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I've been collecting anime-related and other Japanese figures since around 2000, although I've been into anime for longer than that, and a collector in general for even longer.

Current collecting interests include: prize figures, Cu-Poche, Parfom, figma, Nendoroid, Pokedolls, jigsaw puzzles, and, as usual, game music.

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016 days agoSekhmetSekhmet Killing Stalking
View spoilerHide spoilerR_Kasahara (2 months ago) #16226788It's okay. I took forever this time, so I guess now we're even XD And ugh, sorry to hear that. I once had a Trading Arts mini set arrive from Square Enix with the box totally banged up, and naturally, they wouldn't replace it. I've since heard that their storefront is run by Digital River, which is notorious for bad packaging, so I don't place orders there nowadays if I can help it. It's tough when there's exclusives involved, though.
As for me, I recently paid for a big AmiAmi order-- there's some presents in there, but it's mostly stuff for me ^^; One of the items is the first preowned figure I've ever bought from them (item #1610), so I'm a little nervous about what condition it will show up in. It seems like I've heard more complaints about AmiAmi's preowned section than Mandarake, but maybe that's just me *shrug* At any rate, I might have to cut back on the Right Stuf holiday sale ordering thanks in part to that. We'll see...
Going to try something different this time and pull individual quotes to reply to; hope that's okay!
I played Steins;Gate. Wasn't impressed. A few scenes were entertaining, like certain parts of Faris and Suzuka's story arcs. However, I didn't like Okabe much at all, it's unnecessarily wordy at times, and the final chapter badly contradicts what came before it. I have this theory now that whatever Huke touches ends up overhyped ;P If you want to pick it up when it's free or very cheap, just be warned that it's 40+ hours long; unless you have nothing else to do, you could probably find a better game to play.
I used to live in Philly, but never did make it out to Hershey Park ^^; I don't think I've been to an amusement/theme park since high school, actually. As for anime and Halloween, I saw a ~12 year old boy dressed like Kirito from SAO o_O Seems like younger kids are getting into anime like that these days? When I was just starting out, I was in high school, but this was back in the early 90s when barely anything was available (and like so many people back then, my gateway anime was Akira). I can't imagine going back to those times, and get a little annoyed when people complain about the prices of some Blu-ray sets and such. Back in the day, it was common to get two episodes of a show on one $30 VHS tape-- and you had to choose between the sub and the dub. Get off my lawn, etc., etc. XD
Figure prices, though, they're definitely too high these days, even with the incremental improvements in quality over the years.
Yeah, the DS and the PS2 libraries are amazing. I've probably said this before, but the best platform for me nowadays is the PC; I'm on Steam quite a bit and have an unwieldy backlog there (surprise!). If you have a Steam account as well, feel free to friend me - [ext link ]
I haven't read anything in that stack yet ^^;;; Right now I'm working through Karakuri Odette and the first handful of volumes of My Hero Academia, then I have the latest (in English) Princess Jellyfish and a few other things to go through. And I just got Pokemon Sun in, so I'll be spending a lot of time with that. Hope to start it tomorrow, actually!
I've never heard of Rabbit Man Tiger Man; will look it up! Have you read Hide and Seek? That's one of the most recent BL series I've read, and one of my all-time favorites now, too.
If I don't talk to you again before then, have a great Thanksgiving!

I'm so sorry I took so long to respond! I got a second job part time at a retail store and with xmas I was working a lot at that job in addition to my main job. Now that xmas is over they cut my hours down to about 10 a week (LOL) so I have more time.

View spoilerHide spoilerBut firstly, how was your Thanksgiving? I haven't talked to you since then. I hope it was good! I don't eat meat so it was a little meh for me, the same every year lol. For my xmas I got a couple things from my parents and sister. With this extra job I've been working I earned a lot of money but I also spent a lot so it was almost like I didn't work anything extra at all haha. I bought a lot from the rightstuf sale and then the Sentai sale too! Lots of DVDs/BRs. I finally snagged In The Garden of Words and a few others so I am pretty happy! I think I will do a loot post maybe sometime in February of everything I got from November-January. We will see. Of course my big purchase this month is two of Native Aoba! Then there are a couple games this month like Gravity Rush 2 which is my most anticipated as well as Tales of Berseria and KH 2.8!! So much this month and the next couple months are filled with games too. What are you playing now?

So did you get your item #1610 ? How was the condition? I bought my Milla Maxwell figure pre-owned off AA and she smelled horrible just awful. I aired her out for awhile and she was fine though, but I still don't know what that smell was. At least it wasn't smoke. I seriously gag when I smell smoke, I can't tolerate the smell at all. Other than that my pre-owned experiences from AA and even manda have been good. I got Kogi item #287698 for really cheap off suru and he was in fantastic condition. Speaking of touken Ranbu, I know better than to PO the figures anymore so I will be buying them all in the aftermarket. These are next on my list item #287697 item #331503 item #331505 Of course for upcoming figures there aren't too many but I have a few on order. I'm really excited for the Yuri on Ice figures though! Have you watched that? Not only does it have BL hints here and there, but it is absolutely hilarious and the animation and music are beautiful! I've already bought a boatload of merch for it too, I can't believe how much I've amassed already and how much I have on order.

