Pr0wlerPr0wler The hunting never ceases


Been collecting since 2009

Always loved the aesthetics of anime characters so when I learned there were actual PVC renditions of them, I absolutely needed to get some.

My first figure was Mr Bome's Lucia, an impulse purchase, got her for 30$ in a local video game shop. She now belongs to my bro, but that was the confirmation of a new hobby for me.

I'm obviously more into the female figures as only Lelouch and Suzaku from Code Geass as well as Light Yagami from Deathnote constitute the male presence in my collection. I don't stick to a specific type/character/scale of figure when shopping, it just needs to look appealing to me, whatever the reason. Nendos and figmas are out of interest to me for that reason, no appeal to me whatsoever.

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Pr0wlerThank youNo problem my friend!Enjoy your stay!
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Welcome to the board! :)

Enjoy your stay.
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Welcome to the board Pr0wler! :)

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