenty-five year old girl from the Netherlands. My hobbies are drawing, photography, social media, gaming, shopping, my pets, eating, drinking and sleeping. I collect anime figures, fox plushies and all things Nintendo. I have a Samoyed, named Dyamond and a boyfriend, named Charichzard. I am quite geeky and I find it very hard to make friends, because I honestly do not know how to deal with people.

Although I do have social anxiety issues, I am "free to add" and I would even like to talk if you want to.

My first scale figure was item #8087
My first Nendoroid was item #166946
My first prize figure was item #101418
My first action figure was item #80191
My first trading figure was item #25205

My last scale figure was: item #396977
My last Nendoroid was: item #396886
My last prize figure was: item #443418
My last action figure was: item #236205
My last trading figure was: item #477301

Pastel colors ● reading manga ● toy photography ● game consoles ● experimenting with cooking food ● drawing ● blogging ● milky chocolate ● family and friends ● classical music ● attending cons ● happiness ● laughter ● horror movies ● sushi ● matcha latte ● petrichor ● nutella ● selflessness ● cosplay ● vanilla/cherry coke ● iced coffee ● swimming ● learning ● foxes ● fall season ● spicy food ● sleeping in ● science ● cleaning ● history

Weather extremes ● (pea)nuts ● violence ● homophobia ● ignorance ● spiders ● people who don't try ● rap ● having anxiety ● jerks ● boring television ● most insects ● mathematics ● arrogance ● butter ● telemarketers ● yappy dogs ● greed ● cigarettes ● animal cruelty ● idiotic movies ● extreme bitterness with anything edible ● drunkenness ● bad hygiene ● pedophiles ● mosquitos ● scalpers ● certain people on here

My Facebook: [ext link ]
My Twitter: [ext link ]
My Instagram: [ext link ]
My MyAnimeList: [ext link ]

Comments (39)

02 months agobuttburglarrrbuttburglarrr
Thanks for adding me. Your collection is huge!
02 months agomaximimonmaximimon The New Shadow Emperor
thanks for the FR request ^_^ you have an awesome collection !
02 months agolightningmaidlightningmaid 不思議な
Naar welke cons ga je zoal? Ik ga nauwelijks naar cons, omdat het allemaal overpriced is en gewoon te druk is.

Ahahaha, da's inderdaad nog niet zo lang. Ik doe het rustig aan, omdat ik elke keer ook spaar om op reis te gaan. Dus elke keer is het reis geld vs figures wanneer ik een figure zie waar ik in geïnteresseerd ben.

Plasticom (2 months ago) #18117777Dat is waar. :) Al heb ik nog steeds het idee dat ze me aan het "stalken" zijn hier...
Mooi zo, dat is goed om te horen. Met mij gaat het ook prima. ^_^ Haha ja, ik ben begonnen als een zeer impulsieve koper (daarom breng ik ook constant figures naar de bring&buy op cons). Ik ben begonnen sinds 2015, dus nog niet zo heel lang. :X Jij hebt trouwens ook best veel figures, en omg, je Angewomon. <3
02 months agoOtaconOtacon
Very much so! It's easily my favorite anime series of all time.
02 months agoDynamiteDynamite
Plasticom (2 months ago) #18117829You're welcome. :)
How are you? You have such a gorgeous profile, I'm very jealous!


i am fine, i hope you are also. I am glad you like my profile.
You have a gigantic collection, thats great!

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