Hmm yeah I will wait for Stein's Gate to be free on PS+ or something, it definitely seemed overhyped and I swear the anime was such a bore. I so regret spending $30 on it. I don't mind really long games, I prefer them to be longer as really short games sometimes piss me off. Like with God of War. That series is so hyped but honestly it's too easy, too short, and Kratos is such a stereotypical angry drunk boring character. All the GoW games were under 6 hours for me, and just meh. They definitely tried to emulate the hack n' slash elements that Devil May Cry pioneered but they just couldn't match up to it. Then there are indie titles like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Very short but such a wonderfully beautiful and sad, tragic game. I don't mind some games being short but when I pay $60 for something and finish it in about 6 hours, it gets a lower like/rating from me. A longer game of course doesn't mean a better game, but games that are so short I just feel like I am missing out on something.

Oh most definitely anime is now becoming somewhat of a fad I believe we can attribute that to gaming in general being more tolerated, not to mention how popular toonami is which promotes a lot of anime and gaming. Though, I do miss what toonami used to be when I was a kid. It used to play Sailor Moon and the Thundercats cartoons. Now it's just a channel for kids in and right out of high school, mostly male of course, the advertising and shows they pick for it seem to indicate as much. I mean I guess publicity of any kind is good but I feel toonami is just trying to hard to push anime in the wrong direction, they're just following a fad. Anime and gaming will die out again soon enough I think, probably within the next three years or so. Who knows, I'm still looked at as a weirdo for liking anime and whatnot, and laughed at by little high school girls still. Hmm, the only pricing for anime and whatnot I don't like today has to do with Aniplex of America. They are implementing JP like pricing for their releases and I don't get why they thought they could come into this market where you can buy a whole season for $60 and think they can charge $80 for like four episodes of a 24 ep series.......Anime isn't that valuable in the US so i don't get this. But hey, they aren't getting any of my money and I sincerely hope they let Funimation continue to have Black Butler. But anyways, how are you enjoying this anime season? Anything you like/are watching?

The news for Switch will be out on the 13th! I'm pretty excited. Can I still hope for a Super Mario Sunshine 2 and a Super Princess Peach 2? Is that too much to ask? *Sigh* I miss the era of gaming from the PS2/GC days. Really I do. Even the PSP was great but now Sony has abandoned its successor, the Vita.........there's just hardly anything coming out for it now T_T I don't like this shift in mobile gaming to be honest. I really like Mobius FF but I don't know, to me gaming should be done on a console or a handheld specifically for gaming, not on your phone. That makes me sound old, doesn't it :'D Oh I'll add you to Steam when I create an account! One of the things I got for xmas was the Amnesia otome game LE which included a steam code so as soon as I set that up I will add you! I'm afraid to look at all the games I will be buying on there tho orz. I'll need a computer specifically for gaming it seems.

