PlumePlume "Verbose" is an understatement.


I'm an Architecture student with (supposedly) childish hobbies. I'm obsessed not only with painting/drawing and sculpture, but also with literature and story-telling. I'm fairly new to the hobby though I've always loved 3D representations of various characters. I actually started with garage kits and then got into PVC figures once I stopped having the time needed to build and paint kits.

I should warn people that I tend to talk a lot. It's not unusual for me to spam pages with entire "walls of text" and for that I apologize. On the one hand it's because English is not my native language and so I need a lot of words to express exactly what I want to say. And on the other hand it's got much to do with my own personality: I dislike misunderstandings, so I like to paint as clear a picture of what I am saying, as possible.

See you around the site :)

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02 months agokilanikilani Sayaka Rank
Thank you!
02 months agokilanikilani Sayaka Rank
I hate to bother you, but if you happen to see the cutie moon rod available can you let me know? I keep missing it
07 months agoMilady-AllucaMilady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
Aha hello :'D Thanks for the friend request, it was a surprise to see xD Always nice to befriend fellow moonies, though c:
08 months agomaraiatorimaraiatori
Happy New Year!!
010 months agoGarrusaurusWrexGarrusaurusWrex
Plume (10 months ago) #1804133Hey there! Finally, he's there :D. Glad it all worked out alright in the end. But I'm also sorry to hear about the peg problem... I've been reading about it on his page. It seems to be generalized so... maybe someone can come up with a solution? Right now I'm thinking of what it'd be like if you drilled holes where the pegs were and replaced them with metal rods. I had to use metal on my Alter Gwendolyn and stick her to the base because mine had a broken peg (collectors' life-story, I know).
Anywho, no need to thank me... I should be thanking you :). Which I am: thank you! :))

Yeah, people are filling the comments page with solutions and similar problems. So far not many strategies have worked, but we'll see I guess. That'd be a good idea, but idk where to get tiny metal rods to fit the vest.

No problem! I'm just grateful to have a trustworthy seller =)

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