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018 days agoEvilMokeyEvilMokey
R_Dorothy (18 days ago) #14016712I always meant to watch more of it, so I can't say for sure. I only caught an episode here and there so I was kind of lost.

That happens a bit with me for anime series as well. Definitely recommend giving it another shot, especially if you can get the DVDs cheap online.
018 days agoEvilMokeyEvilMokey
R_Dorothy (18 days ago) #14016614Oh, NP! Thanks for the request!
It's really a shame it was so poorly received! I love the Batman: TAS vibe and the character were all so terrific! It's my favorite anime and I doubt that will ever change.

Speaking of shows that didn't do well. You wouldn't happen to like the origional Fullmetal Alchemist?
There is an amazing blu-ray set being released in the UK for it.

Link: [ext link ]
018 days agoEvilMokeyEvilMokey
Thanks for accepting my friend request!

Don't find a lot of people who like the show Big O. It was one of the shows that got me hooked on anime.
07 months agoGokaiSilver452GokaiSilver452
A ReBoot fan?!


Happy, happy, happy!
111 months agoRokikiRokiki
R_Dorothy (11 months ago) #3708795Hey, I'm trying to reply to your comment, but it won't let me. Yes, I did get my refund! That seller is also messaging me now so we'll see how it goes :/
You should make another post about it! Im sure others are curious, Im also curious what the seller is now saying. But good on you. Even if she picked up suddenly its still quite rude

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