So what have you finished reading? I read a pretty messed up manhwa recently...........it's not for the slight of heart and is even more messed up than Guilt Pleasure's stuff. Have you gotten around to Rabbit Man Tiger Man? It's just so adorable, a shame it got dropped by June. It apparently took so long for volume 3 to release they just let it go. Volume three was set to release in Japan in December but guess what? It already got delayed to August this year, yes, August of 2017. Wth. It's a shame, her other works got licensed by older BL companies that are now defunct, but she has such a nice and unique art style along with beautifully sweet stories. Her other stuff includes The Judged and The Last Portrait, one was released by Blu and the other by Drama Queen in the early 2000s. Check them out if you can too! Oh so how do you like Princess Jellyfish? I love it! I'm curious who she will end up with! Oh and did you see June is now taking pre-orders on their site? They just put up Twitter Birds Vol.3! Have you read that yet or anything by Yoneda Kou?
11 month agodogs547895dogs547895
opps sorry for random request lol
02 months agoMuntoeMuntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・人・...
R_Kasahara (2 months ago) #16012842Happy Birthday! Got anything special planned?Thanks Kasa!!! Nothing too crazy but I'm actually going to have a small b-day party this year (it's been years lol) so I'm a bit excited. Always good to have cake :D
02 months ago (2 months ago)SekhmetSekhmet Killing Stalking
R_Kasahara (2 months ago) #15769778View spoilerHide spoilerGood lord, you ain't kidding!
I haven't seen any of the Assassination Classroom anime; again, mainly a manga reader ;D It is outstanding, though, and quite funny. I particularly like the stories which focus on individual kids, and how they wound up in Koro-sensei's class. It's also brilliant how, every so often, they get back at the rest of the school (such a horrible school). Utena is a real trip, and pretty thick with symbolism. It's worth checking out, but it can be tough to get into. I haven't seen Darker Than Black, but my husband enjoyed it; I think he saw Blood+ as well, though I'm not sure (that one's set in the Blood: The Last Vampire universe, right?). Also not at all into shota either.
I've heard of Virginia and The Unfinished Swan, but... man, there's just so many games out there now. I look at my backlog sometimes and cringe (it doesn't help that a good chunk of it is JRPGs). Your sister's backseat driving games sounds annoying; I don't think I could put up with that! Since I get distracted very easily, I don't even like having other people in the same room with me when I'm playing a single-player game. Nowadays I have to plan around the cats as well, since one is hungry all the time and the other wants to play all the time, and both can be very annoying if they don't get their way :P
Looking forward to the Switch news in January. I love Nintendo's handhelds, so that they're combining their next one with their next console is especially interesting. Hopefully, there's a lot of good JRPGs and offbeat games on the thing. The DS was amazing when it came to those sorts of games, and the 3DS has a pretty solid lineup as well. I don't do much mobile gaming myself, though I have become somewhat hooked on Pokemon GO. Team Mystic runs most of the gyms in my town, though (I'm on Instinct) >:( Speaking of which, can't wait to play Pokemon Sun soon! I've been trying to avoid spoilers, but it's so hard *shakes fist at the entire internet*
Thanks for the recs, but right now, I really don't need more anime to watch ^^; We've been putting off starting something new for over a month now; it doesn't help that this time of year tends to be pretty busy. I will keep those titles in mind, though!

Sorry it took me forever >.< I've been playing World of FF, it's so damn cute and so much fun XD Still pissed my CE is damaged though and of course Square Enix customer support is absolutely useless. Now my little pop-up book is ripped T_T

View spoilerHide spoilerI plan on buying all the Assassination Classroom manga. Sometimes if I know I will like something because of the anime or have read some chapters online, I will just outright buy it in bulk. That has backfired on me though. Case and point, Steins Gate. I was like, oh yeah i will definitely like it, plus those Funimation trailers really sold me. I buy it for the $30, watch it, and just thought "god damn it." It was crap. It is so popular and I don't get why. Ok, I get the whole "picking fun at otaku" culture is like popular right now but that show tried too hard, way too hard. Meh. I'm sure people will tell me to play the game instead and I will once it is free on PS+ lmao. Utena is definitely on my list, as are some other older anime I need to watch. Darker Than Black really is amazing, I really wish there had been just one more season or even an OVA to tie together the end. Yup! Blood+ is within the same world of Blood: The Last Vampire, it's actually just a newer iteration of it and is the best one imo. I just love that anime so much, such a shame it has been ignored in NA and never got the BR treatment. The box sets I have for it are clunky and annoying, much like the old Death Note DVD set I have, orz.

Ahaha yeah my sister is like that with movies and games XD I tell her that all the time and she just tells me to shut it lmao. I actually went out with her to Hershey Park last Sunday before Halloween. It was pretty fun, though it did rain. But luckily when that happened a lot of people left so when the rides started back up again we didn't have to wait in line at all for the rides XD There was like no one there dressed as an anime character though, that surprised me. I did see a probably 12 year old girl with a Tokyo Ghoul shirt on though O_o Oh my whole life revolves around my cats XD I won't ever stay away from my house overnight because I know it would bother my cats. Plus, my youngest will rarely eat for anyone but me. When I'm at work/school my mom has to feed them and she tells me almost 99% of the time that she never came out of hiding to eat T_T So, staying away overnight is not an option for me since my youngest wouldn't eat. Also, no one in my house really likes cats so, no one would play/spend time with them either. My parents recently went to Europe for two weeks and the main reason I stayed behind was to care for my two cats and our three dogs. But it's ok, I'm perfectly fine spending my free time playing games at home XD

We will see how it goes with the Switch! I agree, the NDS was the best, I have SO many games for it and honestly, I think that generation of gaming consoles was the best. The PS2 era, wow! So much! So far for the PS4, all I am seeing is remasters and "ooohhh graphics" I don't like the way that's going tbh.

