PorcelainePrissPorcelainePriss Princess of PVC


Charming, eclectic, enthusiastic and eccentric cosplayer... soon to be married to a high level otaku of the magazine Hobby Japan.

Priss possesses a passion for Japanese culture and is an otaku musume extraordinaire. From figures to manga, anime, shimpan, dakimakura, maids, bishonen and megane her moe knows no bounds!

Going through a renaissance of fujoshi days... DRAMAtical Murder maniac. Nagisa Kaworu obsessed.

An avid cook, a total gourmet girl with a quintessentially British taste for fine teas, fashion, cats, cuteness, dinosaurs and David Attenborough. And ultraviolence.

Most beloved anime = Evangelion
Most beloved manga = Berserk


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019 days agotomokotomoko
I love your photo! If you don't mind me asking, where did you manage to pick up that Asuka? I have been searching FOREVER!
02 months agoEccmyEccmy
PorcelainePriss, please excuse me for barging in all of a sudden...

May I ask you if you check your clubs from time to time? If that's not the case, please have a look at club #16. I've left a comment there with several items for consideration to add to the club's Related Items' list (and I updated that comment just a few minutes ago).

Thank you in advance for your attention! ^_^
02 months agoTiamat26Tiamat26
PorcelainePriss (2 months ago) #2376240Hey Tia! It's my ultimate dream!
4-6 weeks sounds like a great way to make a start in Japan! I hope you can make it there too (^_^)/
I'll be in Tokyo in Kachidoki on the 48th floor (o_o)
All the best for your future dreams too! (^_^)/

May I add you to friends? I prefer asking before jus sending a friend request. Hey are you letting most of your collection go? I understandf Japan is limited in space but the collection you have is not all that big.. Is it because of moving expences?

And if I may ask since you do graphic design were you hired by a Japanese co? We can continue this in PM mode if you prefer. that is if you wish to do so of course. I do a lot of interior design as well as art.

= )

02 months agoSpecial-EdSpecial-Ed
I will buy that nagato figure for 80£ if its still available!
02 months ago (2 months ago)Tiamat26Tiamat26
Like the other person below me said .. wow moving to Japan How lucky of you, what part are you moving to. My Sensei comes from the Morioka Castle area. Been studying Japanese for 2 years now. there are so many famous castles I just hope I named the proper one LOL

Hope you will have a great time in Japan. A lot of the students go after taking classes for 3 years. Maybe next year for me but only for a 4-6 week visit. All depends on the $$$

Really want that Moka you put up but I cant afford her right now. : C

= )


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