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I'm your average medical student interested in neurology (for now).
When I'm not in the hospital or class, I enjoy drawing (see my deviantArt), crafting, cooking, photography, and music.

Figure collecting is something I've gotten in to because it allows me to combine crafting (in the form of sculpting accessories) with photography. I mostly collect Nendoroids and scale figures of my favorite characters. <3 I also love Re-ment figures and other miniature figures.

Also see my trade/sale list: (mfc link)

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03 years agoKaito570Kaito570
wow must be tough being a premed student way to go
03 years agomakmufflesmakmuffles
Richter arrived safe and sound today! Thank you so much :D

Very prompt communicator and a big sweetheart (I was given such an adorable extra)! 10/10 would love to do business with again in the future :3
03 years agoanimattanimatt
This is a re-release you must get! (mfc link) ^_^
03 years agoshiimashiima
Shinkai Shoujo Miku arrived perfectly safe and sound! Thank you very much ^^~!!
04 years agohipozaurushipozaurus is trying her best!
Received the package the day before yesterday, thank you so much for cute extras ;3; You're one of the best hosts I've ever met, thank you once again for everything! <3

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