R_Kasahara (2 months ago) #15829488ADDENDUM:
Here's my BL backlog as of yesterday. Between this and the piles of other manga/comics I'm reading, I'm set for awhile XD

Oh wow that's a lot! O_o What have you read through? I recommend Border first, of course ;) I still wish I could get A Bloody Kiss Tonight by Makoto Tateno but alas, it's one of those $100+ manga now T_T ..........she's got a lot of good stuff. Though from your pic it looks like I haven't read a few. And random, but have you read Rabbit Man Tiger Man? That's one of my all time faves too <3
02 months agoSekhmetSekhmet Killing Stalking
View spoilerHide spoilerR_Kasahara (3 months ago) #15623630snipsnip
Fave genres of manga? I'll read just about any genre besides hentai and yuri (and with the latter, my one major exception has been Utena), but my favorite is most kinds of seinen manga. Jump manga has been really good in the past few years as well! I could never get much into Jump series in the past (especially during the Naruto/One Piece/Bleach heyday), but love Assassination Classroom and like Tegami Bachi, Nisekoi, World Trigger, and One-Punch Man quite a bit as well. The genre I tend to be pickiest about is BL, mainly because I have only so much of a tolerance for certain cliches (weepy ukes, for example) and don't like rapey semes or fluffy incest, which cuts out quite a bit. Because of that, BL reviews are the only ones where I don't mind spoilers ;) As an aside, workplace comedies tend to be my favorite BL stories, but they seem to be rare to begin with, never mind ones that are good and fit my tastes. I'm also extremely picky when it comes to slice of life and moe, and almost never read adaptations (of anime, light novels, etc.) or pre-1970 manga unless they're said to be great. Here's my all-time favorite manga, so you can see how all over the place my tastes are; I'd be interested to know what yours are ^^
My husband and I actually don't play games together often, though we do try to do so whenever possible. The last time was this spring, when we played all the way through Diablo III and its expansion on the 360. The console controls for that game are fantastic, and I loved that we could do couch co-op as well-- can't do that with Blizzard games on the PC. There's a few co-op games in our backlogs that we haven't gotten around to yet, but hopefully soon! We also recommend games and manga to each other all the time and often have great discussions about those shared experiences. I don't really talk much with my sister either, tbh ^^; Growing up, we would sometimes play video games together, but it was pretty rare-- stuff like Konami's The Simpsons in the arcade (not sure if you're familiar with that one, so here's some info). Most home consoles/handhelds were too expensive for my parents back then, so if we wanted to play Nintendo/Sega games, we mostly relied on cousins and such.
That Sephiroth PAK does look fantastic, but ehhh on it being a PAK and ehhhhhhh on the price. I'm not the biggest Sephy fan, but I do so love his figures... maybe I'll get him if he goes on sale in the future. And seeing as how we don't have a current gen Sony system, I'm afraid I won't be getting WOFF. We've pretty much decided to go PC and 3DS only this console gen, though some of the PS4/Vita/Xbone/WiiU exclusives look interesting. Right now, the one game I would really like to have on PC is Dragon Quest Builders. I'm much more into DQ than FF these days and that one looks wonderful.
Speaking of consoles, the Nintendo Switch looks really neat! Have you seen the reveal trailer? If the new Zelda and that Mario Kart they showed are launch titles, we might have to get one as soon as possible XD

Spoiler for length!
View spoilerHide spoilerOh my I love Assassination Classroom! I watched it on a whim and loved it from the first episode. Is the anime much different from the manga? I need to buy the manga soon too. It was funny because I was watching it and my mom came in and sat down to watch some of it with me and she got a good laugh out of it XD I think we are the same in that aspect. I will read pretty much anything as well aside from hentai or yuri. I've always meant to watch/read Utena too, just because the overall design looks so pretty. I did however read a story called Wolf Guy which is seinen and ecchi. To be honest, I decided to read it after seeing the cover.........the guy looked super hot so I was like......hmm, gotta read XD Well, I was floored by the story and art! Unfortunately, it is so heavily aimed at males so of course there were some scenes in it that made me rather uncomfortable......but overall I really enjoyed it and wish it were in English so I could buy it. The ending was so beautifully bittersweet too, just a wonderful story.....that happens to have one too many boobs in it O_o I have yet to check out Tegami Bachi or One-Punch Man, they are on my list though! See, I also enjoyed stuff like Rosario Vampire, and Is This a Zombie, even though they are shounen titles. They are just hilarious enough for me to not mind the rest. You've got some interesting manga on your list! I have yet to read/watch Akira though, but it's on my list! Hmm, for me, I have a couple favorites. For anime, I absolutely adored Blood+. Can an anime be anymore perfect than this? The story, art, tragedy, and feels of that anime really hit you hard and just bring out such emotions in you. I'd probably have to say Blood+ is my favorite anime of all time. Did not enjoy Blood-C though, it was alright but nothing amazing. Darker Than Black also has a special place in my heart, but only season one, they butchered season two though the OVA eps made up for it. Hellsing Ultimate is another favorite of mine. Gravitation is up there too, being such a classic to me. Phantom Requiem for the Phantom is great too, as is Vampire Princess Miyu. For manga, that's a tough one. Tramps Like Us is a favorite of mine, being a josei title that I absolutely love. I really love Until Death Do Us Part too and am saddened by the fact it's not an anime yet. It has action, drama, back story, character development, and a story that just doesn't stop bringing in the surprises. Funny enough, this was another one I randomly picked up in BaM one day because I thought the guy on the cover was hot XD But amazingly, the story really pulled me in as did the art, and now I love it as one of my top manga. The Innocent item #491654 is a hidden gem that I can't believe doesn't have more attention to its name. An amazing story really. Again, I picked it up on a whim cuz I thought the guy looked hot >.< Lets see.......Blood Alone I really like too, so underrated and I am so sad that Seven Seas lost the license for it. Princess Resurrection is another I love, but of course Tokyo Pop went under and took that with it T_T I just kinda noticed over half of my faves are about vampires.......smh lol. So, I guess I like the dark stuff more but I will read pretty much anything so long as it catches my eye in one way or another. I don't really have a set genre, though supernatural is a favorite of mine. As for BL, I will read pretty much anything but shota. But I think I disagree with a lot of people on what shota is. People will say Super Lovers is shota and it absolutely is not. There's not even any sex or downstairs parts shown in it at all. Plus, the character is now almost 17 so.....yeah, not shota to me. Ai no Kusabi is one of my all time favorites. I read a fan translation online some years ago and have been obsessed ever since. I am so glad I bought the novel as it released once I started collecting manga since now some of the volumes are several hundred dollars, which I find disgusting tbh. I wish we had the volumes with the newer art though and I'm pretty bummed about the remake OVA being in limbo right now. I also really love Totally Captivated, it was also one of the first BL stories I ever read! I've re-read it so many times and can re-read it man more times. I really recommend it to anyone looking for some BL to read!

