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For the time being I won't be nearly as active in the community as I have been as it seems member quality control isn't a priority here no matter how obnoxious they act or frequently they're reported.

After getting messages on my Youtube such as "You're such a fucking faggot, R_Dorothy" and anonymous rape threats on my Tumblr from folks here I've decided to take a bit of a break in hopes they move on or things change.

NONE OF MY COLLECTION IS FOR SALE SO PLEASE DON'T ASK ME TO SELL! I've been getting a lot of requests due to my rarer figures but NOTHING IS FOR SALE.

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03 months agoShaerilethShaerileth 「Alchemic Punk」
Thank you for the FR! ^.^
03 months agotheyasminshowtheyasminshow Technicolor Terror
04 months agotheyasminshowtheyasminshow Technicolor Terror
R_Dorothy (4 months ago) #2164767Happy birthday!
Thank you ♥ http://i.imgur.com/WVUeVPz.gif
05 months agogamergibbonsgamergibbons
R_Dorothy (5 months ago) #2130888Thanks for accepting! I really like your reviews and you've got great taste in anime and video games.

Thank you! I always try my best to review the figures I add to my collection :) It's going to be a slow month due to the start of school, but after MetroCon here in Florida, I should have a loot post and maybe a review or two posted by then :)
05 months agogamergibbonsgamergibbons
Thanks for sending me a FR! : 3

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