PoogiePoogie Samus is Bae.


Girlfriend / Godzilla / Vidya / Art / Animu

I like collecting figures, they fill my room and soul with joy~

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01 year agoMomMom I'm really out here
Good taste in senrans. Katsuragi a best.
02 years agoBen148usBen148us
Okay thanx, please inform me immediately if you decide to sell it for $200, I will give you my blazblue set
02 years agoBen148usBen148us
I have Rachael , ragna, Noel , and no. 12 what else are you looking for I have Pokemon stuff, dangaronpa, etc
02 years agoBen148usBen148us
Would you lower to $200 of I give you the rest of the blazblue nendoroid petite set and the rage of Bahamut nendoroid petite set
02 years agoBen148usBen148us
My max is $200

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