Ah I played Diablo III with my ex as well, it was alright but top-down stuff isn't a favorite of mine, nor is first person. Though recently I played a game called Virginia which is an interactive first person game. since it is titled after the state I was born in and now reside in, I had to give it a try! The demo really pulled me in so I bought and finished it in one day......although, the ending totally had me saying wtf! It was so vastly different from the beginning of the game and what it had started out to be, so I was a bit disappointed to say the least. I enjoyed playing it though so not a total loss. I've also played The Unfinished Swan which I recommend to everyone! Such a fun and cute little game despite being a first person game. On the theme of black & white, I have to also recommend Dokuro for the Vita! item #244295 It is so much fun and so adorable! Quite challenging too! That's so awesome though that you guys can recommend manga/anime to each other! That's really a nice and sweet thing to hear :) It's funny because my sister never really played games with me either but when I turned around 23 we started talking more and were pretty inseparable at that point. She started watching anime with me then too and we would play games a lot together, especially Dynasty Warriors. She ended up loving Death Note, Phantom Requiem for the Phantom, Black Butler, and some more I can't remember lol I was re-watching Hellsing Ultimate once though and like, each line that came out of the character's mouths she turned and looked at me like WTH! I don't think she like it lol. But my sister is horrible with one thing..........she's like a back seat driver! I'm watching/playing something and she's gotta say stuff like "Is he dead?" "What happened?" "Is this a cutscene?" "Why did you do that?" "Who is that?" What's going on?" "How does it end?" I'm just like...OMG STOP IT I CAN'T HEAR ANYTHING WITH YOUR YAPPING! Haha, she's so irritating with that stuff but it's a memory I enjoy XD But now she moved out and spends all her time with her bf so yeah, we don't talk much anymore :'(

Oh yes! I remember that Simpsons game! Actually when I was younger we were extremely poor and didn't have much at all. We had to do our laundry at a laundry mat and they had some arcade machines inside, so I used to play the Simpsons game, PacMan, and Mappy all the time! It was a blast and a memory I cherish though it's at a laundry mat LOL. Oh yes, I am playing through World of FF right now and it is so cute! The throwbacks to older FF titles are so much fun and the Sephiroth chibi summon makes me smile every time XD It's funny you mention PC because I am looking to get a new PC just for games since that seems to be where all the games are going now, though I don't like the shift to mobile gaming at all. I say that, though I am enjoying Mobius FF immensely. Ah the Nintendo Switch! Or , NX, I guess? lol. It looks interesting, but we will see! Next bit of news is scheduled for January.

