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06 days agoGigglepoxGigglepox
Pyrokar91 (8 days ago) #19073807:D cool hm I would have a really nice place for her..maybe I can get her in a month or two :)yeahh!! Take lots of pics if/when you get her!
08 days agoGigglepoxGigglepox
Pyrokar91 (8 days ago) #19072463Hey giggle, I really like the Aquamarine Shiro you have, but her price is so you think she's worth buying?Hi! i think so - i managed to grab her for 150. She's a good size and the detail on her is wonderful. The only downside is that her stand is just a standard white circle stand, but in the grand scheme of things, it def does not take away from her extravagance.
08 days agoFallen-CloudFallen-Cloud
Pyrokar91 (8 days ago) #19072934Uhm dein Posteingang scheint voll zu sein, kann dir dort leider nicht auf die pn antworten^^

Jetzt sollte es gehen! ^_^
08 days agoGigglepoxGigglepox
Pyrokar91 (8 days ago) #19062963Ty for accepting my FR!! :)ty for the add!! (ෆˊ͈ ु꒳ ूˋ͈ෆ)
011 days agoGigglepoxGigglepox
Pyrokar91 (11 days ago) #18982772Hi Gigglepox, I saw your post in the question club, I personally have some of these acrylic glass cases...
[ext link ]
I bought them from a shop on Ebay and really like them...they get a bit dusty as well, though.
Hope that helped!
yes, thank you so much!

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