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08 days agoGokaiSilver452GokaiSilver452
A ReBoot fan?!


Happy, happy, happy!
14 months agoRokikiRokiki
R_Dorothy (4 months ago) #3708795Hey, I'm trying to reply to your comment, but it won't let me. Yes, I did get my refund! That seller is also messaging me now so we'll see how it goes :/
You should make another post about it! Im sure others are curious, Im also curious what the seller is now saying. But good on you. Even if she picked up suddenly its still quite rude
04 months agoRokikiRokiki
did you ever get that refund?
06 months agokanjiaragakikanjiaragaki matsuoka fanatic
R_Dorothy (6 months ago) #3184673Heeeey! I live in Minnesota as well! How's the weather for you right now? It's really thundering in my neck of the woods right now!
Hi! Thank you for the FR~ ^.^

Is that what I just heard? I thought it was a firework. Lmao.
It was storming pretty heavily a few days ago too. It's so damn hot though I don't mind. D:
07 months agoGuillotineGhostGuillotineGhost
R_Dorothy (7 months ago) #3124878OMG! Hello! I kind freaked when I saw your comment on that Adachi item because I recognized your name! I love the smut you've written with him! xD
Hi, there!~
Ahh, yes, I do enjoy writing some Adachi smut, thank you, I'm glad you like it! /)w(\
(And reading it)
There's never enough merch of him, sadly!

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