Oh and Sentai is having a sale right now and No. 6 is down to just $20! Not sure what the shipping is though? Here is the link for it [ext link ] but be quick! It's only on sale until November 1st! And because I can, here are a couple others I recommend which are also on sale! [ext link ] [ext link ] (so weird, a little strange, not sure if you'll like it but it's so damn cheap right now), [ext link ] (Five Numbers! only, the other title is meh).
03 months agoSekhmetSekhmet Killing Stalking
View spoilerHide spoilerR_Kasahara (3 months ago) #15498470snipsnip
I remember that Sentai sale! That one was pretty crazy. Didn't pick anything up, though.
I'm much more of a manga reader than anime watcher (plus our anime backlog is huuuge), so I'll mainly be looking out for manga bundles in the Right Stuf holiday sale. Besides No. 6, I'd like to see deals on A Silent Voice, Gantz, Peepo Choo, Toradora!, Tokyo Ghoul, Haikyu!!, and probably some others I can't think of right now. Incidentally, I've been reading more horror manga lately-- nothing to do with Halloween, it's just that I keep discovering that a lot of it is really great. Most recently, it's been The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, but I'm also reading Ajin, though the pace of new volumes seems to have slowed. I'm normally not into horror, so this has been unusual for me.
My husband and I will celebrate our ninth wedding anniversary next month, and we'd been going out for several years before that. We actually met on a video game forum (and we've made a handful of good friends there, too). This was back around 2000 when online dating wasn't really much of a thing yet, so it was somewhat weird at the time. It's worked out well for us, though! Hopefully you can find someone similar in the future, and yep, shared interests are definitely important ^^
Congrats on your big Sparda Bros. splurge (early holiday present to yourself? XD); hope they end up being worth the money. And huh, I didn't know that Lightning bust was that much. I hope the Judge busts are reasonably priced, but it's Square Enix, so who knows. I like the Vincent as well, but not so much the size and price. item #462969 is another one I've been eyeing (chibi Magitek Armor!), though I'll probably wait for a sale. Figure prices in general are nuts these days. The quality and detail of modern figures is wonderful, for the most part, but I miss the prices of ten years ago!

Ah that sale from Sentai was great! I actually picked up Towanoquon, Un-Go, & Five Numbers/Coicent. Five Numbers is really good! It's only about 30mins long but I really like it! The other short that came with it was meh though. Towanoquon is very sad T_T and Un-Go........I remember watching it every week when it was airing and I think that was when I decided I will now wait until a show is finished airing to actually sit down and watch it lol. I hate waiting every week for new episodes plus my internet is crap so I'd rather sit down and just binge watch all at once instead of struggling to get through one episode each week. *sigh* Ah since you are a manga reader more what are your fave genres? I actually got sick the other day so typically when I get sick I like to read to I just lay down with my tablet and read away. I've been on another shoujo kick lately so I read a couple and re-read some older ones I had kinda forgotten about. It's pretty awesome to rediscover some older titles. Ah and I have some BL recs....you've gotta read Honto Yajuu from Yamamoto Kotetsuko! It's barely yaoi and is mainly about the whacky adventures between the two main characters. It's so light hearted and fluffy and just a delight to read. Really wish it was in English though v_v I'm just going to buy the JP copies though. Trying to learn the language since I get so tired of waiting for stuff to release here in English or it never releasing at all. Ah I love Ajin! Well, the anime at least lol. I wish Netflix had not licensed it here though because it doesn't look like they will release anything on DVD/BR......I mean, yeah they are strictly a streaming service and while I am happy to have more stuff licensed over here, I'm not happy about outside companies taking advantage of the anime popularity craze right now and depriving us of having physical copies >.> anyways, never had heard of The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service so I'll give that a go!

Oh wow congrats on the anniversary coming up! That's awesome you met on a gaming forum! The last guy I dated I actually met working part time at gamestop lol. We had known each other for a long time though just from me going in there but never talked outside of that. Having that similarity was nice but in the end it just didn't work out. *shrugs shoulders* I think my problem is I always end up with guys that want more attention from me than I am willing to give :'D I still live with my parents (I seriously live in the basement lol) and have no intention of moving out anytime soon so, yeah XD Speaking of shared interests though, do you guys game a lot together? I used to with my sister but we don't speak much anymore v_v Although the memories of us arguing and yelling at each other while playing Catherine and Dynasty Warriors is a time I can look back at and just laugh about haha.

