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Charming, eclectic, enthusiastic and eccentric cosplayer often to be found in the company of the good folks at United Publications.

Priss possesses a passion for Japanese culture and is an otaku musume extraordinaire. From figures to manga, anime, shimpan, dakimakura, maids, bishonen and megane her moe knows no bounds!

An avid cook, a total gourmet girl with a quintessentially British taste for fine teas, fashion, cats, cuteness, dinosaurs and David Attenborough.


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029 days agoAkXf1reAkXf1re
PorcelainePriss (29 days ago) #2280447Merci! I see you like Sonico-chan!

Sonico x Sasara, my 2D waifu <3
029 days agoAkXf1reAkXf1re
Thanks for the add, fantastic collection!
04 months agoGioGio97GioGio97
Thank you for accepting my friend request!
07 months agoIMBeta305IMBeta305
PorcelainePriss (7 months ago) #1945936I'm Priss Porcelaine on Facebook. You can always PM me here too (^_^)how do i pm?
07 months agoIMBeta305IMBeta305
Hi, is there a fb of yours that i could add?

interested in buying saber

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