Lol I have no idea where I will put my twin devil boys but when I showed my mom she just kinda laughed XD Will probably see if my dad can make a shelf on my wall specifically for them. I am messing around with trying to build my own individual display cases so I hope to enclose them with plexiglass or something when I finally get them in. Ah I am a sad panda about SE and them only releasing PAKs. The newest PAK Cloud was AMAZING but the FF15 boys don't look so good >.> I actually cancelled the ones I had on order, that's how awful they looked to me. Maybe on sale later on. I do want the FF13 LR PAK though, she looks great! I am looking forward to the new Sephiroth though, that wing! Aaaahhhh I want those World of FF chibis! My mom wants item #462961 and I do too lol. So cute! But, 3000yen is pretty expensive for them......1500yen maybe, but no more than that. Speaking of are you getting World of FF? I am so excited for it! Much more excited than I am for FF15 tbh. I POd the CE because it was so damn cute. Hasn't shipped yet though and looking on gamefaqs a lot of people already have theirs on the way! Wth! I hope they ship mine soon T_T Played the demo though and had a blast.
03 months agoSekhmetSekhmet Killing Stalking
View spoilerHide spoilerR_Kasahara (3 months ago) #15452375View spoilerHide spoiler
OMG, Right Stuf's holiday sales are deadly. I'm telling myself I have to avoid this year's, but I'll probably end up checking the new deals every day and maybe picking up a manga bundle or two. What are you hoping will go on sale? Speaking of which, No. 6 is one of those series I keep wishing that they'll bundle in a big sale, but they haven't yet. I do want to check it out, mostly since the plot and setting sound interesting and the reviews for it have been great, so since you plugged it I'll consider it even more now ^^ Argh, there's so much manga I want to read D: I was kind of relieved when the summer convention season ended with only one or two new manga licenses that sounded interesting to me.
Also, forgot to give you a warning about What Did You Eat Yesterday?: do not read it when you're hungry! It's one of those kinds of foodie manga! And yes, the husband and I share a many, if not most, of the same interests, though we differ on a few things. For example, he likes Tsutomu Nihei manga series whereas I can't get into them, and vice versa with Bisco Hatori. It's important for us that we can enjoy things together, but so is having our own separate tastes. When we come across something that we both really love, however, we gush over it and discuss it like any old fans ^^
Sounds like you have a pretty strong attachment to Dante, indeed, and I didn't know that Myethos was making a figure of him! It seems like they've come out of nowhere this year with all their nice-looking figures. item #389416 does look pretty accurate (and that price is hilarious). As for Square Enix, it looks like they're starting to take their Static Arts line more seriously, so hopefully that continues. item #462950 looks very nice and I'm tempted to get item #449774, depending on the price. I prefer articulated figures myself, but Square Enix is an exception; I really don't like Play Arts kai, but their static, soft vinyl, and trading figures are great (item #189888 is one of my recent favorites).

Haha rightstuf sales are equally as bad as they are good. Plus I always order enough from them to get that free shipping so at that point I'm just like, "might as well buy more." I tend to buy manga and anime in bulk so I really like their holiday sales. They had a Sentai sale earlier in the year where they had some of their titles down to either $5, $7.50, or $10 and I grabbed a couple titles then I would have otherwise never bought. They were all titles I had already seen though but since I prefer owning my own copies and English dub, I tend to buy a lot of anime. I am currently hoping for a couple anime to go down in price like Assassination Classroom, Terror in Resonance, Parasyte, Seraph of the End, Garden of Words, Say I Love You, Maid-Sama, Rozen Maiden, Code Geass and quite a few others to go on sale. I'm trying to think of how much I will spend so I can set that aside and just splurge during their days of xmas thingie they do every year. They usually have some bundle manga sales too, might finally pick of Attack on Titan manga if they have that one again this year. Not sure yet. How about you, any sale you're hoping for? Ahh No.6 is a must watch! It has some heavy BL undertones in what you think is just a sci-fi anime. Of course there's nothing more than that in regards to the BL, just kissing and light touching. I was actually surprised to see the following it had which encompassed a lot of males. But the story is great, I highly recommend it! It's a Sentai title and weirdly enough certain Sentai titles seem to never go on sale. I caved and bought Another and Ghost Hound after realizing that fact some years ago but it's ok, they both are amazing shows. Ghost Hound in particular seems so underrated. It's bad for me because I feel like a kid who sees something shiny so I want to look at it (manga/anime) constantly but then I get distracted by another shiny thing (new manga title) and then my attention shifts lmao. I'm on a kick right now though watching horror anime. I just love to start watching it from summertime through now because idk, horror anime and summer goes together so well to me and then a good way to top it off is to continue watching them through Halloween XD. Hellsing, Shiki, Blood+, Le Petit Cossette, Psycho-Pass, Pet Shop of Horrors, Trinity Blood, and Future Diary are a few of my faves I love to watch this time of year.

Haha I tend to eat when I read anyways so whenever I read What Did You Eat Yesterday? I will be stuffing my face already XD That's pretty awesome you found someone who shares your interests! My ex was into gaming as much as I was and was pretty into anime but not as much as me. we clashed on other things though and broke up. Another ex of mine complained about my gaming habits so that didn't work out either. It's really cool to hear though when there are couples who can enjoy this hobby in general together. How long have you been married if you don't mind my asking?

Ah yes, Dante is my ultimate husbando <3 Oh yeah, the price for that set is hilarious, I mean, $666.......I ordered off play-asia with their coupon so I got about $130 off I think it was for a grand total of about $1300 including shipping for both brothers and their devil trigger forms........I don't know what I'm doing with my life sometimes lol. I have high hopes for the Myethos one, we'll see. So, the Lightning bust item #346980 did not look good from the user pics. I want a full scale of Lightning, I love her, but this was crap. Then they have that tiny Vincent one item #462950 which I really want but with that Lightning one, I may as well wait for a sale.
03 months agoSekhmetSekhmet Killing Stalking
View spoilerHide spoilerR_Kasahara (3 months ago) #15422924Hope you don't mind me moving our conversation here! I'm starting to get low on inbox space again and figured this would be easier ^^;
I ended up placing three orders for manga yesterday @_@ -- one at Akadot, one at Right Stuf, and one at June. At Akadot, I got a Tezuka book (Clockwork Apple; almost bit on Alabaster as well but it sounds incredibly dark), Kinoko-inu vol. 2 (not a great series but I still want to give it a chance), and some of the June titles that were cheaper or the same price as elsewhere to hit free shipping (a couple of Makoto Tateno books, Border vol. 5, Blossom vol. 3). From Right Stuf, in addition to a couple preorders, I got the first four volumes of Border, and from June, the first two volumes of Blossom. The June order went through super quick and, like yours, has already shipped! That was a nice surprise. Anyway, I hope that after this I am done with buying BL for awhile; I buy enough manga in general as it is. Twittering Birds vol. 3 will probably be the next one.
Glad I wasn't imagining things with the tags; hope they fix that soon. And if you like comedic BL at all, I definitely recommend I've Seen it All; it starts off with an unusual premise, but it's a sweet and funny story. There's an exam room scene in, iirc, vol. 2 that has to be seen to be believed XD Looking forward to reading Border despite the cliffhanger (;_;), and the lack of sex scenes doesn't bug me, especially if the story's good. Speaking of which, have you ever read any of What Did You Eat Yesterday? It's a slice-of-life/foodie series about a gay couple, but it's a seinen manga with no sex whatsoever-- however, it is frequently super cute <3 Shiro and Kenji are one of the sweetest couples in all of manga. My husband likes this series, too.
You saying that you played DMC when you were a kid makes me feel old ^^; I've played through the first four games, but had no interest in the reboot. I would love to get a good Dante (DMC1 ver.) action figure one of these days. item #7419 looked neat, but the back of his coat being permanently flailing out bugged me. And my husbando is probably Reno from FFVII >_>;

That's fine! I never delete PMs because I'm lazy so I've got an almost full inbox orz.

Sounds like you got a lot! I will be ordering from akadot soon as well, there's quite a few things there cheaper than from rightstuf. I'm waiting until December to place my rightstuf order, or until they have another big sale since they really mark down a lot of stuff near xmas. I've got several hundreds of dollars of stuff in my cart, I'd like to wait as long as possible before I place that order lol. Ah I think you'll really enjoy Border! It's wonderfully beautiful and really shows the relationships between the characters well, especially with each of their back stories being revealed. Some of it is very sad and some of it is just so heartwarming and sweet. I've never read Did You Eat Yesterday, I'll give that and I've Seen it All a try! Have you read No.6? Most people have, and really love it, even guys. It's not even really shounen-ai, it just has two characters that really care about each other and they just happen to be male. I watched it first without even realizing there were BL undertones to it so I was pleasantly surprised in just the first episode lol. The manga is better though, the anime kinda goes off and does its own thing but both deserve a look. Oh wow you're married? Does your hubby share your love of anime/manga/games?

Ah I didn't mean to make you feel old! I'll be 30 next year and I still feel (and apparently look) like I'm in high school so I don't really feel that old even though many people would say I am :'D Oh pft, that reboot is blasphemy. I couldn't believe they did that to my fave series. Playing games became a way for me to get over the bullying I faced as a kid so when I saw they completely changed the game that I held so dearly in my heart made me pretty upset. I mean, it's like they made him a hot topic kid....Ah I have that figure, the best thing about it is the box lol. That's the only figure I have yet to remove from the box. I'm excited for item #449239 though, and I ordered item #389416 which seems to have the most accurate face of all of his figures so far. I also ordered item #389417 . Really excited for them! Oohhh Reno is such a hottie! I love him too. I wish SE would quit being so stingy with their titles and let a company start making static figures of their characters. I'd love a giant scale of Reno and many other characters from FF titles. I really am not a fan of articulated figures.
05 months agoCeltic7GuardianCeltic7Guardian
R_Kasahara (8 months ago) #9408880Happy (belated) Birthday! ^^;

Wow, I totally missed this! XD (Belated) thank you! =D
06 months agoCeltic7GuardianCeltic7Guardian
R_Kasahara (6 months ago) #12295589Thank you, and thanks (again, if you already saw my comment{s} on Steam and/or Backloggery) for the holiday Hatoful husbandos :D

Glad you like them! <3

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